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Private key is stored in your browser, you fool. So if you migrate systems and fail to migrate those (I don't even know where they're stored for Safari...), you won't be able to reinstall your certificates, no matter how many times you download the certificates from CACert.

I'm smarter now though, certificates were made using firefox, and have been _backed up_ to a file. (keys encrypted with a good password, of course.)

...I should make sure I have backups of private keys for my servers. Ohshit...? -.-;;;
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You were issued 150 points and you now have 150 points in total.

You now have over 100 points and can start assuring others.


Spiffy. For the record, I got the papers signed by a public notary over spring break, on the 23rd of March. They were mailed off to Australia (yep, Australia!) on the 26th. So that was about a two-week turnaround time. Whee!
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I managed to make a CSR (Certificate Signing Request), pass that onto CACert, and install the certificate onto my server. =^^=v

Mostly, I think it was this table that I was lacking previously:

DN Field



Common Name The fully qualified domain
name for your web server. This must be an exact match.
If you intend to secure the
URL https://www.yourdomain.com, then your CSR's common name must be
Organization The exact legal name of your
organization. Do not abbreviate your organization name.
Organization Unit Section of the organization
City or Locality The city where your organization
is legally located.
Wellesley Hills
State or Province The state or province where
your organization is legally located. Can not be abbreviated.
Country The two-letter ISO abbreviation
for your country.

In other news, I wish I could stay up all night and all day. Not sleeping would be so nice sometimes.

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