Date: 2012-11-14 12:30 am (UTC)

It's such a disappointment to see Gameloft abuse IAPs so painfully - bad enough if it were a title meant strictly for adults (encouraging people to spend 2-3 digit sums? Who do they think they are, Zynga?), but outright wretched for something aimed directly at the show's core audience. =:P

All the moreso, as it's otherwise quite well done, with good graphics, and the original voices, not just repurposes samples. That said, my initial take on the game, prior to its release, was that it was going to be more of a collection of mini-games, rather than having such a heavy f*rmv*lle feel, which doesn't really appeal to me, unless done playfully, as with Astro Ranch.

Mm, I think I'll continue with rewatching old episodes as well - I was up to somewhere around s1e10, I think. (It was a bit odd, starting from the beginning, where none of the Mane Six had done more than perhaps encounter each other in passing before, let alone Twilight)
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