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Getsumen To Heiki Miina.

Involving magical bunny girls and aliens. Or something like that.

Although part of her outfit involves uh, two large carrots stuck to her butt. I boggle.

Oh, looking at the ending, I guess large vegetables are the preferred form of weaponry...

Youtube link:
Ending: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3G3KGbE-_jY
A part of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQiHQolmtio
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From Akahori Gedou Hour Rabuge ep 12:

(A bit on the show before I start quoting: The main good guys, "Love Pheromone" (two female actors who have "forbidden" fetishes - one's attracted to boobs, the other, little boys, if I remember correctly) fail at being heros - they do more damage than the bad guys as mecha-enabled heros. The main bad guys, "Gedou Otome Tai", (5 sisters whose parents died as masked evil henchmen - watched over by a small demon-sprite-thing) do more good than evil with their magic elemental powers.)

Summary thus far: Death Ant Empire has come to steal *beep* from the earth. They are evil. They have picked up all 5 sisters, but the "good pair" come in to save the day, which... for once, they seem to be doing.

-Evil villain pushes a button that he pulls from his pants. Room turns pink. One of the "Love Pheromone" starts moaning and squirming, as does the daughter of the evil villain. The other "Love Pheromone" girl is standing in the back, her hands on her hips.

Evil villain: "I will explain. This sexy atmosphere enlarges the base size of girls' breasts by 3 times and agonizes them. So uh, why aren't you in agony?"

The small-boobed one: "That's right... ^^; these are just... FAKE TITS!!"

-Cue typical explosion of anger.

Evil villain: "Damn you! Evading this evil plan with mere fake tits like that!"

The small-boobed one: "Stop saying "fake tits!""

-brief pause

Evil villain: !!!. "Oh!"

The small-boobed one: "What"

Evil villain: "Little lady, what is your name?"

The small-boobed one: "Aimi"

Evil villain: "This is sudden but.. Please marry me!"

-Cue immediate face-palm reaction by everyone else in the anime. And myself included. ^^;;;


(Ok, looking back on this, it wasn't really that funny. So uh, just ignore me. I got a good laugh out of it anyways.)

But oh, look, here's even better.

I'm sure you guys have heard of Second Life, the online uh, reality world/game. Someone made a beautiful parody called Getafirstlife.com [http://www.getafirstlife.com/], and not only did Linden Labs (makers of Second Life) not get annoyed, apparently they even sent a Proceed-and-permitted letter to the author: http://www.darrenbarefoot.com/archives/2007/01/my-project-du-jour-getafirstlifecom.html#comment-75509
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Subbed movie torrent:

It was a good story, targeted towards a younger generation than I am though, but still appreciated. Scattered thoughts as I had sent to [livejournal.com profile] porsupah in post-watching ramblings:
Apparently there is a game adaption. Japanese, obviously. Damn.
Squee, catpeople~
Those streams of demons reminded me of the matrix sentinels...
Subs were a bit odd here and there - spotted at least one blatant mistake (start of the "spiral wolf" scene, he says "inu?"/dog?, yet it gets translated to "Hi there" ^^;; ).
Need screenshots of the silly stackable birdies though. Silly things... where have I seen them before...?
Predictable plot, alas. Typical Good vs. Evil, travel the land for magical artifacts RPG sort of thing, compressed into about 2 hours. Typical characters. Given the amount of time though, character development was decent. Plot, similarly so. (as in, had it been a series, or longer than just 2 hours, it could have been even better.)
Catpeople, again. =^^=
Yay fantasy worlds. Oh, how I've dreamed before......
More than pretty good animation. Some use of CGI that was a bit odd (flight of the dragons), but otherwise effective. Details were mostly there, at least for the first part, like what you might see in a Studio Ghibli work.

probably a 9/10 for kiddies ages 8-14. For us older folk... eh, if you enjoy poking your inner kid who enjoys fantasy/adventure, yea, it's a fine way to use up two hours. Otherwise, you may wish to find something more solid...
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Especially on a dinosaur. A T-rex-typed thing, to be specific. Hehehe. So weird~

Ok, enough random raw digimon episodes.

