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"Cat Proximity"


So, given that I'm half-cat, does that put me in a perpetual state of stupidity+inane statements?

It's quite true though. I got a voice message from earlier yesterday (eeeep, still haven't called back) from home that involved, I think, my dad trying to convince the cat to meow to me over the phone. And that was the entire message.

Thinking back, I should have kept the message.

(heh. Cat. Pussy. Am amused. True, for most guys and some girls, anyhow.)
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So my job as CITES OnSite Services takes me to various houses. Today's client had two kitties~ =T.T= I want a cat! Or two...

They were rather thin though o.O I thought... at least compared to KitKat... (Sis' kitty~). Either way.. so cute..

I miss close companionship.

Yes, discombobulated thoughts. Mostly 'cause I've got other stuff running through my mind, like the ECE391 midterm tomorrow. And the MATH415 midterm friday morning (during class, but still.. 9 AM. =.= )

Oh, and ECE329 tuesday. I'm not going to the J-Net bar crawl monday night 'cause of that.

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