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So I don't lose the stupid link. Rawr~

(I thought cookies were just sugar, flour, butter, and some heat. I didn't know the type of sugar, the type of flour, the kind of butter, and the amount of heat matter all that much...)
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....Don't taste like the yummy goldfish I used to remember. Trying to figure out if it's the "baked" part, or the "pizza" part.
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Marzetti's Asiago Peppercorn.

Not too sharp and annoying, but slightly spicy (peppercorn, wheeee)
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That was interesting.

"At the bottom of that range, a difference of just 5 or 10 degrees can mean the difference between juicy meat and dry, between a well-balanced cup of coffee or tea and a bitter, over-extracted one. And as every cook learns early on, it’s all too easy to burn the outside of a hamburger or a potato before the center is warm.

That’s the basic challenge: We’re often aiming a fire hose of heat at targets that can only absorb a slow trickle, and that will be ruined if they absorb a drop too much. Are you ever annoyed by pots that take forever to heat up, or frustrated by waiting for dry foods to soften? A kitchen that becomes hot enough to be a sauna? Big jumps in the utility bill when you do a lot of cooking? The problem, as you will notice if you pay more attention to your kitchen’s thermal landscape, even in terms of what you can feel, is how much heat escapes without ever getting into the food."

Very interesting. I think I learned something, although... I'll forget it soon, given the current time.
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Ate at Chili's - had a nice cajun steak with fries and potatoes. Didn't beat the cheesesteak I had in the airport. And I think that was cheaper overall too. Alas.

A few days ago, I started hearing odd squeaking noises from my pedals. Upon closer inspection, it appeared to be the ball bearing inside the crank. Then I noticed that the crank itself was getting rather loose - as in, I could rock the pedals back and forth, in a direction perpendicular to the way the bike travels. This was... somewhat disturbing. Since I have the cheap crap-bikes, it's only held on with a nut and a washer, and a rather odd-looking piece of metal that's shaped kind of like a really flattened funnel. I grabbed a large adjustable wrench from the IEEE lab (yay, the IEEE fees kinda.. almost... somewhat paid off? Meh, 'cept I don't keep said tools, and while I got access last semester, I didn't use the room at all) and unscrewed the bolt (it turns the not-normal way, btw. So Righty-Loosy, Lefty-Tighty) and looked inside. Found grease-covered ball bearings set in a donut that had holes for the bearings. Ick.

Anyways, tightened things up, and it worked pretty well for about a day and a half. Then the symptoms came back, worse than before. :P And it also vibrated madly, which made for an odd pedaling experience - almost as if I was pedaling a massage chair thing. Or standing on a large engine. Gave up, took the abandoned silver bike (missing the front wheel, and the back wheel was deflated) in the courtyard of our apartment building, and moved my seat, break pads, wheels, and pedals over to the silver bike frame.

So it rides pretty smoothly now. But I can't bike without using my hands - it has an annoying tendency to lean towards the left. T.T Annoying, grr.....
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Mmm. Too lazy to save images elsewhere and link properly.
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I made this: http://www.recipezaar.com/8384 (Scampi Style Chicken Thighs) today. It was... mediocre. :\ Oh well, it means I'll have leftovers and stuff for lunch tomorrow. Yay!


I found was-green-vegetables today, as I visited the fridge. If I didn't know better, it waved and winked at me, before I reached in, and exiled it to the trashcan.


Oh, yeah, and I beat Kingdom Hearts I. Total hours: around 40. Meep. Am looking at FFXII now. Unless anyone has any suggestions?

And now for a few completely different things...

By way of [livejournal.com profile] porsupah, http://www.furaffinity.net/view/249835/ (Image here, broken URL to ensure people don't click by accident: http://data.furaffinity.net/art/touchmybadger/ 1160527511.touchmybadger_mothafuknsextoy.jpg). No, it's not safe for work - It contains the words, "...Sex Toy!!!" and a very crudely drawn sex toy. No nudity though, just... improper usage of a sex toy. "I'm the dildo unicorn!". I snerked.)

reCaptcha: Translating books in captchas! A good idea, although I don't have anything that requires me using it. The perl module is here: http://search.cpan.org/dist/Captcha-reCAPTCHA/lib/Captcha/reCAPTCHA.pm

A few iPhone bits:
http://anderson-technologies.com/archives/5 (Mac iPhone Activation tool)
http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,1895,2155149,00.asp?kc=EWKNLEDP070607A (Eweek article reviewing the iPhone)
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So my weekend consisted of the first ever Google Games, a student-produced My Fair Lady, and good food (followed by a lot of talking~).

in detail... )


While looking for that language, I found the Shakespeare Programming Language:

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Trying to mimic the stuff you get in the instant frozen dinner anyhow.

