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4 GB for $10 after rebate. Shipping is free. No tax if you're in MD.


This is DDR2 200-pin PC5300. Used in MacBook Pros.
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By way of Amazon.com.

Quoting part of the text-alternative e-mail:
Endless Shoes & Handbags


Special limited-time promotion! Overnight Shipping is Negative $5.

That's right, we pay you for overnight shipping. (Really!)


Meet Endless.com

Just as Amazon.com revolutionized the way you shop for books and music,
we've built a new
way to shop for shoes and handbags. Best of all, Overnight Shipping is
FREE. (Really!)


FREE Overnight Shipping
FREE Return Shipping
110% Price Guarantee
FREE 365-day Returns


I may take advantage of this to try to get a new pair of dress shoes... Mostly, it was the hassle of having to return things that don't fit have prevented me from trying to buy clothing online. But with "365-day returns" and free return shipping... it might be spiffy.

[edit] stupid long-ass link fixed. So it's not long-assy.
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CompUSA 6PM-Midnight sale this friday:
Of note: some of the free things, the 250GB for $50 isn't bad... the DVD-Rs... may be ok, if you want DVDs and don't want to wait for shipping.

There's now a Google Desktop Gadget contest:
Winner get's... a decent amount of money. And according to them, you don't even need to know how to code. So the hard part here, is, what's a spiffy idea to do?

(It's a pretty good way of getting people to use Google Desktop though, and expand the amount of plugins for it... offer prizes for a design contest)
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Not what I was looking for, but probably the cheapest I've seen in a while, in terms of 1 GB USB drives. And Kingston is a relatively well known brand.


I'm looking for a 1GB SD card for less than $20, after shipping and handling.. so if anyone sees something like that, tell me, please?
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10-oz. Compressed Air Duster for $0 shipped after rebate
Matched on subscription to store "CompUSA.com"

The Read Right Dust-Free 10-ounce Duster, model no. RR3700,
costs $5 with free shipping at CompUSA.com. A $5 mail-in
rebate drops it to $0. That matches our last mention as the
lowest total price we've seen for this item. Rebate ends
March 25.

Click here for updates or to snap up this deal now:

Total: Local tax.

Wacom Graphire3 4x5 USB Tablet for $38
Matched on subscription to keyword "wacom"

OnSale.com still offers the Wacom Graphire3 4x5" USB Pen
Tablet in Blue, White, or Gray for $48.02. A $10 mail-in
rebate drops it to $38.02. With about $7 for shipping, it's
still the lowest total price we could find. Rebate expires
March 31.

Total: 7+38.02+tax?

Click here for updates or to snap up this deal now:
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Free shipping, $20 rebate drops it down to $30. Slightly more expensive than my $27.99 drive that I picked up off buy.com last week, but Memorex is much better known than... ACP-X, or whatever mine was.

Although mine's a lot smaller~ and sexier. Whee~
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I think it's a decent deal, although I don't usually shop for cameras.. but given that it has 64 MB (not much, but enough to take.. several shots in 640x480 res (26?), webcam functionality... it might be decent. Especially since a webcam can cost you about that much. The quality's probably low, and the battery might be questionable.

Mmm, no, it's not something I would buy, but... a gift, for a cheap webcam + camera... might be ok, for a less than technically inclined person, who wouldn't really need it for photography - it would be an upgrade of sorts from a cellphone cam ^^;
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5GB flash drive (at least I think it's a flash drive...) for 80 dollars. :D


Seagate, USB. Hm.. It might not be a flash drive, now that I think about it - it does say 3600 RPM, which... honestly isn't that fast. Most drives today run at 7200, if not more.

[edit] URL cut. Stupid wrapping.
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Memorex 1GB USB 2.0 TravelDrive for $35 shipped after rebate
Matched on subscription to category "USB pen drives"

Buy.com offers the Memorex 1GB USB 2.0 TravelDrive, model
no. 32509060, for $54.99 with free shipping. A $20 mail-in
rebate cuts the total price to $34.99. That's $12 under our
last mention and the lowest total price we've seen for a
Memorex-brand USB flash drive since August. Deal ends
December 19.

Click here for updates or to snap up this deal now:

Not bad.

