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Garh, I want to do 5,000 today. That would bring me halfway to where I should be right now. I've got 2.5K more to go, but I'm afraid my creativity has dried up.

The Mahjong club is talking about gay porn.
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4,153 words.

I'm still 12K words behind where I should be, more or less. :: sighs:: And I should work ahead, too, and aim to get it done by the end of thanksgiving break (25th?), 'cause I've got hour exams after thanksgiving break, so I won't have time to write after that.

CS hour exam monday. Much needed studying for ECE210. And phys212 should be read as well.
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Current word count: 1009. 49981 more to go. Yay!
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And thus, I begin my NaNoWriMo.

I now have one word.


Oh, and my muse has been identified. He's a small grey rat with glasses, and an ink-stained tail. Pictures forthcoming, once I catch him and threatentalk him into this NaNoWriMo business.

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