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1) I would like to watch it again, with subtitles this time.
2) Yes, there is something after the credits.
3) The level of squickyness went up. Oh, the joint combination of skullrape* + tentacle rape. Oh dear.
4) There were hilarious moments, definitely. Quite a number of them.
5) Crabs. Crabby women. Women with crabs?
6) Telescopes. And boats.
7) 10 years. Egawds. At least they didn't pick chastity belts and exchange keys or something.
8) Graphics were spiffy. Although how they got actors do swing around so much, I dunno. I wonder how it was filmed..? Oh, nevermind, I can figure that out. Hook the boats onto mechanical arms to tilt them as necessary, and leave the ground and background some single color to patch in the ocean later...
9) Jack loves his rum too much. Silly boy.
10) Marriage at sea. Props for impressive choreography.

*Don't know what it is? Don't look it up. You don't want to be scarred for life. Unless you're curious and willing to pay the price.

Randomly amusing line that I want to reuse somewhere:
"Nobody move! *pause* I dropped my brain."

Definitely a movie to purchase later.

11) oh, yeah, whole new meaning to "a pet rock".

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