Date: 2012-11-04 01:34 am (UTC)
Yay, only another week to go until S3! I'll probably wait for the downloads to be posted, rather than try locating some low quality stream - I like 1080p. ^_^

North Beach? Oh, finestkind! Brilliant neighborhood. Are you anywhere near Tony's? Seriously good pizza. =:9

As for exercise, there's always the parks - go up to the top of San Bruno, starting off from Daly Park, and that's a good walk, both in exercise, and just fun too. ^_^ And if you're fortunate, and not too noisy, you might happen upon some bunnies too. ^_^

Then, across the Bay, there's the whole Tilden range, leading up to Nimitz Way, affording some incredible views of the entire area.. ! For that, you'd want to get off at the main Berkeley BART, then the bus up to near the entrance of Tilden.

Good job on voting. And yes, similarly. Obama's no miracle - really, more of a mild Republican - but at least not utterly bound by religious dogma. The point to bear in mind, of course, is that politics is not a four-yearly thing, but something to participate in routinely, conducting discourse with one's representatives on matters of interest, as well as helping relevant advocacy organisations. I do find it puzzling, though, that there seems to be virtually zero discussion of alternatives to the "first part the post" system embraced by the US and UK, somewhat uniquely amidst the rest of the world, which helps cement the current two-party system, making smaller parties all but completely unviable at the national level.
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