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Just finished watching Kill La Kill (24 episodes). I loved it and would highly recommend it for the crazy over-the-top action, crazy comedy (there were at least 5-10 episodes where I started laughing out loud). It reminds me a bit of Gurren Lagann which took mecha anime and then went to the absolute extreme, but instead of mecha, this was the magical girl transformation stuff. (And as such, stupid amounts of fanservice. Maybe to the point where they're parodying fanservice.) Loved the soundtrack as well.
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13 episodes. Shoujo series - relatively standard plotline with a poor girl that loses her home and ends up living at a shine. It caught my eye because one of the characters had animal ears. ^^; I'm a sucker for that.

But, all in all, it was quite good. Heck, I'd say I'd even consider watching it again, maybe. It's directed by Akitaro Daichi who also did Jubei-chan and Fruits Basket. It's really quite well done - bits of humor, bit of romance, all spaced out enough so you're never really stuck on one emotion for too long.

I kinda wanna read the manga now.

As the favorable review at http://psgels.net/2013/01/03/kamisama-hajimemashita-review-84100/ notes, it would have been even better as a 26 episode series.

Nyan Koi!

Oct. 7th, 2009 01:45 am
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Is definitely on my list of series to watch.

There's cats. That's it.

Also, I need a dreamwidth client. Ideally one that'll take care of crossposting elsewhere too.

Hell, I need a client that'll let me post updates to dreamwidth, crosspost to LJ (or rely on Dreamwidth to do the crosspost), then summarize it to a tweet with optional Facebook status updates.

Come now, I'm sure there's one somewhere... maybe an Adobe AIR application?


Oct. 1st, 2009 02:24 am
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... was an awesome series. And now, bed for me.
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SF Pride 2009 was pretty awesome. I saw lots of guys and girls that could have been wearing more and some that could have been wearing less (take it ooffffff~). Leather Alley was interesting.

Also, I managed to use up an entire camera battery charge and started into my backup. And filled up an SD card with pictures from the parade. Probably overkill, really. I think there's, oh, around 600-800 pictures. And numerous movie clips.

But I don't have images for you, so instead, you'll have to experience the amusement I felt when poor Ed and Al caught a rabbit to survive and were faced with the prospect of killing it for food (sorry [profile] porsupah):

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Just occurred to me that I haven't mentioned this. Season 2 of Full Metal Alchemist has started.

Thus far it's all flashbacks though...
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Notably, best episode where said crack still progressed the plotline.

Seriously? Was not expecting what I saw, yet was trying not to laugh my head off and wake the neighbors.

Yet it all made sense. Kinda.
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It's a harem anime setting: one guy with a number of girls that are interested in him.

But the girls are all aware of each other's feelings, and they're all nice girls who care about their friends, so... nothing works out. At least nothing is working out yet. I'm not sure which pairing I want to vote or either...

:: mutters::
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Anti-F.L.E.I.J.A System

Trans phased break effect : started
Hyper timeline synchronizing rate : stabilized
Dimension transfer control >>> driving system device: loading now
Space layer suppressor over gain effect >>> started
Holo-structual gauge effect >>> confirmed

Quantum threshold peak breaking point >>> setting now
Power usege approaching >>> complete
Full oscillation diagram control driver >>> loading now
Deep grid fused logic translator >>> assembling now
Realtime source-code overwright >>> active

Yes, it actually said overwright. ^_^
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39 episode series. Not bad, but not too deep. Pretty much watched the entire thing on 3x speed, because there's just not that much to it. It's a kiddy show, aimed at little girls. You know, those stories where love, friendship, and kindness solves everything?

Does have the nice thing of pulling fairy tales together, but it's not really emphasized. The only reason I finished watching it was for the cat.

Formulas used:
-Magical Girl
-"Sent to another world"
-Love conquers all
-Friendship conquers all
-Kindness is stronger than evil
-Girls fighting over one guy
-Hate and anger creates visible evilness / mutation to evil
-Useless supporting character who's only goal is to yell out the main character's name
-Tomgirl role
-Spoiled Princess role
-"There's good and love in everyone." sez the main character. Well, except for the main evil boss.
-Less evil characters turn good.
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While waiting for my linux kernel to compile, I finished watching the final episodes of Kekkaishi (52 episodes) and Wolf and Spice (or is that Spice and Wolf...?) (13 episodes).

Both are highly recommended.

Anyhow, final debugging test, then I'm going to bed. Didn't mean to stay up until 5 AM. Meep.
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Oh, this is interesting.

"When a person lies, what's important is not the subject of the lie, but the reason behind his lie."

