Jan. 20th, 2009 02:40 am
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"When I was younger, I used to believe that each star in the sky was someones soul mate... and that a falling star meant that one was coming to find their true love. I remember I used to spend countless evenings out under the stars because I thought if I just wished hard enough... mine would finally fall to me.

It's silly... and I know better now. But on nights like this I wonder if somewhere out there someone is wishing for me..."
-DMFA, #965 (if link doesn't work, it's because a new comic isn't out yet. Hit instead.)
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I had missed you for so long, and I merely could not see the light until I first got past the dark.


Sep. 24th, 2007 02:04 am
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Spiffy. Read about Polyphasic sleep, which would mean I'd have a 22 hour day. That would rock, if it worked. But it sounds dangerously unhealthy...

Man, what I'd do for more time. What I'd do with more time...
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xkcd, you LIE! You lie! There is magic, and people do love me, and, and, and, and... =T.T= ~sniffles~

On the brighter side, I offer you, question of "Can a sandwich eat itself?":
[ source | ]

As well as that other question, "who would win, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or the Power Rangers?"
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"Cat Proximity"

So, given that I'm half-cat, does that put me in a perpetual state of stupidity+inane statements?

It's quite true though. I got a voice message from earlier yesterday (eeeep, still haven't called back) from home that involved, I think, my dad trying to convince the cat to meow to me over the phone. And that was the entire message.

Thinking back, I should have kept the message.

(heh. Cat. Pussy. Am amused. True, for most guys and some girls, anyhow.)
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"It's called 'FlashLARP PotterSpace.' Basically, a whole bunch of people congregate at a predetermind public location, act out scenes from the Harry Potter universe using foam weapons and then disperse."
- Questionable Content:

'cause that would be SO AWESOME.

Someone needs to get in touch with Improv Everywhere [ ] to see if they'll do the idea. Mmm, actually, I'll submit something via their online form...

And this makes the third google result for "FlashLARP" or "FlashLARP PotterSpace" :D


Dec. 29th, 2006 12:38 pm
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Fur-Piled updated. (taps [ profile] porsupah)
...A nice bit of obvious wisdom there.

This Means War (HP fanfic):
...Yes, that would be the last chapter, part 1 of 3, hence 10a. 10b and 10c have not been released yet.

[edit] moved things around a bit to make a bit more sense.
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"Just what this world needs... another hyper-mature kid who's already burnt out. No wonder Tim sent her to me. I'm the fucking expect on the subject... Don't show emotions, don't let others get too close, and never let your guard down. That was what I told myself.
You see, if you build a wall and keep people out, then they can't get inside and hurt you. However, if no one can get in, you can't develop meaningful relationships with others. Your self-defense system backfires. By protecting yourself from harm, you wind up injuring yourself. Loneliness rots you from the inside out."
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Hee. Am amused.

Comments are good too. Notably the ones start down the path of:
"There's a weapon of mass destruction... in my pants."
...rofl, like it!
.......Well if the officer is good looking enough I'm sure we can come to a plan on how to disarm it.

I heart the internet. Mmm, need more pervy friends.
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There's an update! Squee! (145-157)

The recent sluggy(permlink + the next page together...) confuzzles the bejezezus out of me...

And I have to say I'm jealous (permlink. I want to be able to summon friendly tentacles that... taste like orange cream. ^^;; and milk tea.

And oh squee~ top-half-naked guy in seraph-inn. He's not that hot though, but err, Asheron's expression is beautiful.


Nov. 24th, 2005 12:20 am
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Whee~ There's 7 more pages of Fur-Piled out!

And you know, I need an entry of all the webcomics that I follow, so I can refer back to this entry when I can't access my bookmarks. (Yeah, I should just use delicious, but I'm too lazy to do that organization. That'll have to wait for another dayperiod of procrastination.)

So, without further ado, the strange things I read:
Okashina Okashi - Strange Candy - pervy, humor, etc. There's a tentacled creature, what more can you ask for? =^.-=
Tsunami Channel - was cute at points, although there hadn't been posts for a long while, although it looks like he's coming back. From CMU, I believe.
Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki - crossing a magical girl with a guy, you get... a magical guy. ^^;;
Bowspirit's Aim - [ profile] xella's webcomic, currently on hiatus.
9thElsewhere - to quote the top of the page: "the story of an unhappy girl and her oddball muses trapped in a dreamscape"
MegaTokyo - If you don't know what MegaTokyo is, well... erm... you're not online enough.
Herd Thinners - Updated daily (yay!), 'bout an alternate world of furries. Often geeky, which is nice.
Sluggy Freelance - Also updated daily. Also been running for quite a long time now (just like herd thinners... which I didn't exactly mention up there.)
Neko The Kitty - Currently on hiatus, I think?
Catharsis - Updated... daily? 'bout a girl, her pet dragon, a squirrel, and fuzz balls. Oh, and funny talking cherries in loincloths.
Anime Arcadia - Humor, I wish I was that guy. I want a catgirl. or cat. Or erm. Anyways....
Fur-Piled - furry, updated.. erm, occasionally.
Better Days - A more serious comic, the lives of two kittens (er, furries, yes) growing up.
Grand Blue Door - occasionally updated. That aside... erm, I dunno. It was going somewhere, but I've forgotten.
AppleGeeks - updated every monday and thursday, 'bout well.. Apple Geeks. :D Humor.
Drowtales - Can I just say fantasy, and leave it at that? It's also more serious...
The Seraph Inn - Awesomely drawn webcomic, with a plot. Has elves, humans, and erm... a fuzzy creature that's oh so huggable. :D
Ctrl-Alt-Del - Humor, mostly.
Inherit the Earth - Erm, humans have died out, furries take over, and that's all I know. It's just starting, although updating slowly.
VG Cats - humor, mostly gaming humor.

(o.O wow, I read a lot..)


Sep. 5th, 2005 01:28 pm
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Yay~ #134-137 of Fur-Plied are out!

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