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Star Trek Movie really was good. The 95% on Rotten Tomatoes doesn't lie. Well, at least it was good for a non-trekie. Although part of me wonders how well messing with the past followed canon... although I suppose it it really messed things up, it wouldn't be so universally approved of and liked.

Also, I was surprised. It had managed to sell out at the IMAX theater I went to, so I ended up being lame and buying the 10:30 PM showing and running into the 7:10 showing that I originally planned for. The theater was so full, I was left sitting in the first row, left-most side, so my view was a bit limited by my range of vision. Sad.

To do:
-Pick health benefits and paperwork stupidness for work, since it's open enrollment again. They need to fix my last name too.
-Clean my room. It's messy.
-Sort, then post the pictures taken in Paris. There's nearly 1 GB / 200+ pictures per day... while it'll be fun, it'll pretty quickly get tedious. There's movies too, which will be trickier. Those might go onto facebook, or youtube first, then facebook? Paris pictures that don't have people in it will go onto LJ. If there's people, it'll be on LJ and on Facebook.
-Buy food. I do have enough food, but I should get some greens.
-Figure out plan for visiting girlfriend next weekend. It's memorial day weekend, so ticket prices are unhappy. And there'll be a portion of the weekend where people will be up in Chicago, so housing will be interesting.
-Watch some Push, Taken, Fast and Furious 4, The Pink Panther, and get caught up on Fringe
-Get caught up on anime... o.O
-Deal with any remaining quests in Fable II. Maybe kill off my family in there, go completely evil, or buy the few downloadable things. Although I'm not sure it'll be worth it. Pondering selling it for whatever I can get...?
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• Used Mac Mini, so I can have a portable, local server. (Rawr, belinda, if you're not using yours...). Expected cost $300-400 off eBay
• Projector, so I can enjoy the games I play (for work research, of course. Being in the game industry and all :P). Looking at the Panasonic PT-AX200U. Expected cost $1200
• XBOX 360. So I can finally play Halo 3 and Fable 2. Cost for system+game=$200~300 + $50 + $30? - $50 dollar Best Buy gift card from work.
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Okay. I might have been biting off more than I can chew.

-Warbook : 130 messages to get back to. Partially slowed down 'cause facebook is a fucking failure and finds it necessary to automatically block application creators if they send too many messages. And I really can't afford to have my facebook banned - Which means I need to figure out how to create a personal backup copy of the parts I can access, without triggering their anti-script system. Ideally, I should just find something that'll watch me surf the site, and log everything I download.
Maybe some sort of proxy cache...?

-GRE : I need to sign up and take the goddamn thing, and then actually apply to colleges and stuff..
-Valentines day : Blah.
-Host club : Next week, saturday... tch.. I'll get photos tomorrow, and then website will have to go up ideally, as soon as I get the photos.
-Japan night : Need a website for that too. We have no logo for me to work around though...
-EXPO : Blah, should give my resume to people too. Should prep for interviews, what?
-ECE443wtf? : I don't know what's going on in the labs. Not good.
-ECE442 : HW due friday
-NPRE402 : HW due M/W/Fs... I should work ahead, so this last minute shit stops.
-MATH415 : due... friday?

[edit] Ok, that's wrong. I can handle this, it's well within my abilities. I just need to focus a bit more, and organize. Or I need to slice up my time into smaller chunks and efficiently micromanage.

[edit 2] I also need to fix my sleeping schedule. I am sleeping at around 3-5 AM each day, getting up around 9. I would like my 8 hours of normal sleep, so I can pay attention in class without having to rely on my laptop to not fall asleep (and... not pay attention as a side effect of using said laptop.)

Food now. Need extra food for strength to stay up.
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I'm going to pick up Python (for Highbrow) and Ruby (for Warbook).

For python, I'm starting out by doing Project Euler.net: http://projecteuler.net/

That means for the next few days, you guys may be getting random notes from me regarding the strange things I encounter in the world of snakes and jewels.

Starting out with Python:
• print automagically adds a newline. Why?
(Also, slicing is kinda cool. I like the string_variable[4:9] notation..)
• Using commas to concat multiple things that aren't strings results in extra spaces. :/ Ick. Can turn it into a string by using str, or using printf style printing with %s, followed by %. Oh, perl, how you have spoiled me.
• The forced syntax based off of indenting and lack of semi-colon line-endings still bothers me. Suspect I'll get over it eventually... hopefully.
• Where's my +=...?
• And... I can't do i++ or i--? EHHH??!?!?

[edit #...6ish]
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:) I need to try that someday.
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Sorry, been neglecting livejournal. Am alive, am in Maryland, and will remain here until friday noon.

To do (over break, in order of importance * 1/time required):
-Pay bills, deposit check
-Senior Design Project
-Cram wordlists for GRE, register for GRE.
-Do something about important mail received while at school.
-Say hi to Freewebs, since they're giving me money...
-Try to de-stress a bit before the final rush of chaos at the end of the semester (two weeks of classes left!?)
-E-mail Bob Conrad/Union Multimedia Director for J-net Fashion Show
-Watch Stardust, Darker than Black, Seto no Hanayome, and a number of other things I'm snagging.

Have done:
-Watched Pan's Labyrinth. Pretty, but... a bit on the depressing side. And it seemed like it was going to be so much more...
-Finished Kaze no Stigma. Started out rather promising as a nice action series, but turned into a romance...wannabe.
-Witnessed slamming doors, falling blood, and a stage covered with... playground rubber?
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So much to do, and so little's getting done.
- Sell iBook on eBay. The wide spread of prices unnerves me - they range from a sorry $275 to $500+

- Mail off people's graduation presents. They're sitting on my desk, but... need to find box and post office and... mrf. Saturday, when places are open and I don't have work. It'll get to you guys, I promise! mailed saturday 7/21~ and shoved money into bank.

