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Ah! Old news, but demonoid went down sometime this week. Apparently the tracker is back up now though...

Up to date (?) news here:

I do hope demonoid comes back without significant problems; it's one of my major sources for non-musical stuff... (typically applications...)
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The Pirate Bay, a large BitTorrent tracker group that's been shut down once and revived to flick off the people who did it, have announced that they're bringing back Suprnova, one of the first, very large and very successful BitTorrent trackers before it was shutdown by the MPAA or RIAA.

Posts here: http://torrentfreak.com/the-pirate-bay-about-to-relaunch-suprnovaorg/


In other 'piracy' news, there's a 19 year old girl in our local area who's being charged as a criminal (1 year + fine of $2,500) for taking a 20-second film clip.

20 seconds.

To show her 13 year old brother.

20. Fucking. Seconds.

http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/08/01/AR2007080102398.html archived text )
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Downloading at a 680-800 KB/s. Over my home wireless. Mmm... I think I need to use wireless more often. Somehow, wired only gets me 300 KB/s. o.O Granted, it's going through my dad's switches for his home-brew computing cluster, which... shouldn't be that much slower, but, eh, it is traveling the entire length of the house.

Yum, indeed. Shall have Alan Moore's comics, and some 4 GB of String Quartet Tributes to such-and-such, most of which I don't already know. But collectable~

^^;; I collect too much, sometimes. Oh well. "Archived information, for future generations!"

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