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The cute one with the bunny chasing after the cat? Yeah, so parts 3 and 4 (of 5 total parts) have been released. Not sure when 3 and 4 were released, but I think it as pretty recent.


Click English, then amalloc.

Be warned, part 4 gets dark and not as happy...
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Whee. =^^=
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Zomg, the sexy charts! The sexy charts!~

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L O L O L indeed. Be warned, it's a tad bit catchy. And very upbeat.

Flash has been saved locally and archived, if the content ever goes offline. Filename for later search and retrieval: 344532_lessthanthree.swf

I'm in awe.

Apr. 8th, 2006 01:05 am
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Spiffy much. Via Totaku, at tsunamichannel.com.

(What he said, 'cause I'm too lazy to write up something of my own.)
The name of this flash is Shoo Fly. This is only a one minute long flash, but the quality and the animation is beyond anything any flash artist really sat down and tried to make. This is cause a good majority of the flash is done with frame by frame animation(compared to those that use short cut methods). He uses a style that is known as Mickey Mousing (or as I call it Fantasia syncing) where the animation moves in sync with the music. This is getting great reviews at newground and to me this could become a big talk for flash animators to try to attempt. Unfortnatly John Su got a little exhausted after attempting this he thinks he doesn't want to attempt this again....personally though....he should slap this in a portfolio and go look into an animation industry.
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There's now a second part to it!


Click on the blue dude, then select the version/part that you want to watch.

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