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Roads should be paved with cotton.

Went up to San Fran today. Biked around a lot. Was an idiot and wanted a quick-fast start using a snaking back-n-forth motion, but overdid the turns and crashed. Scratched up my left hand and right knee and bent my derailer. Blah.

Got a number of pictures and had good sushi with friend and friends-of-friends though.
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Well, actually, we've had it for the past... nearly 5 hours. Guy came around 4:10 and finished up around 4:50.

They charge $120 for nearly an hours worth of work. Damn.
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It is 88º in the house.

The outside very-loud fan thingie was refusing to turn until we gave it a push. We're suspecting the compressor is dead.

Urk. Melting.

I have fan. It is raining. We may open windows....
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..with friends. Be back Tuesday, I think.

Karen's in town, wheee.
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Seriously? I collect way too much stuff. >.< My room is filled with junk that I keep because it might be useful some day (as in, lots of rope, wired, small electric parts, small containers, broken pieces of junk), stuff that we paid some very small amount of money for (MacWorld, Wired, books I don't read, souvenirs), stuff that I wish I could sell online for small bits of money (assorted CDs and now some textbooks), clothing (both handmedowns that are taking up room in my closet, and stuff I pick up that has sentimental meaning, but don't fit me anymore).

That's too much stuff.

Oh, and I have a shitload of papers, credit card statements, bills, and past receipts.

And I'm not entirely sure where to start cleaning. I think it's going to need to be the "throwing things out" step first.

Maybe with the clothing that was handed down to me and don't fit anymore.

I also need more light in my room. Clouds, you got somewhere else to be. Shoo, shoo~!
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...since I've been offline for 62+ hours, and quite internet deprived (but oddly not suffering the typical internet-deprevation withdrawal symptoms).

- Graduated. Old news. Ceremony was boring.
- Got an A in a 400 level ECE class. My first A~ in ECE for a while... that's kinda sad. =.=
- Passed the class I was most worried about. Which means graduation is actually true, and I don't have to take summer classes or something.
- Went to ACen.
- Got hit by both the new $25 for-your-second-bag fee & $100 for an overweight bag, thus raising my total travel cost back to maryland from $130 to $250. Bastards.
- Was under the very odd situation of where I was assigned a seat at the gate. Uncomfortable situation, almost felt like I had paid a LARGE amount of money to play russian roulette with a random chance of getting on the plane...
- Also, United overbooked. Way too much. From what people were saying, anyhow. I would probably have gotten bumped, 'cept for some nice guy who took their offer of a free ticket + local hotel stay. Thank you, kind gentleman. I hope United treats you well. And you're right, you had an awesome seat (10D, exit row.)

More on ACen later?
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"Maybe you have to stop caring what people think and just do whatever makes you happy, no matter how odd."
-Ozy and Millie: "The real revenge" / May 1, 2008
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...or two.

One sometime around 5 AM, waking me up (was like, wtf... room shaking disturbingly). Then another this morning around 9-10 AM.

Slightly scary, given that there's no first floor (our apartment sits on large concrete pillars), and we're on the second floor, with a third floor above us. Hrm. Squishy.

Have sensed other earthquakes, but never connected the shaking to earthquakes before this (kinda thought the central USA had tornados, not earthquakes). But yeah, there's lots of dangly things on my desk in my apartment, so any minor shaking causes them to rock and cause noise.

*fwump* _⎯_ ....scooch scooch soooch~

Hehe. ::v. easily amused::
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So tired of doing stuff I have to do.

I want to go biking and find new places. Or make something new - maybe that online game idea I've been playing around with.

But there's no time to. Programming assignment is due wednesday, and we have approximately 10% done. And the partner is only questionably helpful (well, mostly useless when it comes to the kernel, and his ability to understand the assignments have proven to be... flaky.)

Probably doesn't help that Japan Night failed to bring in money and overall audience enthusiasm was low...

Mmmm, maybe I should get some Coldstone later... XP
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Mission statement

Just remember:

This is a dangerous time for dreams. “Vision” has become something you experience after too much dope — a subject for scorn. “Passion” and “desire” are used, nine times out of ten, as euphemisms for lust. It isn’t fashionable to confess powerful desires and then work for their achievement: you risk the derision of those who cannot admit to desire, and the envy of those afraid to have any. Their anger will seduce you into silence, inaction, passive acceptance of what seems unalterable…if you let it.

Dare the dangerous, the ridiculous, the impossible. Find out what you’re for, and get busy being that. “Whatsoever your hands find to do, do it with all your might — for the night cometh, in which no man can work.”

Admit to great desires. Work as if for mighty purposes. You have nothing to lose but the illusion that you make no difference in the world.

Love as if you may some day die suddenly. You will.

Share your joy.

It is better to freelance in Hell than to staffwrite in Heaven.


Side note: Does anyone know if she's still alive? The last post from her seems to be someone around the end of 2007... I'd sent an e-mail a month ago, inquiring after The Big Meow (still not done. Slowly beginning to regret my $300 donation towards that cause...), never got a reply back.
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There's a sunny snowstorm outside. Like, with large visible, flakes, but also with sun.