Also, this anime rocks. There's stuff to learn. Economics and interesting market forces regarding currency and other little tricks of trading and bartering~
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I'm pre-registered.

There's 3 hours left before pre-registration ends and the price goes from $50-$60. Hum....
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Ah~ so cool. Brief overview of the series:

The internet/virtual information space has been merged with the real world, and can be interfaced through glasses that one wears. There also appears to be some physical interfacing, although it's not too clear how it works. But it's so cool~ ::squee:: I want to be surrounded by the internet, be able to program all sorts of spiffy things (heh, physical "firewalls", small assistant helper fuzzballs, virtual pets, etc.) and make them "show up" around me.

Would be feasible, I suppose, although it would be hard to generate a virtual->physical response, ie, touching a virtual dog. But that aside... the way I would imagine it working would be:
-A server controlling a chunk of physical space. The physical space would be replicated as the same virtual image as necessary.
-You, wearing your own set of glasses, would have a virtual image that could interact with other virtual objects. Ah, imagine the ease of changing virtual outfits~
-Objects you create in the virtual world can be shared, since it would just be passed up to the server, then handed to to whoever you're handing it to.
-Everything would be networked wirelessly~ yay!
-Recharging would have to be done sometime. But if they could last at least 20 hours, you may be good. Just recharge when you go to sleep.
-Glasses would require some sort of camera. This would feed to the server, 'causing the virtual space to update as the physical world changes.
-The camera would also double to recognize your hands, allowing you to use "gestures" to do things, including summoning a virtual keyboard to type away on. May get tiring after a while, but eh, not much anyone can do about it, right?
-Would be nice if brain interfaces worked too - code without hands!


Apr. 18th, 2007 10:50 pm
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That was a tasty break from studying. A brief anime movie that poked the separation between dreams and reality. Although I can't really say what exactly happened... still not entirely sure myself. But it's highly recommended, so if you happen across a copy, pick it up and watch it.

rambling, possibly incoherent summary and possible spoilers )
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File Name: [SS-Eclipse] Hayate no Gotoku! - 01 (XviD) [3D0FA805].avi
File Size: 171 MB
Download Link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/zuoafb

File Name: [SS-Eclipse] Hayate no Gotoku! - 02 (XviD) [BF0A8D54].avi
File Size: 171 MB
Download Link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/pbrqkx

Because it is an awesome series. And people should watch it. Yepyep.
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::winces:: the Preview just doesn't do the manga justice.

Oh well. Here it is, for anyone who wants it (mind, it's kinda large, at 40 MB or so, and I don't feel like converting it.


Nope, the anime (watched episode 1) is probably as good as the manga. Good stuff.
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That's the teaser and preview for the short series Byousoku 5 Centimeters. Previously mentioned here: http://ibneko.livejournal.com/624949.html
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Oh, here's an anime series that might be worth buying.


Of quiet love, separation... At least, the graphics and the music's really pretty. Um. Will upload the teaser/trailer tomorrow, maybe, If I remember. 'cause those were pretty. The episode that's been subbed... eh... I dunno. I want to watch it in DVD quality - that would be nice, only 'cause... so pretty.

Thus far, in episode 1, thus far, it's been all? internal dialogue and flashbacks.

Ok, was, for a little be more than half.

:: siiiighs~::
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Origin: Spirits of the Past (Gin-iro no Kami no Agito). Movie by studio GONZO, 1:34:15 long (according to the ureshii sub anyways...)

I dunno. It's graphically very, VERY impressive. I guess it's mostly the attention to detail, and some nicely done CG (exploding moon).

But the plot was only so-so. I don't know. spoiler-ish ) And the flashbacks at the beginning were also kinda confusing as they were somewhat out of order...

:: shrugs:: it's good, if you want to watch something graphically pretty, and short.

3. 25. 15. 21. 23. 1.

Some things still don't make too much sense though. Like the explosions on the earth before the "dragon"-plants hit? Or were the experiments going on on the earth too?

And superhuman-ness? Kinda weird. It took away from the story, I think. Would definitely have benefitted from a bit of extra time, maybe for character development.

And why wasn't she wearing any pants while in status?

Genre/Catagories: Nature vs. Humanity, Science fiction, hero with added powers rescues a girl.
Grade: C

Akahori Gedou Hour Rabuge:
13 episodes. I previously mentioned it here: http://ibneko.livejournal.com/607061.html. If you're interested, read the summary there.

Genre/Catagories: Humor, magical girls, mecha, more humor.
It's... probably a B. It's amusing and it's unique.

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