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So, the puzzlehunt competition is over. I got second on tuesday.

Feel free to try puzzles. I have some notes for things, etc.

Oh, yeah, the flash drive? It was a rather small 64 MB flash drive. I was disappointed. Come now, google. You could have made it at least 128, right?


And this entry cracked me up. As [livejournal.com profile] porsupah put it, "Beware the perils of waxing."


And I'm now the apache/CGI/massmail admin of our EC (Engineering Console) server. I'm not all too sure what happen. Oh well, let's see how interesting things get... I already had request to put in pdf files somewhere, and had to poke around much, and use sudo, 'cause of odd permissions. And now I have another request to find out what went wrong with an application submission.

Need to read up on Apache2. And SQL. Suggestions?

[edit] puzzle link fixed.

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