Ya know, why isn't anime subtitled in the US by default? Think of how it would increase the reading skills of kids. And it'd be cheaper too, since new voice artists wouldn't have to be hired....

Oh, and yes, I have located season 1 and 2 of Digimon, english dubs. Which means subbing could be done partially by transcribing the english dub and mixing that with what I do understand. I think the japanese opening song is so much better too.

And one last thing. Why do really silly sound effects get put into the english versions? It's useless and unnecessary. Like when Gatomon (Tailmon!?) jumped off a wall, there was an added spoing/bounce sfx that's not in the Japanese version.

Hmm, and on understanding things, I have the most trouble with random nouns. =.= Verbs aren't as bad.

I'm studying. Really! I am! Really! >.>
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...gets major points for being one of the most amusing (in the perverted and proud of it sorta way) anime series I've seen.

Oh, the elephants.

And the most recent episode ending has been redone as a parody of the usual endings. Here's someone else's post on it, including a youtube clip: http://www.makenaidesuwayo.com/2006/08/02/inukami-18/

Why isn't there a way to transfer credit on my credit cards into uh, money into a bank account? >.>

(actually, no, I suppose there is a way... I could buy sharebuilder gift certificates... apply them to my own account, withdraw the money to the desired bank account, let it accrue interest for nearly two months before I pay off the credit card using that bank account. Alternatively, not as safe, would be to buy stocks and sell in one-and-a-half months, but that's much riskier. Although if the amount you're working with is large enough, the return might be worthwhile. The only problem is: it's a bit of work, and I think I might look kinda suspicious after a while...) ::v. silly, probably:: It would mean about an extra $6 to $20 per month, depending on the amount of money abused ($1000-$5000).
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I found my copy of Loveless. Dunno why I couldn't find it last time I looked.

By the way, anyone have a good disk-catalogger?
It should:
-Read and then eject discs automatically
-Auto-assign an ID number (that I can then label the disc with)
-Export to tabbed text
-Support more than 800 discs

Preferably free and easy to use, but I'll settle for less. I'll take either Windoze or Mac. Maybe the former, since I get the feeling the wear and tear on the drive (shoving 800 discs through the system ::wince:: ) will be rather high, and replacing my DVD-RW DL will be much easier than replacing my drive on my iBook. Granted, iBook drive replacement = free, for another year and so... minus time-cost.
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In semi-order of best to worst....

Death Note - Very interesting concept. Who would you kill if you had a notebook that would ensure the death of anyone who's name you wrote into it? You could specify cause of death, or let it default to a heart attack...

Pumpkin Scissors - Post war, centered around a war relief unit and one very strong anti-tank solder.

Kanon - Remember AIR? Here's Kanon. Slow, pretty, err... harem. Still, pretty.

D.Gray-man - Uh, simplified plot="group of people with special tools to combat evil things that are taking over the world by eating humans." Like Gatekeepers. Amusing, with a good dash of action. May watch more for sake of amusement.

Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru - amusing series with a crossdressing main character (lousy reason: his grandmother wanted him to attend an all-girls school as her dying request/will/something or other). Like watching a train wreck in motion, without the annoying details of exactly how he's pulling off the boobs and such. Of course, he has some help...

Shounen Onmyouji - Something to do with magic, spirits, and feudal Japan uh... in the Heian period, I've been told. There's a 'pet' rabbit-like creature as the main character's 'familiar', but he transforms into a guy, with a complete personality change. Kinda.

Ghost Hunt - Skimmed. Series about hunting ghosts, I assume. (no really, baka) Uhm. Looks like this was just the intro, bringing in all the players. We shall have to wait another episode.

Busou Renkin - Much abused plot idea of guy who is uh, granted powers to save the world. Includes female sidekick who granted him said powers. Ranked at, or below Kiba, Zegapain, etc (which was mid-low grade, even though I'm still collecting and watching it.)

Yoake mae yori ruriiro na: Crescent Love - Humor, Harem. Doesn't look like much more than that...

Asatte no Houkou - Skimmed, doesn't look interesting yet.

Tokimeki Memorial - Skimmed. There was a school, a mad chase... aspects of a harem series. Doesn't look all that interesting.

