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Yes. Snow. After nearly a week+ of lovely t-shirt & shorts weather.
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Hehe. Pretty snow.

I <3 pretty snow.
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All of my non school activites have been canceled as well, so I'll be staying home for the entire day. As a result, don't expect any musicals to be posted today.

Will also take pictures. Well, kinda. It's really hard to get good pictures of snow.
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Time to sleep a bit more and catch up on schoolwork.

Yes, school closed on account of 6-8+ inches of snow overnight, with an estimated foot more to come.


Seems maryland schools were silly and let school open anyways. And then announced an early closing.

On a side note:
Dear Chancellor Richard Herman,
Please send out the massmail regarding class cancelations prior to 8 AM. Some of us actually do have, and do attend, our early morning classes, and would have found it more than helpful to have been notified more than 5 minutes before 9 that classes were canceled.


(Yes, I trudged through the snow to the nearest intersection to wait for the bus. And stood there for a good five minutes before being informed by a passing car that classes were canceled. Doh.)
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And just when the streets were all cleaned and relatively nice to bike around in.

Come on, mother nature, show me what Illinois used to look like. Show me the multiple feet of snow I've heard about from my parents.

Show me the crystallized H2O!
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Prediction as of this morning was for 4-5 inches. But it's still going. Almost blizzard-like.

It's completely white outside - I guess it's too cold for them to use chemicals to keep the pavements completely clear.

I've been biking around in the snow, 'cause I'm not wearing boots and really don't want to get my socks wet. And it's still faster than walking. It's a bit hard in patches of snow as deep as my shoe. Impossible in ones deeper. But just slightly difficult in stomped on areas. That, and it's fun. It requires more control on the bike, and being able to readjust when you lose full control over a wheel after hitting a higher patch of snow.
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I snorted a snowflake today.
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But unfortunately, there is high wind, and the snow is flying sideways.

And there's not all that much on the ground. Accumulate faster, damn you. ::wants lot of pretty snow::

This is definitely not biking weather. Guess bussing shall be the order of the day. Ugh.

But w00t, snowing~


Dec. 8th, 2005 05:02 pm
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There's large conglomerations of kids on the quad, running snowball fights every so often. It's so amusing to sit and watch these large clusters run into each other, screaming, with snow flying all over the place.


Dec. 1st, 2005 09:49 am
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Whee, there's snow on the ground!

...this makes going to the hour exam even less appealing now.

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