Heated the Campanelle (which are not egg noodles, unfortunately). Set aside to cool / so I could use the pot to heat the sauce.
Mixed a can of cream of mushroom with half a cup of water and some chicken flavoring pellet thingies. Let that simmer/boil-ishness for a while. Added the thawed meatballs. Let it sit a bit longer until the stuff was decently thick.
Added a good heap of cream (the suggested amount was half a cup. I didn't measure, but I went for less). Turned down the heat. Stirred until the cream mixed into the sauce.
Poured over noodles and enjoyed. Yay!

Pretty good, yepyep. Could use some onion, maybe. And other herbs. I think dillweed? or something like that? was recommended by the package of frozen meatballs. :: shrugs:: Whatever, it's yummy. Takes about 20-30 minutes to prepare though. Possibly less, if you have thinner noodles.

Oh, yeah, and I found a better way of boiling the campanelle - we have a metal plate with holes in the middle that's supposed to be used in the steam cooker for rice - I took that, flipped it upside down, and put it in the pot. Using that meant the pasta didn't stick to the pot, since there was sufficient room for the water to boil and move the heavy pasta.

For my own record: that makes enough sauce to decently cover about 2/5 lb of uncooked campanelle. YMMV with more or less meatballs.....
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Note to self:
Do not get campanelle in the future (those funny things that look like flowers. They take too long to cook, and actually have to be stirred quite often in order to keep them from sticking to the pot ('cause they're too heavy, and the boiling water doesn't lift them up like it does for long, string-like pasta).

Stupid buy one get one free sale... now I've got 2- 1 lb. boxes to use up.
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Yep, have salad. Got one of those pre-mixed, pre-cut bags... 2 Lb, I believe, for about $3? And Aged Parmesan Ranch dressing from Marzetti.

So I have yummy salad now. Yay! Ok, we now return you to your regularly scheduled friends page...

...why do I keep spelling salad with an i? As in salid...?
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This isn't too bad. Frozen meatballs in some spaghetti sauce that has dried hot peppers topped with a slice of mozzarella cheese. Microwaved on medium for several minutes~ and tada, quick, warm, yummy snack with meat.

I think I added too much spaghetti sauce though.

Need to buy more frozen meatballs. Convenient little things.
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Yet another quick meal of macaroni and cheese, with the added difference of tuna (canned, tossed straight in and then warmed a bit) and frozen green peas (30 seconds in the microwave~).

And now, back to studying.


May. 5th, 2006 01:48 am
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Stupid Jewel brand mixed nuts lack walnuts. There's like... 2 walnuts thus far. T.T

I want more walnuts!!!

(is it possible to overdose on walnuts?)
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This is delightfully... interesting.

I love how this meal says "Turkey Meal", and underneath, in just slightly smaller letters, "Mostly White Meat"..

and then, "Turkey (Mostly White Meat)"

Should I worry 'bout what...I'm eating? o.O Mostly white meat.
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Rawr! I Be Powered by Sugar Cookies! Mwahaha. Warm ones too, just fresh out of the oven.

Nothing can stop me now! Aside from maybe a pillow, a bed, and warm comfy blankets. Or maybe my ECE210 text book.


...k, I'll stop now.
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It involved 'bout 6 pieces of lasagna noodle stuff, 3 slices of provolone, two sausages, and approximately an entire jar of Prego's Hearty Meat: Three Meat Supreme.

Heated the noodles (future self reference: takes a while. Not an instant lunch thing.)
then dumped in a small layer of sauce, one noodle, more sauce, another noodle, some provolone, sliced sausages, sauce... etc.
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Yep, I think I made the world's most ugliest lasagna. It doesn't taste too bad though, although it's a LOT. ^^;;; Still, food. Whee~ =^_^=v
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From before: now posted to livejournal's pic hosting service.

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Yeah. I managed to fail making sugar cookies. And not even from scratch. I made it from one of those cookies-in-a-bag-just-add-butter-and-egg type thing.

Not really reading the directions, I just separated the batter, dumped it onto the aluminum foil, and let it sit. The directions noted 7-9 minutes. Went back, and checked, and found that my overly large clumps had... merged.

Anyways... now I have a LARGE cookie-sheet sized sugar cookie. ^^;;;; I have a picture, but chances are, I'm not going to get around to posting it. If anyone wants to see, comment.

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