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Rather disturbing news, although I can think of ways of making it useful.. especially in tech support: connect to this page, and we'll retrieve details of your mucked up self-installation and tell you how to fix it. :D Or patch all your computers in your house. Although that might be a bit harder to do, since that actually requires running software on someone's computer. But I think that could be done...

Heh, yeah, it'd be a nice white-hat hack. Create a javascript, that, when loaded, will automatically cause all computers on the network to:
-Run antispyware (trendmicro online!)
-Run antivirus checking (...dunno)
-Install the latest windows updates (and firefox, mwahahaha)
-and uh... tell uses to tell their friends. :D

(yeeeah, I know it's probably near impossible, since it looks like the way their pinging other computers is via some odd method that wasn't meant to be used to ping.)
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