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Are we really surprised about this? o.O We've always known that SSNs are allocated by states:
http://www.ssa.gov/history/ssn/geocard.html - hell, the government tells us what the next two numbers are likely to be.

And if you know the order that the last four digits are assigned, then knowledge of their birthday and birth time, along with the knowledge of the number of surrounding birth times could give you a good guess as to what someone's SSN might be. :P
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In short, modifying the html form to add the iPhone 3GS to your cart directly...

Price is $599 though, and not the subsidized $199.

In fact, it would be cheaper to get the AT&T deal and cancel after one month. $199 + $175 cancelation + $36 activation + $70 first month contract?

The only question is whether or not the unsubsidized iPhone is locked to AT&T... and whether this would be covered by warrantee...
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javascript:list = document.getElementById('friend_add_main').parentNode.childNodes;for(var i=1; i<list.length; i++) { id = list[i].id.substr(11); CSS.removeClass($("addToFLRequests_"+id), 'addToFLRequests_Hidden');document.getElementById("add_to_friend_list_widget_select_"+id).selectedIndex = 1;document.getElementById("add_to_friend_list_widget_select_"+id).onchange();handle_request_click("friend_add", id, "accept");} This, like the all-in-one-step listed here: http://ibneko.livejournal.com/740242.html, adds each request into the first friend list (if you want the second friends list, change ".selectedIndex = 1" to ".selectedIndex = 2". Third list, do 3, etc.), then confirms each person as a friend.
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Apparently my MacBook Pro has a LG GSA-S10N running firmware AP09.

And there's no region free firmware patch for it yet.


I've got... 4 region changes left, according to DVD Info X.

Going to explore my other options first though*. And grrr, rpc1.org site is offline / down / otherwise unavailable.

-class computer lab has a few external DVD drives, 'cause we needed to install linux, and the distro came as a DVD, and the blade servers we got to play with only had CD drives.
-homebuilt desktop computer. Don't know if it's region free right now. :\ Disadvantage of that is that I'll need to find good DVD ripping software for windows. Anyone have any suggestions?

W00t, lab external usb DVD drive appears to work.

From what I'm reading, there's some sort of RPC2 Auto Reset patch. And maybe there's a RPC1 patch, but I'm not sure about that.
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Processing Key?
09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0
http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?p=952954#post952954 / http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?p=952968#post952968
[ top of the thread ]

News post on the Register: http://www.theregister.com/2007/02/14/aacs_hack/ ...
Forum participants continue to debate the implications of arnezami's handiwork. What's known for sure is that his hack unlocks the encryption used to protect content on every Blu-ray and HD DVD disc released to date. Several participants have downplayed the significance of the discovery, reasoning that it could be undermined in the future if the keys are changed or revoked.

Yeah, uh, I haven't been following the news/details on how the encryption works, so uh... don't ask me. (That's why things have "?" after them - I'm not entirely sure of my terminology or if things really are hacked...)
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...gets major points for being one of the most amusing (in the perverted and proud of it sorta way) anime series I've seen.

Oh, the elephants.

And the most recent episode ending has been redone as a parody of the usual endings. Here's someone else's post on it, including a youtube clip: http://www.makenaidesuwayo.com/2006/08/02/inukami-18/

Why isn't there a way to transfer credit on my credit cards into uh, money into a bank account? >.>

(actually, no, I suppose there is a way... I could buy sharebuilder gift certificates... apply them to my own account, withdraw the money to the desired bank account, let it accrue interest for nearly two months before I pay off the credit card using that bank account. Alternatively, not as safe, would be to buy stocks and sell in one-and-a-half months, but that's much riskier. Although if the amount you're working with is large enough, the return might be worthwhile. The only problem is: it's a bit of work, and I think I might look kinda suspicious after a while...) ::v. silly, probably:: It would mean about an extra $6 to $20 per month, depending on the amount of money abused ($1000-$5000).
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Things are going well, although I'm still behind schedule in terms of work that needs to get gone.

But last night, I found MacKrack =^^= listed here: http://members.lycos.co.uk/hardapple/audit.html

And used it to crack a randomly password encoded dmg, jng132.dmg for anyone trying to google the password for the torrent. Password is 'stw', without the quotes.

Pretty spiffy... aww, I should have written down the time it took to find the password. Poop.

Back to coding now...

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