Lovely Idol - Skimmed. Has something to do with singing girls. The episode ended with the agent of a group of girls approaching a girl who sang on the street - he asked her to join them, but said girl replied that she sang... for revenge. WTF? May have to watch more to see where that's going to go. Not expecting much though.

Happiness! - Skimmed. There's girls, magic, reminds me of Nanoha, but.. not as good or interesting.

Sumomo mo momo mo - Title reminds me of Bobo bobobobo. That hair anime series that was kinda funny, but I never saw more of. ^^;; The preview rambled something about creating the strongest child on earth... eps. 1 is downloading now, we shall see....
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There's something of note: If you note down what Haruhi announces at the end of the episodes, you get a different watching order. Here it is:

Where Episode x is 'y' => next episode 'y', all y numbers are announced by Haruhi, and x numbers announced by Kyon.

Episode 1 (is '11'?) => '1'
Episode 2 is '1' => '2'
Episode 3 is '2' => '7'
Episode 4 is '7' => '3'
Episode 5 is '3' => '9'
Episode 6 is '9' => '8'
Episode 7 is '8' => '10'
Episode 8 is '10' => '14'
Episode 9 is '14' => '4'
Episode 10 is '4' => '13'
Episode 11 is '13' => '12'
Episode 12 _is_ '12' => '5'
Episode 13 is '5' => '6'
Episode 14 is '6'

So then, episodes should be watched (according to Haruhi, anyhow)
-- > which completes the series!?
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The last episode of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya was released today by A.F.K.

This series is going to stick with me for a long time, as something I'd highly recommend to all.

I think I'm going to go back to watch the first episode. And maybe re-watch the entire series.

I think the ending was beautiful. Not graphic/artistically so, but plot-wise. Yes, it left a lot open. But that, I think, makes it really good. And the characters are pretty well fleshed out by the end, which makes it nice too. I don't know, my words don't do it justice.

Interestingly enough, it's only 14 episodes, an unusual number (typically, series run 13, 24, 26, 51 or 52 episodes long...)
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Partial transcript, 'cause it's interesting. Subs by Shinsen-subs.
... )
mostly of interest to me, 'cause I have/had computer addiction issues. As does my sister. And I'm sure some of you people do too... Maybe.
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Files are deleted after no one's accessed these files in the past 30 days.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni 01 0EB8E498 [ayu]:

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni 02 871F4516 [ayu]:

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni 03 43321D54 [wind]:

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni 04 2CCE7FBE [wind]:

--end chapter 1? // part 1?

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni 05 184E276D [wind]:

Hm, their site is really badly designed. I'm having trouble getting to the registration page and their terms of service. Because, "Unfortunately, the number of Download Slots for your area are exhausted. Please Bookmark and try again later".


I'm not trying to download anything, silly, I'm trying to find out your terms of service. Links are also quite inconsistent - on some pages, terms of service brings me to /terms/, and some other ones try /terms.php. One even tries /tos.php, which brings up a page informing me that the terms have been moved to terms.php. -.-;;;

Download speeds are approx. 50-80KB/s :-\ suckage. At least uploads stay around 300 KB/s, which means I can dump an episode every 12.5 minutes.
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This one is definitely a keeper.

Episode 5 spoiler )
It's an interesting idea. If you could control dreams, and if you got that working one step further, so reality was just part of a more continuous, more stable dream, then you might be able to change reality. If you could process enough of the data to make the modifications...

Come to think of it, the instant transportation in Ender's series was also based on this, wasn't it? The computer would all data on the stuff to be moved, copy it to a "buffer space" and then write it back into the real world. Which shouldn't be too far off in our future, really. We're already transporting some small particle or other... we just need much more powerful computers........ But that would also mean you could do anything... not just move, but also copy... etc... Granted, no one knows if there really are souls, and if they're really one-per-customer only...
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via Doremi-Spork.

Oh My God.



That was, without a doubt, the most amusing まほうじょ (magic girl) series on CRACK series ever.

Bloody, crazy crack though. Not suitable for minors.

