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...the condo is old. Needs new windows. Ones that stay open. (Ideally ones with dual layers and tempered glass.) Ungrounded outlets. Some outlets are two-prong. Duct tape holding the outdated flexible pipe to the sink trap. Baseboard heating didn't seem to work.

I think I would very much like to remodel the kitchen and bathrooms. I wonder if I'll have enough money left over though... Primarily the kitchen though - it needs a new sink and ideally new counters and cabinets as well.

For now, though, I think I'm going to wander off and see Alice in Wonderland...
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...hurts my brain.

Short summary:
Parents talked me into buying a place here in Cali. I'm currently trying to read the legal document. And it's important, because the offer, if accepted by the Seller, becomes a binding legal contract.

Narf. It's hard. And kinda stressful - there's ways to mess up and lose the non-trivial (10K+) deposit I'm putting down (goodwill gesture of sorts towards the Seller to show I'm serious about this).

I have been approved for a mortgage from ING Direct. Or Pre-approved? There's still documents I need to sign and send to them (a few IRS forms, recent paystubs, recent 2 year W2s, past federal tax returns...)

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