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Images set to display 160x120[edit: 80x60 now; not wrapping well on [livejournal.com profile] marbenais's friends page. Halving again.]. Was originally 320x240. If this breaks your friend's page, tell me and I'll cut it. Otherwise, I think this ought to be fine as small images with links to the originals....

More substantial post about the movie, and possibly life and happening of this week to come later. Bug me if they don't.
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Call out to Elissa, Melly, and uh, anyone else that's interested.

Dinner at 7:45, probably some restaurant near Rio. Call Lily if you want a particular restaurant, or a later dinner time. Reservations will be made Friday morning.

Movie is at 9:30, at Rio. Why? It's cheaper, there's free parking, Lily's tired of Rockvile? :: shrugs:: Go bug her for details. :D [append 7/5/06 22:52] pre-order your tickets.

(personal note: go here tomorrow and pick that up. E-mail says $30 after rebates, and that's for an external USB 2.0 160GB.)

[edited] Caribbean, not.. whatever I spelled earlier.


May. 23rd, 2006 04:22 pm
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Friday 4:30 @ Rockville Regal 13

Call Lily if you want to go, preferably before thursday morning, unless you'll order your own tickets.
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Saw it passing though the student union today. It looked interesting, so I stopped to watch.. and watch... and watched all the way until the end -.-;; and lost at least an hour to the movie. It's good.

Erm. Yeah, was going to say more, but I'm running low on time to do stuff, and deadlines approach much more rapidly than I'd like.
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It looks interested. Was noted in the recent copy of Wired.

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