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Useful, I think. Posted here so I won't lose the thing.
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Here's something useful, possibly for everyone:


Generates graph paper of all sorts, Axonometric, Equilateral Triangles, Hexagonal, Trapezoids, Asymmetric, Brick, "Engineer's Paper", Accounting, Logarithmic, Polar, Storyboards, Music (5 lines, guitar/bass Fretboard), Number Lines, Celtic (???), Lined, Cornell note taking (hehe!, graph and lined), Writing and Penmanship, Calligraphy, four different Chinese/Japanese Character Guide Paper (O.o I've never seen two of those...), calendar generator (on the side bar)

I wish I could back up the entire site, but I get the feeling there's some server-side scripts running, which is a pity... I suppose I could learn how to generate PDFs and make my own generator, but... honestly, time? Not in my hands...

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