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The heck? It froze last night, while playing a song (don't remember which one, but it was different from the other one that 'cause the first freeze-and-refusal-to-boot).

I'm not too sure what the problem is, but I suppose it could be:
a) something in the songs that are triggering a... firmware misfunction? Or hard drive misfunction? Like... a virus, for the iPod? o.O
b) A bad harddrive sector. Which, given the amount of falls this iPod has endured (no less than 10), could be a possibility. However, this doesn't explain why it refuses to boot after freezing up like that (freezing up = no buttons work, aside from holding menu+play to reboot)
c) Death related to the clock..? Or some other periodic something or other? So when it reaches, oh, say, 2 AM, it dies. Like a bomb. O.o

...I dunno. This annoys me. I think I can fix it following the steps (abbreviated ones, anyways - maybe just dumping the firmware onto the firmware sector and letting the iPod reflash itself.) but this would be a pain in the ass if I have to do this every few days. Argh.

Well, just ran the hard drive check, and it came out clear.

...Oh, well, that was interesting. It rebooted, I saw the apple icon, then it disappeared. But the hard drive's definitely still spinning. I wish there was some way to see what it was doing, or see what it was stuck at. :: sigh::
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Thank you Mike! (And also David - who posted the location of the firmware - http://www.dagolden.com/cgi-bin/main/index.cgi?IPodAndRedhat8)

I went searching for more details, and came across this page: http://www.bsodmike.com/?page_id=13 - where there were instructions to "upgrade" you ipod and alter the volume. So I followed that, combined with the firmware inside apple's iPod software updater, and poof, working iPod again.

The problem seemed to be the fact that somehow, I had managed to kill off the second partition (see bold, red section under cut), which was supposed to contain the firmware - this caused the folder-with-exclamation mark issue.

It's kinda odd though, even after all of the erasing and repartitioning, etc, all of my music is still here. Although probably not for too long - I intend on doing a proper restore of my iPod and swap in new music.

Terminal transcript included:cut )
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My iPod died. It froze in the middle of a song last night, and since then, it has refused to start up past the apple. Here's what I've done thus far:

Reset, gone into diagnostic mode to poke around there. No luck.
Since it didn't boot, I couldn't get into disk mode, nor could I get it to connect to my computer (via USB - Firewire's still dead)
Skipped into diagnostic mode again, and chose USB disk. Ok, now it boots.
Backed up iPod data, then reformatted the iPod with hopes that once doing so, the iPod updater software would recognize it. No such luck - now my iPod boots into a folder + exclamation mark icon. Yay -.-;;
Tried using PC software to reinstall the iPod system software - The iPod is only recognized when it's in Diagnostic/USB Disk mode. iPod software reinstalled successfully. But doesn't seem to have any effect other than making an empty MSDOS partition on my iPod.
Trying to restore the previously backed up iPod data onto my iPod, still via Diagnostic/USB Disk mode. Disk Utility keeps giving me errors, like "An error (16) occurred while copying. (Resource busy)".


I'm looking at three choices now:
1. Get a broken 3rd Gen iPod off eBay for $30-$50 and use parts from there to swap motherboards so I can use firewire and maybe get it to work again. And maybe even upgrade my iPod's hard drive...
2. Buy a cheap flash mp3 player and wait for the next generation iPod to appear. Those iPod (ex-Photo) are nice - $369.00 for 60 GB with color... still don't like the click wheel though.
3. Screw Apple. And go with something else. Like an iRiver, which I hear is good... although that's only from one person. And they're just as, if not more, expensive for less disk space.
There's always the fourth option:
Find a third party iPod repair company

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