Apr. 18th, 2007 10:50 pm
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That was a tasty break from studying. A brief anime movie that poked the separation between dreams and reality. Although I can't really say what exactly happened... still not entirely sure myself. But it's highly recommended, so if you happen across a copy, pick it up and watch it.

rambling, possibly incoherent summary and possible spoilers )
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Subbed movie torrent:

It was a good story, targeted towards a younger generation than I am though, but still appreciated. Scattered thoughts as I had sent to [ profile] porsupah in post-watching ramblings:
Apparently there is a game adaption. Japanese, obviously. Damn.
Squee, catpeople~
Those streams of demons reminded me of the matrix sentinels...
Subs were a bit odd here and there - spotted at least one blatant mistake (start of the "spiral wolf" scene, he says "inu?"/dog?, yet it gets translated to "Hi there" ^^;; ).
Need screenshots of the silly stackable birdies though. Silly things... where have I seen them before...?
Predictable plot, alas. Typical Good vs. Evil, travel the land for magical artifacts RPG sort of thing, compressed into about 2 hours. Typical characters. Given the amount of time though, character development was decent. Plot, similarly so. (as in, had it been a series, or longer than just 2 hours, it could have been even better.)
Catpeople, again. =^^=
Yay fantasy worlds. Oh, how I've dreamed before......
More than pretty good animation. Some use of CGI that was a bit odd (flight of the dragons), but otherwise effective. Details were mostly there, at least for the first part, like what you might see in a Studio Ghibli work.

probably a 9/10 for kiddies ages 8-14. For us older folk... eh, if you enjoy poking your inner kid who enjoys fantasy/adventure, yea, it's a fine way to use up two hours. Otherwise, you may wish to find something more solid...

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