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Let's see. Got CS438 MP done early, which was good. And as a result, was able to go out and build a snowman with James, Raine, Alex, and Daria. And Johnny, who dropped in later.

Then we went to watch Yohei and Richard perform as Qu0lity Gotcha. Spiffy. Recorded it in two parts, but had the second part's gain set too high. :P So audio is pretty much lost.

Then had dinner at Lai Lai Wok.

Then went and saw golden compass. It was pretty and shiny, which balanced out the... slicing and dicing of the plot. Or my memory's playing tricks on me. Wasn't too happy about what they did to it.

And now... studying - exam monday, 1:30 PM.

[/belated post]

(Edit: Anime series to buy: Dennou Coil.)
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Ugh, flash. But pretty. GoldenCompassMovie.com:My daemon )

Alternatively, you can disagree with that choice and modify things. :\ It seems like cheating and that it's wrong to have two, but... ::is curious and can't help himself::
More flash )
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It's been on the news for some time now, but I haven't posted about it: The Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman is being turned into a movie. I hope it's good. I loved the trilogy, notably the first and the last books. The first for being such a delicious story, the last for the feeling it managed to invoke.

And Diane Duane ([livejournal.com profile] dduane) has revealed that a movie may be in progress for So You Want To Be A Wizard. No details on dates, thoughts or much else...

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