And please bear with me. With the onset of finals so quickly after a nasty pack of hour exams and final projects, I will be more or less slightly crazy for the next two weeks.
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The timberland one is especially useful, and I really want to pick up this bag, 'cause my current one has had resewing added to it on both sides now, and the metal clips on the sides have worn off more than halfway. I've added metal putty patch crap, along with electrical tape, to halt the grinding away for now, but it'll break eventually. I just don't know when.

And that coupon drops the final price down to 'bout $45, from $70. Which is awesome. Stupid $2~ tax. Rawr, you.


I've been pondering a possible way to make money. You know how we have 'bout 2-5K credit lines on our credit cards? If you could somehow turn this into real money, then transfer it over to ingdirect for a while (I'm under the impression that interest accrues daily..? Someone correct me if I'm wrong.), or use it to buy some more active stock, like apple or google and let it sit for a month... then use it to pay off the credit cards...

Or, maybe, if someone will loan me $100,000 to invest in apple... :D Given the fact that it's december, with iPods, I think it'll go up, maybe at least 8%? (random number, don't quote me on that. But I've had a 67% increase over 'bout 8-10 months, giving me 1000, from the initial 600 I invested, purchased twice over that time period.) And, you know, 8% is like, 8,000. :D Which would be enough to pay the rent for a year.

"Mmm, hi, bank person, wanna lend me 100K for a month? No, I'm just a student, and I don't really have a job, or any way to pay you back... so erm.. ^^;; please?"
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Wacom Graphire3 4x5 USB Tablet for $60
Matched on subscription to keyword "wacom"

JR.com offers the Wacom Graphire3 4x5 USB Tablet in Pearl,
model no. CTE430PE, for $59.88 with $5.95 shipping. That's a
$10 cut and the lowest total price we've seen. The Graphire3
includes software and both a pen and mouse.

Click here for updates or to snap up this deal now:

Interesting, second time in a few months of seeing the graphire go for this cheap. First time was at Best Buy...
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Kingston 1GB CompactFlash card for $33 shipped after rebate
Matched on subscription to vendor "Buy.com"

Buy.com offers the Kingston 1GB CompactFlash card for $47.95
with free shipping. This 10% off coupon for new customers
and $10 mail-in rebate cut it to $33.15. That's a $2 cut and
the lowest total price we've ever seen for this card. Rebate
ends October 22.

Click here for updates or to snap up this deal now:

Granted, you need to be a new customer, and then mess with the mail-in rebate, but.. yeah.
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4 GB for 87.90, here.

So, right now, in terms of flash drive storage prices:
4 GB = 88. [edit, you can get 5 GB for $86: here]
1 GB = 38. [edit, $33 is the current lowest]
512 MB = 19.
258- MB = free to 5 dollars.

The 1 GB and the 512 ones can be found at eCost, I believe. Or maybe some other places. Mind, this is size in general, type not considered. USB flash drives tend to be slightly more expensive for the 1 GB / 512 sizes, since more people buy those. But if you go for SD cards, or CompactFlash, you should be able to find them at those prices above.

It's a sign of things to come~ expect more price falling.
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$25 for 100, with free ground shipping. Include the coupon code "Bensbargains", and you'll get 10% off that, so it comes to a total of $23.
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Buffalo 250GB USB 2.0 Hard Drive for $100 after rebates
Matched on subscription to category "USB hard drives"

Fry's Outpost.com offers the Buffalo 250GB USB 2.0 Hard
Drive, model no. HD-HB250U2, for $159.99. Mail-in rebates of
$30 and $30 cut it to $99.99. (One of the rebate links is
currently broken, however, you can visit this link to have
the rebates sent in the mail.) With about $8 shipping, it's
the lowest total price we could find by $64. This drive runs
at 7200 rpm. Rebates end September 30.

This is probably the cheapest I've seen for an external drive of this size...
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Mini refrigerator/microwave bundle for $100
Matched on subscription to vendor "BestBuy.com"

BestBuy.com offers the Haier 1.8 cubic foot refrigerator
bundled with the Goldstar compact microwave for $99.99. We
couldn't find this bundle for less if purchased separately
elsewhere. The fridge features a slide-out wire shelf and a
half-width freezer compartment with ice tray, while the
microwave sports ten power levels and auto defrost. Shipping
adds $54.72, or order it online for in-store pick-up. Offer
ends July 30.

Click here for updates or to snap up this deal now:

- No, I don't actually know if this is really cheap, but it should be pretty cheap... o.O I think... ^^;;

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