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I'm looking for a MacOS X app from... long ago. It let you draw all over the screen with your mouse, and leave, essentially, little notes or snippets of text that could be set to float above all other windows and stuff. Or just float above your desktop.

Found it. I think. Looks different than what I remembered, but, eh... it's called the "Ultimate Pen": http://www.snowmintcs.com/products/ultimatepenmac/

Wait... no, the one I used to have is called Desktastic: http://www.panic.com/desktastic/

Yep, that's the one. Although Ultimate Pen isn't too bad either...

Yep, definitely Desktastic. Still had a random list of binary from a while back. Eh, but Ultimate Pen is better, I think. Desktastic keeps me from reaching the desktop while it's open (I think..), has limited colors, and doesn't seem to support pen pressure all that well...

[keywords for google searches... Float, desktop, draw, sketch, macosx]
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Mac OS X v10.4.7 is now available and addresses the following

stuff it changes )
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I was getting a "(no picture)" message in Safari windows in place of streaming content after upgrading to QuickTime 7.1. This makes the trailers site truly depressing, I'll tell you what! A quick search found this article on MacFixIt regarding some sound issues, and a reply by a user named Swift2 with a comment and a fix for the issue I was having.

It turns out that the latest version of VLC wants to install a web plug-in, and if you let it do so, it will cause this problem. To solve the problem, just remove VLC Plugin.plugin from /Library/Internet Plug-Ins, then relaunch your browser.

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So, of the various plugins listed at http://pimpmysafari.com/, I now have:

Saft, full version. Gives me session saving support (w00tage. no more OMG, I just accidentally quit out of Safari and lost TWO whole windows of tabs that I was working on / reading.)

I don't know if it saves all the tabs in multiple windows though... need to test that.

PDF Browser Plugin and Word Browser Plugin. Yay, I can view PDF and Word now, la la~

Taboo which prompts me before I kill off Safari / close a window with multiple tabs.

DownloadComment so the internet location of a downloaded file gets placed into the comments of the file.

GrowlSafart - emits growl notifications when downloads finish, and when RSS feeds are updated.

Safari Extender tab saving abilities in the contextual menu... may not use this over time... ^^;;

SafariStand allows for editing source code and instant refreshing. I think. Although that might be something else that's giving me that ability.. ^^;;;

Safari Enhancer to enable the debug menu and disable the cache...

AcidSearch for uh... I don't know what it does anymore. I think it sits in the Google search bubble thing and annoys me a bit once in a while when I press down... ^^;;

Fiwt find as you type. Good stuff. Lacks a GUI config window, but hey, it works, so I'm not complaining.

Sogudi - not sure what it does....

SafariSource - enables syntax coloring... and possibly editing.. .hum.

WebDevAdditions enables options for web developers.... 'cept I don't know what it does yet. heheheh.....

Of all of the above, I think Saft and SafariStand will be the most useful. Possibly one of the source-editing-things too. Not much else though...
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As noted in this post here:
archived )

I'm having the problem as well.

He noted Quicksilver. Which is one possibility, as quicksilver has recently crashed on my system. I have not run InDesign CS2, although I have run Photoshop CS2.

I can't find anything else on Google. But this post is googlable, so if you come across this issue, and then find a solution, come tell me, and I'll spread the word. Please? :D

Oh, as a side note, killing Finder and starting it again doesn't fix the issue. I'm going to start killing other things...
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It's interesting... BSSIDs appear to be clustered around certain things, sometimes.

Like, there's a large cluster of 00:13:10 (linksys?) and 00:13:46 and 00:14:BF (also linksys?). There's a few 00:12:88 and 00:0F:B5 and 00:09:5B (netgear?)

then there's SilverWirelessNetworks, our local expensive 'wireless' ISP. Which is all centered around 00:02:6F:05.
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As it says, it makes a mac into a netboot server.

I see no uses for this at the moment though.. Don't have enough systems locally to need netbooting.

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