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Wii SNES9X prompted me to download an update today. That was nifty. I love it when apps do this, especially ones where updating manually would be a hassle. Props to the developers.


So uh. I'm supposed to have Limited Basic and Economy Internet (1.5 Mbps down, 300 Kbps up).

But I apparently have Expanded Basic, which gives me all the nifty things like Cartoon Network (which I don't watch), Sci-Fi (whee!), TNT (Movies, whee!), and Discovery/Learning Channel (How It's Made! MWAHAHA!).

All for $24.95. With the possibility of $200 in rebates coming back, although I don't care all that much about the rebates. Someone needs to remind me to bring the guy that set me up with this deal a box of chocolates...
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So I've beaten Bowser for the last time in Super Mario Galaxy, and the credits are scrolling.

I kinda wonder how this would look on a bigger monitor - I played the entire game on my single-audio-channel, free TV I found on the side of the street. It's decent enough, but... it's not large and awesome.

There's still a few galaxies I haven't unlocked yet, but.. eh, meh.
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Random news link: http://www.wiiware-world.com/news/2008/11/nicalis_interview_cave_story

Cave Story, if you guys don't know, is a side-scrolling 8-bit freeware PC game.

They're aiming for a holiday release (this year). W00t! Homepage: http://www.cavestorywii.com/

Wikipedia link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cave_Story
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I have the SNES9X emulator running on my wii, courtesy of SNES9X GX and the Wii Homebrew Channel.

So what does this mean?

I can run Chrono Trigger. And Super Mario RPG...

Man, this brings back memories. Time to try running Mega Man and some other things...
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It's not a 100% competition, I'm missing 3 hearts still (I'm assuming both two rows should have the same number of hearts), and only got 43 Poe souls.

And there's a lot of treasure chests I haven't opened, mostly because I consistently had all the rupies I could carry.

Honestly, I'd say this game was easier than the other Zelda game I've played to the end - Then again, the SNES one gave me more issues probably because I was younger and really bad at running around and stabbing things.
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This game annoys me so much.

It's absurdly easy to go from 1st to 10th within a second, a tiny bit before the finish line.

Granted, it's also possible to go from 8th to 1st within a second, turning a solid 8th through the entire track to a "WTF? I made first!?".

And given that I kinda need first on all four tracks to even make a star rank (required for unlocking some things), it's pretty frustrating when my 1st place vanishes moments before the finish line, because of some retarded flying blue shell of doom. Or someone behind me grabbing a mushroom or a star. Or even the flying bullet of awesomeness, which I've used myself to score a 1st from a 12th.

But yeah, I've still got 9 characters to unlock and goodness knows how many karts and bikes. Also haven't unlocked mirror mode either. :P
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Bunny bowling. I am beyond amused. (although Wii Sports bowling is much, much better in terms of controls). This game would be much more hilarious if there were more people here with me though. XP

Also, the bunnies have turned my toilet into a throne. And wallpapered my cell with a hideous green-with-pink-flowers. Almost there...

Game beaten. That was fun. Decently satisfying, like finishing a mediocre fantasy novel.

Play time, according to the Wii log: 10 hours. Although that includes time with the game left on pause while I answered questions about our new camcorder and talked to my dad about the possibilities of getting a NAS vs. Airport Extreme to use as a networked drive. So probably more like 8 hours? o.O Kinda long... Music was good though. And all the challenges/minigames have been unlocked, as far as I know. There's bonuses to unlock, but I'm not going to do those today, obviously.
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Was quite saddened to find that there was no way to just download someone else's internet channel, load it onto an SD card, and copy it onto my wii.


Oh well, only $5, right? And now I can watch youtube videos on the really large screen. :)

Meebo loads, but it doesn't let me click anywhere. Javascript issue, methinks?
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I watched Avenue Q here at the Hippodrome in Baltimore with Ting, Simpson, my cousin and his fiance.

It was awesome. With much laughing. And it's also nice to know how the songs fit together now - I had guessed how the stories might have been, but I was wrong in a few places. Puppets were cool. Puppet sex... kinda odd. Stage design was not particularly awesome, at least not compared to, say, Wicked. Granted, I was also sitting in one of the $30 (actually $40) dollar seats, on the third floor. Which made seeing kinda hard-ish.

But it was still very, very awesome. Yay for last minute plans to see it.

Saw Sweeny Todd today, and amazingly, they kept with the plot, and included almost all of the songs* - mind, I haven't listened to the entire soundtrack for a while now, and I've only seen one stage production by WST, I think it was. The movie definitely had a lot of blood. And... I don't know, overall, it was much better than I expected. Despite knowing what was going to happen, I still cringed at the deaths. And the blood.

And, after randomly deciding that we should get a Wii, much thanks to my cousin and his fiance, I (very) randomly came across a Wii at Target. Yay for Wii in stock! Played the included Wii Sports, and borrowed two extra controllers from our neighbors, so the entire family could play.. kinda. But it too, is the awesome. I think it's going to stay at home though, seeing how I'll be a senior, and we have no TV in our apartment. Now we just need to get some good party games (although I think my parents will be fine with Wii Sports) and extra controllers. I kinda want to check online for the downloaded old games. That'd be kinda cool... although it would mean having to buy a handheld controller thingie.

2007 is almost over. Somehow, this is a bit sad.

*Unlike the Golden Compass, which was also pretty, but a painful disappointment in the movie industry.

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