Kinda pretty. And interesting. Fluffy wet snow, la~

Also, on the note of the recent killings, our MILS202 teacher (army major or something, I don't remember) walked us through what we know of the killer's mindset and offered his suggests in the case that it ever happens here on campus. They sounded decently reasonable, so I'm going to repeat them here:

-Killer does not plan on living. So he'll try to kill himself in the end. So presume irrational, lethal force. But he is still human, so normal attacks apply.
-Handguns are not accurate. There's 6 inches to sight down, which, from what he said, translates to a lot of inaccuracy, especially if the user isn't skilled. A shot from a handgun is unlikely to kill you immediately, unless it hits you in the head. Handguns will also have a tendency to shoot higher than intended.
-You will be within 30 feet of the killer. This translates to a pretty low chances of living for you.

So what you should do:
1) Duck for cover. Chances are, there's not too much cover, but it is MUCH harder to hit a target already on the ground.
2) Throw shit. Yes, that's what our teacher said: Throw shit. Anything you have, throw at him. Even if it doesn't hit him, it'll distract him.
3) Scream and charge at him with full intent to kill. Ideally, you'll be charging from the side. Your chances of getting killed are pretty high anyways, but with enough momentum, you'll still run him down even if shot, and you may survive and save other lives in the process. If possible, disarm him, but failing that, grab gun hand and knee the groin. Expect significant resistance - he wants to die.
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"It turns out you can't take responsibility for someone else's happiness" / xkcd / 2008-02-13


We try anyways*. Because we care.

*Small text, end-user warning: resources are usually limited. Attempts will be made until available resources allocated to/available toward repair are exhausted. Attempts at self-help highly recommended/expected and will increase allocation of resources devoted towards repair. Failing to do so, or signs of growing reliance on offered assistance over time will result in withdrawal of any and all help previously extended.
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Okay. I might have been biting off more than I can chew.

-Warbook : 130 messages to get back to. Partially slowed down 'cause facebook is a fucking failure and finds it necessary to automatically block application creators if they send too many messages. And I really can't afford to have my facebook banned - Which means I need to figure out how to create a personal backup copy of the parts I can access, without triggering their anti-script system. Ideally, I should just find something that'll watch me surf the site, and log everything I download.
Maybe some sort of proxy cache...?

-GRE : I need to sign up and take the goddamn thing, and then actually apply to colleges and stuff..
-Valentines day : Blah.
-Host club : Next week, saturday... tch.. I'll get photos tomorrow, and then website will have to go up ideally, as soon as I get the photos.
-Japan night : Need a website for that too. We have no logo for me to work around though...
-EXPO : Blah, should give my resume to people too. Should prep for interviews, what?
-ECE443wtf? : I don't know what's going on in the labs. Not good.
-ECE442 : HW due friday
-NPRE402 : HW due M/W/Fs... I should work ahead, so this last minute shit stops.
-MATH415 : due... friday?

[edit] Ok, that's wrong. I can handle this, it's well within my abilities. I just need to focus a bit more, and organize. Or I need to slice up my time into smaller chunks and efficiently micromanage.

[edit 2] I also need to fix my sleeping schedule. I am sleeping at around 3-5 AM each day, getting up around 9. I would like my 8 hours of normal sleep, so I can pay attention in class without having to rely on my laptop to not fall asleep (and... not pay attention as a side effect of using said laptop.)

Food now. Need extra food for strength to stay up.
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Let's see. Got CS438 MP done early, which was good. And as a result, was able to go out and build a snowman with James, Raine, Alex, and Daria. And Johnny, who dropped in later.

Then we went to watch Yohei and Richard perform as Qu0lity Gotcha. Spiffy. Recorded it in two parts, but had the second part's gain set too high. :P So audio is pretty much lost.

Then had dinner at Lai Lai Wok.

Then went and saw golden compass. It was pretty and shiny, which balanced out the... slicing and dicing of the plot. Or my memory's playing tricks on me. Wasn't too happy about what they did to it.

And now... studying - exam monday, 1:30 PM.

[/belated post]

(Edit: Anime series to buy: Dennou Coil.)
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Sorry, been neglecting livejournal. Am alive, am in Maryland, and will remain here until friday noon.

To do (over break, in order of importance * 1/time required):
-Pay bills, deposit check
-Senior Design Project
-Cram wordlists for GRE, register for GRE.
-Do something about important mail received while at school.
-Say hi to Freewebs, since they're giving me money...
-Try to de-stress a bit before the final rush of chaos at the end of the semester (two weeks of classes left!?)
-E-mail Bob Conrad/Union Multimedia Director for J-net Fashion Show
-Watch Stardust, Darker than Black, Seto no Hanayome, and a number of other things I'm snagging.

Have done:
-Watched Pan's Labyrinth. Pretty, but... a bit on the depressing side. And it seemed like it was going to be so much more...
-Finished Kaze no Stigma. Started out rather promising as a nice action series, but turned into a romance...wannabe.
-Witnessed slamming doors, falling blood, and a stage covered with... playground rubber?
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Bugger off, ya hear? I don't need the random showers of loneliness.