Dai Mahou Touge.

summary/spoilers )
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So, in order of interest:
Ouran High School Host Club
Princess Princess
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Ah! My Goddess - Sorezore no Tsubasa
School Rumble Semester 2

Today in Class 5-2
Magical Pokan
Strawberry Panic

Half-assed reviews in alphabetical fansubbing group order... ('cause that's how I see the files listed)

Via a.f.k.:
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Honestly, I didn't watch the first episode. It was... odd. I'll go back to it at some point. Starting from the second episode... mmm, the plot seems original - one high school boy, one very strange high school girl who has no interest in anyone, unless they're an alien, ESPer, or something of that sort. She drags aforementioned boy into creating a brand new club called SOS... something or other. And erm... yeah. Will continue watching to see where it's going.
Categories: Comedy, possibly sci-fi, High school
Episodes released: 3
Am I going to follow this? Probably. I want to see where it's going.

Via aarinfantasy-KissSub:
Princess Princess
Take an all boys school, and a concept of uh.. bringing joy into the lives of fellow classmates by crossdressing. And you'll have Princess Princess. Where the prettiest freshmen (originally two, now three, as they're joined by yet another victim) are given the job of dressing up as a pretty girl to smile and encourage their classmates. Art and story reminds me a bit of Sukisyo.
Categories: High school, guys crossdressing, comedy
Episodes released: 2
Am I going to follow this? Yeah.

Via AnimeU:
Mmm, demon prince, apprentice angel who's been given the job to assassinate the demon lord (aforementioned demon prince's father...)... mostly comedy.
Categories: Fantasy, comedy
Episodes released: 2
Am I going to follow this? Probably.. just for laughs, maybe.

Via AonE-AnY:
Ah! My Goddess - Sorezore no Tsubasa
Err, new season of AMG. Same pace as before, a moderate-slow, with the usual humor.
Episodes released: 2
Categories: Fantasy, comedy
Am I going to follow this? Probably, only 'cause I have the first season...

Via ASource:
Yet another .Hack series. Erm, not going to follow this. Don't know where it's going. Never really been a fan of the .Hack series, aside from the music.

Via Doremi:
Odd flying machines, female-only pilots, strange attacking methods.
Episodes released: 1
Categories: Sci-fi?
Am I going to follow this? Ehh... just long enough to see if it gets more interesting.

Via Froth-Bite:
Magical Pokan
15 minute episodes, about four princess who, uh, get transported into the human world. One is an android, one is a witch, one is a werewolf, one is a vampire. And there's assorted amusements. And some fanservice.
Episodes released: 1
Categories: Comedy
Am I going to follow this? Err, if I can find another group that has better encoding - there's lots of random stuff in this copy that I have. But it's cute. But possibly only that?

Via Kyuu and also M-FS:
Something about magic and summoning and shard casters. Take one boy who has budding magical powers, and throw him into an alternate universe.
Episodes released: 2
Categories: Fantasy
Am I going to follow this? Probably, the magic is pretty.

Via Lunar:
Ouran High School Host Club
Take a poor ("commoner") girl, who looks like a guy because she cut off her long hair due to bubblegum, and put her a rich school. Have her walk into the "Host" club, which is composed of men who cater to the desires of the girls at the school. And have her knock over a 800 million yen vase, which she now has to pay back.
Episodes released: 2
Categories: Girl "crossdressing", comedy
Am I going to follow this? Yes. It's funny.

Via Shinsen-Subs:
CLAMP's work. Ties in with Tsubasa Chronicles, kinda. Same witch-person-who-takes-things-in-exchange-for-services-provided.
Episodes released: 2
Categories: fantasy, comedy
Am I going to follow this? Probably...

Via SRN:
Strawberry Panic
All girls school. Erm... I dunno.
Episodes Released: 1
Categories: Slice of life, yuri
Am I going to follow this? Probably not. It's slow, and the blatent yuri isn't what I'm looking for. Something more along the flavor of Maria ga Miteru would have been interesting, but this.. I don't know.

Via Triad:
Today in Class 5-2
Slices of life, really. About middle school.
Categories: Slice of life, middle school, comedy.
Am I going to follow this? Eh, maybe.

