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If you keep an eye on various tech deals and such, you may have noticed that the new 803.11n routers are out. [http://www.bensbargains.net/ktalk/1148081213,685,.shtml]

803.11n = new specification that's not fully standardized yet.

They just claim that it's faster. Which it probably is..but since it's not completely standardized, there's no guarantees that it'll work happily with other toys.

Not to mention the fact that it's absurdly expensive. At $120 for a router? XD Nah. I'll stick with my cheaper pieces of crap. :D 'cause while sometimes they don't work as well as I would like, they work.

So yes, a heads up/warning to say away from buying them. Not like anyone's probably actually thinking about it.. but.. yeah.

...maybe I'm trying to talk myself out to buying it just to play with, and be like, omg, pretty new toy!

so much to do, so little time!

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