On a side note, didn't completely fail ECE440 exam like last year. Yay. Still below class average, but.. ugh. Meh. Need one more class for next semester...

Have cute significant other now. And new desktop wallpaper that she drew when asking me out... (and apparently I don't pay enough attention to my stuff on my desktop; she was able to download it and leave the jpg file there for a full day before she told me about it, and I looked at it. ^^;;; whoops.)

And am losing grasp of the "tralala~ I can be alone and rock my own world, 'cause I'm a lone wolfie~ rawr~" mindset. ::slightly annoyed:: Took me so long to get there... and now my mind wanders more towards hanging out with other people, which means less gets done. Drats.


Just freed up 50~ GB of space. Mmm. Now to move other stuff off my external hd, so I can use it as the Time Machine Backup. (Time Machine doesn't format the drive before using it, right...?)
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Yay, life going... well, I guess. Almost my birthday again, ugh.

Finished exams. GEOG101 was... as good as could be expected, given that I pay very little attention to the lectures ('cause OMG, he doles out information at a snails pace...), CS461 felt like it went pretty well. ECE440.. could probably be from a 30-70, depending on whether I used the right formulas and remembered concepts correctly or not. Hate formulas. This is just like the physics exams here. Rawrgh.

Apple has sent me a new MacBook Pro. Am happy. Need to transfer files and ship back the one I'm currently using.

They also threw in Leopard. Sweet, no pirated copy for me! (so I'm getting 'paid' $100 for my troubles. Not... too bad, I suppose. Although I wish I knew why I kept running into problems).

MacBook Pro Problems recap )

Oh, and as a result of winning puzzlecrack challenges from several weeks ago, I now have a nice Microsoft usb keyboard, a Microsoft webcam, and The Principles of Beautiful Web Design.

So... question:
Should I register my own domain?
Have offer of free business cards - and I would like to have business cards - but I have no website to call my own, and I'm not going to link people to my personal blog. Cost for domain: $7.99 at nearlyfreespeech.net. Hosting is even cheaper, although I have no content either. XP
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Overall, it was a nice weekend, although stress is mounting.

Short list, since I need sleep:
-Got sick. Am still sick. Sore throat and the usual stuff that comes with the temperature changes outside. Am fighting it, rawr.
-Cosplayed as Shino from Naruto. Have pictures, will post later. The anime club did one big Naruto cosplay. Kinda boring, IMHO - I would have liked more variety.
-Jenny won the cosplay contest, despite not being dressed as any character other than "little red lolita". ::facepalm:: 20 votes to her, followed by 13 votes to some other characters...
-Built two parts of my shino costume in about an hour and a half, excluding the time it took to purchase stuff. Yay for cheapass felt.
-Kaito Kid costume is still missing: 1) white dinner jacket, 2) white magicians top hat, 3) white dinner gloves, 4) a solid red tie, 5) white dress shoes?
-Total time at JAC/Loomis: 9 hours. Damn.
-Raine followed me home. And then to Schnucks. And then there was listening to music. And she stayed the night.
-Soran bushi - yay haven't forgotten everything.
-Watched around 5-6 video lectures for my upcoming CS461 exam wednesday.

Oh, and Apple: you need to train your tier two support techs / Specialists better. We played Phone/E-mail tag for the entire week, and finally got in touch friday. He could have frigging e-mailed me! Or at least sent some sort of acknowledgment e-mail. And all he did was set up the request for a new macbook pro to replace mine, and then tell me that Customer support would get in touch with me in 48 hours.

I'm seriously hoping I'll be able to talk them into sending me a new macbook pro first, so I can transfer data directly, instead of backing things up, then restoring. I really don't want to deal with this crap during a week with three exams. :P But using the macbook pro with the flexible usb keyboard + wacom tablet mouse is annoying. And it means I can carry significantly less. Much hate at MacBook Pro right now.*

Also, I need recommendations for a laptop.. case? I dunno, I'm thinking of a padded pocket I could slip my macbook pro into, before sliding it into my messenger bag, so the amount of banging around is reduced...

(should make two other posts later, probably one about cosplaying or Raine, and the other about the macbook pro, listing my problems...)

*I'm going to pirate Leopard. :P I'm sorry, but Apple, you're not getting anymore of my money right now. You've cost me enough in terms of time and loss in productivity due to hardware issues.
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Much socializing. Yay~ Daphu-senpai came back again. Yay for actually talking to some companies at a job fair and asking good questions. And handing out a few resumes. There was a Wii involved, my hair got pigtailed briefly and braided. I met an Emily (note to self, need to send pictures of her+Daphu), and a Young. And saw our marching band for the first time ever. (Yay band!)

PuzzleCrack was nice too - we took first on thursday and third on friday. As well as two other thirds earlier in the week.

Unknown stuff, then Apple Picking tomorrow, followed by frantic scram to do homework and study for CS438 (meep!). J-net barcrawl and movie night are both this week as well....which means effective working time = monday night, tuesday and thursday, before exams.

Sleep now. =.=
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Mood/mental status: positive. Yay!

Technical interviews prep
Find a suit and black pants? Relocate my tie?

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