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Bugger off, ya hear? I don't need the random showers of loneliness.


On a side note, didn't completely fail ECE440 exam like last year. Yay. Still below class average, but.. ugh. Meh. Need one more class for next semester...

Have cute significant other now. And new desktop wallpaper that she drew when asking me out... (and apparently I don't pay enough attention to my stuff on my desktop; she was able to download it and leave the jpg file there for a full day before she told me about it, and I looked at it. ^^;;; whoops.)

And am losing grasp of the "tralala~ I can be alone and rock my own world, 'cause I'm a lone wolfie~ rawr~" mindset. ::slightly annoyed:: Took me so long to get there... and now my mind wanders more towards hanging out with other people, which means less gets done. Drats.


Just freed up 50~ GB of space. Mmm. Now to move other stuff off my external hd, so I can use it as the Time Machine Backup. (Time Machine doesn't format the drive before using it, right...?)
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Archived as a pdf file. Available upon request at a later date: "mileschen's Xanga Site - From Friends to “More than Just Friends”.pdf"

It's targeted for guys though. So someone should write one for girls. ::nodnod::

Hmmm, here's a random recommendation:
John & Jen - http://www.sendspace.com/file/67oe0s
Libretti here: http://libretto.musicals.ru/text.php?textid=499&language=1

It's a two-person musical. Rather interesting and tells the story between a younger brother and older sister.
amazon reviews

It first caught my attention when my iPod Shuffle popped up with track 05 - Timeline.


Mar. 17th, 2006 12:13 am
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"What's the point of living if there's no one to love?"

Yeah, hello, I'm thinking too much. I really need to stop. The phrase has no weight in my mind, but the fact that it was able to surface... is a bad sign.

Packing. Bed. Now.
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My 'w' key is acting up... Unlike the other keys, just the lightest press causes a response; think hair-width press. So resting my finger lightly on the key causes it to react. Also, the more annoying problem is that now when I close windows, I occasionally close more than one.

Once I get back to the apartment, I'm going to have to pop it out and take a look. I think. I hope that'll fix it... And not just break it or make it worse.

Someone cosplayed Damekko Doubutsu: http://www.fansview.com/2005/animecentral/ac14c.html

Saw the person I stop talking with last year. -.-;; I still couldn't bring myself to apologize, and see if I can set things right. I'm too scared too, I think. At least, that's the feeling I can identify. Still, it doesn't do to keeping thinking about how she's doing every so often; I'd did care about her as a friend, I think, and probably still so. XP Maybe... someday, something will swing into place, and we'll speak again. Maybe she'll forgive me for being so stupid and immature about the whole thing.
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[ babbling thoughts ~ reading this may not be wise ]

I think the key there is to not be needy~ and the best way to draw someone closer is to show them unconditional love, so they don't have to worry 'bout being perfect for you. 'cause if they have to worry, then at points, you become an issue of stress for them. And since stress is something most people try to avoid, you'll get pushed away.

Granted, this might not work. The unconditional love might worry some, and scare them off, 'cause then they'd be afraid that they can't return that amount of love. In that case... I dunno. I'm not too sure where I'm going with this.

...and also, each person is different, which means things are even worse, 'cause there's no set formula to make and keep love. Pity, that. Although, technically, you should be able to categorize people, and distill them down to variables, which could then be fed into a table of sorts, and answers extracted from that. That _should_ be possible. There's only so many variations of people... take, for example, viewpoint on life. By examining how someone grows up, what they believe in, the friends they have, the way they dress, you should be able to figure out what sort of person they are, and then use that information to play them the way you want.

This is where people-watching comes in. :D Yay for people watching. Although.. that has it's limits. And when you hit those, it's time to go out and make friends with all different sorts of people.

And now, my battery's gonna die, so I'm going to go poke at the pretty snow, then find a different place to study.
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I was filling out a survey today (actually, again - it's a weekly survey, done for one year, in exchange for $150 or $100 dollars. Which, at the looks of it, will go towards a new iPod. ::sigh:: But I digress...) and part of it asked about my thoughts towards my "best friend", and I stopped.

Back at Drew ES, if someone asked me who my best friend was, I would have said Christian Brown (The short kid - anyone else remember him :D I should look him up on thefacebook and see how he's doing.).
Back in middle school, I would have said JVD. Maybe, at some point, Elissa, although I really didn't know her that well either - we only corresponded over e-mail nearly daily? or weekly? for most of that summer.
Back in high school, I would have said Megan. I think I had the most "close friends" at that time, 'round sophomore or junior year... before Anika drifted off and Elissa found boys or something. At that time, I would have counted them, as well as Lily, Karen, Gordon... But best friend, at points, would have been either Megan, or... I dunno. Honestly, Karen was never really a "best friend", actually... I think, perhaps, it has to do with feeling, or knowing, that her priorities were elsewhere. I wasn't, and I still don't think I'm someone particularity important to her.

I guess, at some point, I should define "friend", and "best friend" and such... Putting words to a relationship is kinda... restrictive, and keep in mind, in no way should you use the below as a basis for... anything, really.

A friend is someone that I can laugh with and not feel too bad about asking them for favors.

A close friend would be someone that I confide in, forgive them for just about everything that would typically annoy me, etc.

A best friend... person that I hang out with all the time, that I tell almost everything to, that can usually finish my sentences or figure out what I'm thinking... Not worry about shielding myself when I'm with them. Etc.

Yeah... best friend. I don't think I can call anyone that right now. I don't really know Megan anymore... I'd say the people closest to a best friend at the moment would be Ting... Maybe Jonathan or Lily, but both are... I'd call it "too widely spread"... they've got friends and things going on all around them, and I'm too.. lazy, or polite, to bother them too much.

It has so much to do with how much communicating goes on, I guess.

It's probably my fault, actually, that people have drifted away from me. School, along with other things, brings us together... and without school to prompt me into actively seeking out people, I tend to... stick to myself and not bother people. And I'm not a great conversationalist. Well, that is, sit me down at a table, with food, and try to talk to me over dinner would have poor results. Sitting me down at a couch would be equally bad. But give me a puzzle... something to focus a good half portion of my brain on, would make me less nervous, and more capable of responding coherent, and maybe even making conversation. Pity I can't play with a small pen or something at interviews. Bleh.

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