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14 people took part in the Japanese Animation Club's Halloween cosplay contest, myself included.

I think I got 2-3 votes. Most someone got was 20, followed by 14, and 10ish... The least was 1. Everyone could vote three times.

:: shrugs:: I didn't really expect to win, since this was a last minute cosplay bit, but at least someone recognized who I was without me telling them, which is good. I forgot the small bit of tape Ritsuka usually has on his face though, and I think there's a number of pictures with me with my glasses on. ^^;; And Ritsuka doesn't have glasses - so whoops~ And I don't know how to pose.

Surprisingly enough, there was someone else who did a Loveless character: Yuiko

I think next year, I'll be doing Kaitou Kid from Conan. Hopefully. Takes time and planning though - as there's some parts that'll need to be handmade, instead of mostly bought, like this years costume.

Total cost for the costume this year:
$29 (tail, ears) + $10 (blue sweater - was supposed to be a jacket, but we couldn't find one) + $3 (white strip of fabric/thick ribbon stuff + 50 safety pins) = $42

Not too bad, but... still, kinda expensive in my mind. At least for a single event sorta-thing. I did find the tail material at the store (Joanne, on Neil, north of Bradley, right before you get to the highway), but honestly, I don't think I have the time or skills to sew my own. But they've got different colors (light brown, pink, white, etc).. and oh so many other things...
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My 'w' key is acting up... Unlike the other keys, just the lightest press causes a response; think hair-width press. So resting my finger lightly on the key causes it to react. Also, the more annoying problem is that now when I close windows, I occasionally close more than one.

Once I get back to the apartment, I'm going to have to pop it out and take a look. I think. I hope that'll fix it... And not just break it or make it worse.

Someone cosplayed Damekko Doubutsu: http://www.fansview.com/2005/animecentral/ac14c.html

Saw the person I stop talking with last year. -.-;; I still couldn't bring myself to apologize, and see if I can set things right. I'm too scared too, I think. At least, that's the feeling I can identify. Still, it doesn't do to keeping thinking about how she's doing every so often; I'd did care about her as a friend, I think, and probably still so. XP Maybe... someday, something will swing into place, and we'll speak again. Maybe she'll forgive me for being so stupid and immature about the whole thing.

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