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Halfway point in making them:

Stacks of made, ready to cook

End result:

Otherwise known as green onion pancakes or scallion pancakes... Used 3 cups of flour, 1 cup of hot water, sesame oil, green onions, salt... made about 5 pancakes.

They're supposed to be slightly crispier and flakier than my end result. Also, should have been slightly saltier, I think. Still, not too bad.
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So I don't lose the stupid link. Rawr~

(I thought cookies were just sugar, flour, butter, and some heat. I didn't know the type of sugar, the type of flour, the kind of butter, and the amount of heat matter all that much...)
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Via Lady: anywhere from 4-8 apples, depending on the dish size. sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar, toss to coat all slices of apples (peeled & sliced). then mix 1 cup flour, 1 cup sugar, 1 egg, and 1.5 sticks of melted butter together. pour on apples. bake for about an hour.

I did 2 apples (larger ones) (peeled'n'diced) + generous scattering of sugar and cinnamon and a bit of flour as the "inside"
For the crust, .5 cups of flour + .5 cups of sugar + more cinnamon and "apple pie spice" that I picked up.
Sprinkled sugar on top. 'cause I like sugar. ^^;;

Baked at 350º for about 10-20 minutes, then found it.... questionable looking and not like my second attempt. Then pushed the temperature up to 400 for about 5-10 minutes.

End result:
Too much cinnamon. Whoops. It's not too sweet. Added ice cream and found it heavenly. There's something about warm barely-gooey stuff + cold, sweet ice cream that makes things very, very good.

I'll actually have pictures this time. XP Will post them eventually.

[edit] Mmmm, there's chunks of my "pie"/cobbler that tastes like chunky apple bread. Not too bad, even though that wasn't my original goal...
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That was interesting.

"At the bottom of that range, a difference of just 5 or 10 degrees can mean the difference between juicy meat and dry, between a well-balanced cup of coffee or tea and a bitter, over-extracted one. And as every cook learns early on, it’s all too easy to burn the outside of a hamburger or a potato before the center is warm.

That’s the basic challenge: We’re often aiming a fire hose of heat at targets that can only absorb a slow trickle, and that will be ruined if they absorb a drop too much. Are you ever annoyed by pots that take forever to heat up, or frustrated by waiting for dry foods to soften? A kitchen that becomes hot enough to be a sauna? Big jumps in the utility bill when you do a lot of cooking? The problem, as you will notice if you pay more attention to your kitchen’s thermal landscape, even in terms of what you can feel, is how much heat escapes without ever getting into the food."

Very interesting. I think I learned something, although... I'll forget it soon, given the current time.
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I made this: http://www.recipezaar.com/8384 (Scampi Style Chicken Thighs) today. It was... mediocre. :\ Oh well, it means I'll have leftovers and stuff for lunch tomorrow. Yay!


I found was-green-vegetables today, as I visited the fridge. If I didn't know better, it waved and winked at me, before I reached in, and exiled it to the trashcan.


Oh, yeah, and I beat Kingdom Hearts I. Total hours: around 40. Meep. Am looking at FFXII now. Unless anyone has any suggestions?

And now for a few completely different things...

By way of [livejournal.com profile] porsupah, http://www.furaffinity.net/view/249835/ (Image here, broken URL to ensure people don't click by accident: http://data.furaffinity.net/art/touchmybadger/ 1160527511.touchmybadger_mothafuknsextoy.jpg). No, it's not safe for work - It contains the words, "...Sex Toy!!!" and a very crudely drawn sex toy. No nudity though, just... improper usage of a sex toy. "I'm the dildo unicorn!". I snerked.)

reCaptcha: Translating books in captchas! A good idea, although I don't have anything that requires me using it. The perl module is here: http://search.cpan.org/dist/Captcha-reCAPTCHA/lib/Captcha/reCAPTCHA.pm

A few iPhone bits:
http://anderson-technologies.com/archives/5 (Mac iPhone Activation tool)
http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,1895,2155149,00.asp?kc=EWKNLEDP070607A (Eweek article reviewing the iPhone)


Jul. 8th, 2007 02:42 pm
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Saw the movie yesterday. It was good. I think I've heard too much hype about it though, both over the radio and in newspapers.

Still, it was definitely a good movie - Would recommend watching it in theaters, and buying the DVD when it comes out.


[edit] On the topic of food and cooking, I'm going to try this recipe.

And while hunting for food in the house, I discovered that... ewwwwwwww, there's a large patch of moldy....... something-that-was-a-green-vegetable in the refrigerator. >.<
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I made meatballs today. =^^=v

They were... ok, I guess. Not really salty enough, but decent with sauce...

But yes, meatballs~ from raw meat-stuffs. Mmm, so I think I threw in some garlic, some assorted herb-things, pepper, (not enough) salt, one slice of bread (ripped up into little bits - not small enough), and uh, minced meat. Nearly 1 lb, I think.

Browned the outsides in a pan, then cooked them in sauce until they were completely cooked inside. And now they're being saved for tomorrow's lunch. And probably also dinner. Here's to hoping they still taste good tomorrow, after being microwaved or something.
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Sent out over the soc2006 mailing list, as we're all guessing what Google had fedexed to all of us.

No, it's not the t-shirt, 'cause we get that at the competition of the program.
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From before: now posted to livejournal's pic hosting service.

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Yeah. I managed to fail making sugar cookies. And not even from scratch. I made it from one of those cookies-in-a-bag-just-add-butter-and-egg type thing.

Not really reading the directions, I just separated the batter, dumped it onto the aluminum foil, and let it sit. The directions noted 7-9 minutes. Went back, and checked, and found that my overly large clumps had... merged.

Anyways... now I have a LARGE cookie-sheet sized sugar cookie. ^^;;;; I have a picture, but chances are, I'm not going to get around to posting it. If anyone wants to see, comment.
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Yay~ I made fried rice today. Left over rice + sliced up scrambled eggs + onion + long green thing that I don't remember the name of + 1 sliced up hot dog. (as opposed to hot gods, which I misspelled it as ^^;;)

Have picture. Will post at some point.

It tastes good~ Whee!
I've eaten it and I'm not dead yet~ Double Whee!

Anyways, off to go eat. Foooooood. =^.^=

[append] Bleh, should have added 2 hot dogs. They're yummy.

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