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Invites will no longer be given out.

There will be no exceptions, unless you're a friend I see everyday.

Why? A new rule has been put into place today, 8/18/2006.
Since we catch so many people trying to cheat their ratio every day (every single one gets banned, without exception), we will now be taking firmer action against the inviter. If you invite someone who tries to cheat their share ratio, you will lose any invites you have left and the ability to receive more.

Don't ask. You won't get an invite from me. I'm sorry.

Oh, and don't bother commenting. I've disabled e-mails for this comment, and I never check my previously posted entries for new comments. And don't comment on another entry. I will ignore you.
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Not until Jan 1, anyhow:

Between the 24th of December and the 1st of January GMT (inclusive), downloading will not affect your share ratio in any way.
We will still be recording uploaded amounts, but ignoring downloaded.
For those of you who don't often download because you are concerned it will affect your stats too much, now is your chance to get everything you've wanted. Similarly, those of you who are struggling to maintain a decent share ratio, now's your chance to seed everything you've previously downloaded or upload your own stuff, knowing that it will probably be downloaded much more.
Because we don't want the site to be flooded with new users hoping to cash in on this, users who joined after December 23rd are not included in this and all stats will still be recorded as normal
If this proves too much for us to handle, we may cut this short, but really hope that won't be the case.
Merry Christmas!
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