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Ah~ so cool. Brief overview of the series:

The internet/virtual information space has been merged with the real world, and can be interfaced through glasses that one wears. There also appears to be some physical interfacing, although it's not too clear how it works. But it's so cool~ ::squee:: I want to be surrounded by the internet, be able to program all sorts of spiffy things (heh, physical "firewalls", small assistant helper fuzzballs, virtual pets, etc.) and make them "show up" around me.

Would be feasible, I suppose, although it would be hard to generate a virtual->physical response, ie, touching a virtual dog. But that aside... the way I would imagine it working would be:
-A server controlling a chunk of physical space. The physical space would be replicated as the same virtual image as necessary.
-You, wearing your own set of glasses, would have a virtual image that could interact with other virtual objects. Ah, imagine the ease of changing virtual outfits~
-Objects you create in the virtual world can be shared, since it would just be passed up to the server, then handed to to whoever you're handing it to.
-Everything would be networked wirelessly~ yay!
-Recharging would have to be done sometime. But if they could last at least 20 hours, you may be good. Just recharge when you go to sleep.
-Glasses would require some sort of camera. This would feed to the server, 'causing the virtual space to update as the physical world changes.
-The camera would also double to recognize your hands, allowing you to use "gestures" to do things, including summoning a virtual keyboard to type away on. May get tiring after a while, but eh, not much anyone can do about it, right?
-Would be nice if brain interfaces worked too - code without hands!
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