+ Sold Otakon badge. Earned $50 back, although $7 went towards parking. Should have parked at one of the street meters and walked, but... argh, DC and the stupid one-way streets. And I didn't know if the line to get my badge would be long.

- Need to study for GREs. Got books. They sit next to me on the floor, unopened. Have renewed them once. Ugh. Heck, probably ought to register for GREs too... then I'll have a deadline and motivation.

- Need to work on Highbrow.

- Need to work on the J-net website. I intend to make a new one, without someone else's layout this time.

- Probably ought to register for a citibank credit card and use the 0% APR balance transfer to pay off the macbook pro purchase for the time being...

- Need to drop one of the CS classes I'm planning on taking next semester. Yes, ECE office. Fuck you, and fuck your "friendly warnings". I know very well that what I'm registered for is bad - I'm not that stupid, you know. Not after multiple semesters of the same sort of not-so-goodness. (hate grades...)

- Never got a reply from the ALTIC teaching in China guy. John H. Am probably not going to post the materials he sent to me, since I don't have permission to do so, and as much as I'd like to help undo damage done in my doubting him, since he hasn't replied, and I'm not all that keen on providing bandwidth to someone who doesn't seem to care all that much (at least, not about those people who aren't actually interested in going on the trip themselves?). Obviously, I'm only important when I'm causing a fuss. Oh well.

- Need to sleep earlier. Instead of at 2 AM, like, 1 AM. =.=;; So I stop nodding off on the bus, generating painful neck cramps...

To do...

Jun. 19th, 2007 12:24 am
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-contemplate Otakon

-Making stuff for people

-Cleaning the room - I just killed one of those inch-long (large and dumb) mosquitoes, two beetles, one small bug, and... there's one silverfish is still in the room somewhere. It had the audacity to run across my desk, pause, then scurry away. WTF?! Don't know where it crawled off to... and I want to go to bed. >.< At least it doesn't fly? [edit] arrrgh, something just flew past my face. Where are these bugs coming from? They weren't here yesterday! Although it was absurdly humid and hot today... maybe they're seeking refuge.... =X.x=

-Find the other sort of ribbons... Hit two craft stores today, and neither stocked it. Ehhhh.... what kind of craft store are you guys? Oh well, employee of the second store said to hit the G street fabrics store. Buggers.

-Coding: HTML::PullParser. Need to get the correct RSS/Atom feeds. Regex just doesn't cut it.

-Work: Clock hours, now that I've finally been given the login and password and site. Here to hoping I'll see money soon. >.<

-Hmmm, by the end of the week, Mom will be in Taiwan. Sister will leave for strange medical camp in PA, and I'll be alone with Dad, until the end of the week, when we pick her up again, and then dump her at the airport so she can fly to the music camp. Quiet time. And a week after that, Dad will fly off to China, where Mom will meet up with him and they'll stay there for two weeks. Start planning for said two weeks? Mmm, one weekend to myself~ Hopefully. =^__^=

-Read books. La~ books.

-Kingdom Hearts~ =^^=
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...Good Lord, it's been a long time since I've listened to this.


Tuesday: J-net Barcrawl.
Thursday: ECE440 hour exam (oh fuck), ECE410 Biweekly Quiz (Oh fuck, again)
Friday: GER250 Final Essay Initial Draft due (8-13 pages)


I will face the hard and the difficult this week, test and papers, both school and extracurricular: they will be all around. But their numbers and the difficulties they pose does not mean I have to panic and stress. For my own part, I know my path; my ability enables me to get through this. My paw raised against this challenge, prepared to strike. I shall walk through this week as all other walk through their weeks, but seeing and knowing I am not alone, doing my duties as I should; taking one step at a time.

Silently shall I strive to go my way, as They do, doing my work unseen; the light needs no reminding by me of good deeds done by night. And in this long progress through all that is, though I will know doubt and fear in the strange places where I must walk, I will put these both aside, as the Oath requires, and hold myself to my work ... for if They and I together cannot mend what is marred, who can—?

I can.
I will.
I shall.

*This was from the meditation as recited by Rhiow, in one of Diane Duane's books, however, I modified the first bit. The second half (second paragraph here), I left as is.
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Yeah. Mmm, maybe a bit of a more substantial post when the floor stop spinning, I get some food in me, and finish unpacking.

I kinda want sleep too.

-New Years Party
-Karen's christmas story "challenge" thingie.. eh heh heh.
-LJ -> Xanga crossposter hasn't been running for way too long. Updates pending.

Vague announcements:
-I have a iPod Shuffle 2nd Gen. Total cost to me: $13, more or less. Expect pictures.
-The used iPod 3rd Gen that I got for free and fixed runs for a full 9 hours. Better than the expected time.
-I can issue Oink.me.uk invites again, since the remaining few days before the new year = only uploads counted, so ratio's been fixed and kicked into the green.
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Yeah. Time loss. I don't know where it went, although I do know: sleeping 10 hours was nice, and ece329 worries me already.

I have pixy stixs. Hehehe.

To do tomorrow:
Turn in homework, stay awake in class (nap midday will probably help), return ece329 book (still waiting for my own copy to come in the mail), physics homework, improv comedy watching, e-mailing tax crap, and something else non-...linear (currently still unspecified).

I need more exercise, of some sort. Or at least muscles need to be stretched.

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