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Jul. 4th, 2006 05:08 pm
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Okay, that was a test of the following:
- Voice Candy (http://www.potionfactory.com/voicecandy/), the rather nifty little thing that changes your voice.
- SoundFlower (http://www.cycling74.com/products/soundflower - site down, try http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/14067 ?), an extension that adds the functionality to reroute audio from one place to another. As in, instead of sending audio to your headphones, you can output it to the SoundFlower stream. And from there, any Core Audio app can pick the SoundFlower stream as an input.
- Gizmo (http://www.gizmoproject.com/), the VoIP (Voice over IP) app that, I'd say, rivals Skype in spiffy free offerings. More on this later.
- Gizmo based LiveJournal Voice Posting.

SoundFlower required a reboot to get it working. Still, I'm not going to complain, 'cause it's awesome. No preference panes or anything, just the devices in the Sound Preference Pane.

Voice Candy's spiffy, but... I don't know if I want to pay up yet. It's not something I'd use everyday. More like a toy to play with and toss out once I get bored.

Gizmo... 2.0.158. I had issues getting it to log in on my network. Then, when our cable connection died and I switched over to my neighbor's network, poof, it worked. WTF. It kept hanging at "Starting Agent..." -.- I don't get it. (needless to say, it's not... userfriendly in that respect. You need to be able to configure your local network. Or not. I don't know.)

Oh, yeah, another thing about Gizmo? Free area 775 numbers. Mine be: 775-599-2741. Probably not going to use it that often, but hey, it's nice to know it's there. There's also free conference rooms.. o.O Although... I don't know if it's permanent.


May. 15th, 2006 02:20 pm
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Calls to friends and family on Skype have always been free. Now we've made calls within the US and Canada to all phones totally free till the end of the year.

Starting from today it doesn't matter if it's a Skype-to-Skype call or a call to landline or mobile phone - it's free as long as you're calling from within the US or Canada to US or Canadian phone number.


Either their getting desperate for users, or... I dunno.

So hey, I can call Karen on Skype now~! And she can call us! And whenever Meiko get's back, he can use that to call up Lily...
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Only 'cause my iBook doesn't have audio in, so I can't plug in a nicer microphone to record lectures and other stuff with..

Behringer UCA202 USB Interface:
RCA in/out, optical out, monitors/headphone out, volume control for monitors.
for $35 shipped.


Griffin iMic2 USB Audio Interface:
in/out 3.5mm stereo mic/line, toggle switch for mic/line setting.
for $31 shipped

problem with the Behringer one, is that I'd have to carry an extra RCA->3.5mm adaptor, if I'm going to be carrying that around. But optical out would be awesome. And volume control for the monitor out? I guess.. it'd be more useful for at home, tape->CD conversion things...
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Like Skype, Gizmo is another VoIP (Voice over IP (aka, internet) )
Calling from Gizmo to Gizmo is free, Gizmo to a real number starts at 1.8ยข, more expensive than Skype, I believe. Getting a landline number for Gizmo is $5 a month.

Gizmo also supports Access Numbers: these being a list of number that real-lined users can call, then dial another identification number to reach your Gizmo account. Hm, does Skype support this..? There is FREE VOICEMAIL~ props.

Here's a post comparing Gizmo to Skype. http://www.randomthink.net/archives/2005/07/08/skype-vs-gizmo-project/

And now, the main reason why I mentioned, and noted Gizmo? Voiceposting. Now via your computer, by calling ljvoicepost on Gizmo. Granted, you'd need to be able to phonepost in the first place, but hey, I may use it more often now. Maybe. Maybe not. Quickass audio recording~ XD

Info via LJ's paidmembers community.

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