Via yesy:
Set in a fantasy world, one mysterious main character who lost his memory, and people who have... droopy? reverse cat ears and tails... the ears are adorable, especially when used to express emotions.
Episodes released: 1
Categories: fantasy
Am I going to follow this? Yep! So cute!

Via WF:
School Rumble Semester 2
Comedy, just like season 1.
Categories: High school(?), comedy
Am I going to follow this? Yes, only 'cause I had the first season. There's no... serious plot though, but it's nice to watch in chunks of boredom.
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OMG. There's a kitty with wings in this series!

I don't know much more, 'cause... >.> got physics to cram.. 7 more lectures to powerpoint through, and then practice exams, and homework problems, and review sessions, oh my.

I've had once bottle of Bawls and several cups of tea now. Just started getting sleepy, but I've been nicely focused for the past... 3-4 hours after dinner. At least, I've actually been able to focus on the powerpoints while taking notes from them, without actually having to force myself to focus.

Maybe it was the nice 1 hour long thunderstorm-rainfall clip I grabbed. Helps block out distractions better than music, which my brain actually parses. Unless it's random japanese. Or mind-numbing trance/techno stuff. But I think the thunderstorm sound effects take less brain.. well, processing power. So that's good.

Alrighty, had my slice of apple pie, am showered and clean, one more cup of tea at hand, and we're ready to tackle several more lectures. I might not sleep tonight. Hum. Oh well. I need to ace this exam really badly. And just this once, I'll screw my health over. I can get sleep monday morning (eh, sunday night?). Got enough bawls and tea to make this work, hopefully. Brain, don't fail me now!
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My johari window:
[ original "meme" via [livejournal.com profile] contrasedative ]

Anime to grab and watch:
Animal Yokocho
Ending of Rozen Maiden Traumend
..most via Piro's recent MegaTokyo rant

...For most of us, orgasm is pretty rare – you might find it difficult to reach through intercourse alone, or never experience it...
Wow.. o.O really...?

We crunch to strengthen our abs and lift weights to build muscle, so why not exercise to get your sexual anatomy in shape too?

If you’re unaware of your pelvic floor muscles, the easiest way to find them is by stopping and starting your urine flow the next time you visit the toilet. Exercise by clenching these fab muscles regularly and you’ll improve blood flow to the genitals, aid sexual arousal and make orgasms more intense, frequent and longer for you both. Best of all, you can do them anywhere, anytime – even while sat at your desk or waiting at traffic lights!

full article text... )
[ source | link via [livejournal.com profile] porsupah ]
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Shinigami no Ballad

New series that I'm following:
Fate/stay Night
Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~

Other series currently followed/to be followed
Shuffle, since senpai's watching it.
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's
Rozen Maiden Traumend
Mai Otome

Stuff I'm collecting only, to watch eventually:
Puni Poni Dash
Jigoku Shoujo
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It's out! It's a Fork sub though, and a cam (camcorder recording) on top of that.

Grabbing it anyways. Not gonna watch it until... probably this weekend. And maybe not even then. Garh.


[append] eh, heh, heh... this is quite bad. Using ourTunes, I've managed to grab about 2+ GB of mp3s, and it's still going. As much as I want to explore random chinese/taiwanese music, I think I might be overdoing it a bit.... ^^;;
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Dizzy, jetlagged, etc. Goddamn 12 hour time difference.

Mmm. Random bit that I wrote up while on the plane:
"whee, just watched The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It's not as bad as the reviews made it to be, and in fact, I found it relatively enjoyable.

I want to find the ending song. "Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish", was it?"

Oooh, so much anime to grab.

OOOOHHHH~ Saikano's OVA is out!
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Looks very interesting. Originally, I thought that this was going to be yet another stupid magic girl transformation thing. But nope, spoilers start here )

Koi Koi 7, on the other hand, is a harem anime. Not much more. Well, excluding the random mecha, goddamnly random wings, android, boy-in-all-girl-school and boy-in-all-girl-dorm... Yeah. I almost wish my life was like that. But how utterly boring that would be, ne? And how unrealistic.

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