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Did another 4 trips over 5 hours with a local zipcar. Now my new apartment is a maze of boxes, trash bags, and paper bags with handles (trash bags mostly because I was too lazy and didn't bother finding real boxes that might have made my life easier.

Probably looked like a crazy bag lady (err, boy) at points, when I was hauling multiple bags up to my new apartment.

Almost done now. There's just the backup bikes at the old apartment, and probably a few knick knacks I've forgotten. And there's trash I need to take out. So I'll be making a few more trips back there.

There's also some sort of bright, shiny tower closer to Menlo Park that I keep seeing from the Palo Alto Caltrain station. Probably a (really, really tall) christmas tree, but it's worth checking out.

Man, next step: sort, clean, and organize the new apartment. I also need a couch now that I actually have a living room-type place...
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From my Palo Alto Apartment to San Antonio (officially Mountain View, 94040).

Driven by the failing washing/drying machine and the lack of internet at the old place, I've begun my move.

I think I did 5 trips over the 5 hours, moving about 15 of the 29 large items that had to be moved via car. (Zipcar! Toyota Matrix!)

Now I just need to organize all the smaller items into larger boxes to make moving stuff to/from the car easier. Once I do that, I'll probably get a zipcar again and make another set of 3-4 trips to bring the rest of my knickknacks over. (Mostly clothing, books, wires, and kitchen stuff.)

Total cost: $40 so far.
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...armed with an iPhone 3GS (Woohoo! Internet everywhere for a month! Note to self, pay dad.), I was able to work remotely pretty effectively for a day.

Free Wifi on Virgin America, for the flight from IAD 7 AM to SFO 10 AM. Coded. Got work done. Happy.
Bart + Caltrain to Palo Alto. Recharged iPhone at Millbrae, and answered emails! Woo!

Went to the eye doctor. My right eye is slightly worse in terms of nearsightedness stuff, and my left eye is slightly worse in terms of stigmatism. Shall have new glasses in a week. They'll be smaller and more rectangular than my current pair. Hopefully not a fail. I don't really have much of an opinion, since I usually can't see them... XD Except I picked the larger round frames for my current glasses in increase my field of vision. We'll see if there's a difference...

Then caught the Caltrain again, down to San Antonio, two stops away. Picked up the keys to my new apartment, got onto GoogleWiFi (also free, provided to the city of Mountain View). Worked remotely that way, while waiting for Comcast to come by and plug stuff in.

Now, home. Kinda cold, contemplating turning on the heating unit... My brookstone egg thingie says it's 62.4ºF. Hrm. ^^;;

Also, I have no food at home. But I'm going to UIUC this weekend. And I don't want to buy food just to have to move it to the new place. This is a pain.

Moving is also a pain too. My facebook status is currently: "Man, I need a portal gun. So I can open the blue one in my old apartment, the orange in my new apartment, and just throw everything through the magical glowing hole in the wall."
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I should be signing a lease this afternoon. And I'll have a 1 bedroom / 1 bathroom, instead of a studio, which means I'll have a sleeping area that's separate from my living area, so I can invite people over! And I get a balcony. Plus, I'll be paying about $75 less per month. The only downside: Work is probably 15-25 minutes away by bike, slightly more than my current apartment.

But I'm still within a mile of a caltrain station (San Antonio) and now I'm closer to Safeway and Walmart and Sears and a whole set of shops in the area. Plus, I'll be closer to Mountain view, so biking there isn't as much of a pain.


Also, I managed to replace my caged bearings with loose bearings for my front axle. Thus far, it seems to have been an improvement. But I had to install 12 bearings, instead of the 9 or 11 that I was told I was going to have to use. (Should have been 9, I think... I read it should be number of bearings in cage(7) + 2). Need to find time to talk to the bike shop guys. :(
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The tub is now sparkling (sparklingly?) clean. Probably the cleanest it's been since we moved in.


Apple store contacted me yesterday and asked for my address to ship the iBook to. No questions asked. (Although there was a late call on monday informing me that it was ready for pickup. I semi-ranted on the fact that I tried to pick it up from FedEx, but no one could do anything about it. The guy informed me that he would get back to me "tomorrow"/tuesday, as he was closing up the store.) Here's to hoping they're not shipping by very-slow-ground or something. And that nothing goes wrong. I may call back in a few days to see if there's a tracking number... don't really like calling the Apple store though; I always feel kinda bad bothering them, since there's usually absurdly busy. Business is good there~


The four classes I'm taking this semester all seem good.
CS411: Database systems - The professor is awesome. I need to contact him and see if he's got any pointers for someone who's also looking into security. And he's got an accent, possibly british? Class is absurdly crowded though.

ECE410: Digital Signals Processing I - 2 hour long lectures ::wince:: by the professor is very upbeat. And apparently includes plans in his lectures to involve the entire class ("Ok, form small groups and discuss such-and-such"). Which is good. Ah, incentive to NOT fall behind and look stupid. Everything is modular! :)

ECE440: Solid State Electronic Devices - Like diodes, P/n junctions, or something like that. Crowded classroom. First lecture was ok, although there's a possiblity of it being slightly boring. Professor informed us that 440 was probably the only class where we'll have to use everything we learned in the past. Uh oh...

GER250/ENG267/CompLit 250: Grimms' Fairy Tales in their European Context. Ahhahahaha. I'm going to love this class. The professor is an amusingly upbeat psychology professor, so there was some ToKish mentioning of knowing things in the past. Damn crowded class though. At least I can get there's early, but... ugh, it's on the south side of campus, which means a rush northwards to the engineering building (everitt) for ECE440. Oh, and it's a Advanced Comp class, which means essays (good essays) will have to be written. And the professor admits it's going to be hard, since, unlike Shakespeare, fairy tales are rather one-dimentional. Hmmm. Time to test what IB has taught me.

Yes, my semester is light-ish, but with three 400 level classes, I'm unwilling to risk taking more. Shall try to take less and do better. Maybe?

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