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Congratulations to Dr. Nelson McLeod for his appointment as our new Principal at Richard Montgomery HS.
He previously was principal at Newport Mill MS.
The RMPTSA looks forward to working with him as he joins our RM Community.

More details on Dr. McLeod and the transition will follow in the next several days.

From the RMPTSA listserv...
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"MCPS officials investigate possible ethics code violation"

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Dear Parents,

PLEASE!!!!! Do not send balloons to students at school. We had another incident today with a balloon on Main Street.

Thank you.

Moreno Carrasco
Richard Montgomery High School


I'm very confused. I know balloons are a choking hazard for young children, but... we don't have really young children. Granted, I wouldn't give it past someone to be like, "Oooooh, let's see if we can un-blow-up a balloon by sucking reeeeeaally hard."

Or maybe it was an idiot inhaling helium and passing out..?

[edit] Ah, Carrasco got back to me:
"Main Street is the open atrium of the school. Balloons set off the fire alarm when they fly up and cross the path of smoke detector sensors. The Fire Dpt. had to come in and remove the balloon on Friday. We've two emergency evacuations because of this. Thanks."

That's highly amusing. What kind of crappyass smoke detectors do we have...?
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Hello -

I sent out a letter to students at set strike about this, but in
case those papers never made it home, here's the info about the
Drama Club Moving Party.

All drama club members and families are invited to help pack up our

When: Friday, November 30
2:30 -- late in the evening (consider this an open house --
come whenever your schedule permits!)

Where: The A. May Nicewarner Auditorium

Details: We will be boxing costumes and props, and labeling
furniture and supplies that will be moved to the new school. We
won't be doing the actual moving, just the preparations.

Food: Pizza, drinks and dessert will be provided!

R.S.V.P.: Emily Krebs at (301)279-8441 or
Emily_B_Krebs@mcpsmd.org. I'd like some rough idea of the numbers
so that I can order the appropriate amount of food.

Attire: Very, VERY casual -- we'll all be dusty and dirty by the
end of the day!

I wish I could be there....
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By way of the RMPTSA newsletter:
November 2007: We begin to install classroom furniture and new equipment. During designated times, certain staff will be allowed to transport items to the new facility.

December 20 and 21, 2007: School will be closed for students to allow the staff the necessary time to establish themselves in their new teaching areas.

January 2, 2008: There will an Open House for students. The school will organize a series of building tours to acclimate students to the new building.

January 3, 2008: Classes resume in the new building.

Finally? Heh. Demolition of the old building was supposed to be earlier this month. Guess that's not happening yet...
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Hey guys! I hope everyone had a good end to their school year- I know I'm sure glad to be home and done with classes for a while :) . Anyways, I was wonderin if y'all would be up for having an initial meeting this coming week. I went in to speak to RM's GSA this past Friday and they seem to be interested in planning some activities for next year we might be able to assist them with (such as a dance!). In any case, I figured it'd be good to get together and brainstorm some things we could do as a group and basically decide where we want things to go. I was thinking we could do Tuesday or Wednesday evening or next Saturday June 3 during the day. Any preferred locations? I was thinking of the Starbuck's right near RM on the pike...but I'm open to whatever suggestions y'all have. Anyways, email me back or call me [phone number removed. Comment for details.] or im me ([AIM sn removed. Comment for details.]) ASAP letting me know your availability. I look forward to seein you guys next week so we can get our gay on (I think I just invented that phrase...I'm tired)! Peace
-Matt :)

P.S.- please spread the message to RM alumni friends! All are welcome to join us!

"So we can get our gay on". Ick... wtf.

:: sighs:: And he left out Megan again. Mmm, might not be his fault; don't recall if I told him to contact Megan or not.

(wasn't it TAFU? o.O "GSA".....)

On a completely unrelated note, [livejournal.com profile] marbenais, have you seen the link to chapter 4 yet? =>.<= [livejournal.com profile] dduane said, "the link to Chapter Four will be on the Chapter Three link page," but I've checked both public and subscriber gateway link pages, as well as the project schedule page. And I'm pretty sure Safari isn't being stupid and caching the page.. 'cause it's been a day+ now. And I don't want to send her another e-mail (sent one two or three days before she sent out the e-mail for chapter four).
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On Apr. 12, 2006, at 1:17 AM, Matt Adler wrote:

Hey y'all! So I'm basically e-mailing you guys to see if you would be interested in forming a sort of RM gay alumni group. I have been thinking ever since I graduated (and subsequently came out) that there is a lot of work to be done at RM to make it a safe and comfortable place for GLBT students. I think one important step in this process is to organize RM grads to get active in initiatives to improve the situation at our former high school. Whether we were out or closeted or in denial or all of the above at different times, we all know what it was like to go through high school facing degrees of invisibility, harassment, and discrimination. In addition to brainstorming our own initiatives (one idea I had was to institute a voluntary "Safe Zones" training program for sympathetic teachers), we can probably serve as valuable mentors for gay students currently at RM facing similar challenges. If nothing else, for some students it'd probably be nice to know that there's a light at the end of the tunnel and give them advice on GLBT life in college. In any case, I gotta split, but I hope this is something you guys are interested in. I'd like this network to be what we as a group want, not just what I envision, so please pass this message on to other GLBT grads and certainly give me the contact info of anyone else you think might be interested. I should be home from school around May 10th- anyone up for meeting for coffee around then? Thanks for taking the time to read this and please don't hesitate to contact me.

With love and Phallic (I mean ummm Rocket) Pride,
Matt Adler

That was interesting. But yeah, if anyone wants his e-mail / contact info, throw something at my e-mail address.

[ edit | e-mail re-wrapped, so it should display nicer now. ]

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