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So my MacBook Pro died again.

Apparently NVIDIA made bad chips. And the heat wave over the weekend triggered the failure - I think my room was at around 90º+F when I got back to my apartment, and the laptop was probably hotter than that.

It refused to boot - no chime, dim power light, no display (LCD screen or external). Brought it to the apple store today, expecting a 3-5 day turnaround, the usual. Yay for AppleCare, although it looks like Apple will be repairing this issue for up to 3 years after purchase regardless of coverage status: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS2377
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"This battery update should be run on all MacBook and MacBook Pro computers and extra batteries that were purchased between February 2006 and April 2007.

If, after you have installed the battery update, your battery has any of the symptoms listed below, please make a reservation to bring your computer with its battery to your local Apple Retail Store, or contact an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP), or call your local Apple Support Contact Center. If Apple or an AASP determines that your battery is eligible for replacement, you will receive a new battery, free of charge, even if your MacBook or MacBook Pro is out of warranty.

For MacBook and MacBook Pro systems with Intel Core Duo processors, this program extends repair coverage on the battery for up to two years from the date of purchase of the computer."

Sweet, 1 extra year extension for my battery~

Wait, no, I'm running a Core 2 Duo. Dangit.
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Yay, life going... well, I guess. Almost my birthday again, ugh.

Finished exams. GEOG101 was... as good as could be expected, given that I pay very little attention to the lectures ('cause OMG, he doles out information at a snails pace...), CS461 felt like it went pretty well. ECE440.. could probably be from a 30-70, depending on whether I used the right formulas and remembered concepts correctly or not. Hate formulas. This is just like the physics exams here. Rawrgh.

Apple has sent me a new MacBook Pro. Am happy. Need to transfer files and ship back the one I'm currently using.

They also threw in Leopard. Sweet, no pirated copy for me! (so I'm getting 'paid' $100 for my troubles. Not... too bad, I suppose. Although I wish I knew why I kept running into problems).

MacBook Pro Problems recap )

Oh, and as a result of winning puzzlecrack challenges from several weeks ago, I now have a nice Microsoft usb keyboard, a Microsoft webcam, and The Principles of Beautiful Web Design.

So... question:
Should I register my own domain?
Have offer of free business cards - and I would like to have business cards - but I have no website to call my own, and I'm not going to link people to my personal blog. Cost for domain: $7.99 at nearlyfreespeech.net. Hosting is even cheaper, although I have no content either. XP
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Keyboard/Trackpad died again.

Although it was slightly different this time: instead of it being completely gone, I experienced minute-long "off" periods.

Until I tried taking out the battery, poking at the wires leading from the trackpad. Now things are worse (doh!). It doesn't work at all, unless I press down really hard on the middle of the keyboard. Am thinking there's a 80% chance that it's something that keeps coming loose due to gentle bumping - after all, I didn't experience this until after coming to school, which probably means the biking and moving around from class to class has something to do with it.

(Somewhat) thankfully, my next exam isn't until two weeks from now, so I won't be absurdly stressed from the lack of a laptop. But I do have a pretty packed schedule this week (notably the participation in some sort of research study for hopefully $44 dollars - that'll cover my BudK purchase), and then maybe a data-entry job for low-brain-powered $8-11 dollars an hour? Also meeting with my educational adviser and.. need to work on the senior design project.

Blah. It'll be inconvenient, but doable. Now I just need to find the second tier support MacBook Pro specialist's extension...

Ah, and ECE440? I hate you too. These concepts just aren't coming together, which means most of the time, I'm trying formula plug-and-pray... :P And I can't fail this class again. That'll just look sad.
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Got to a higher tier of support this time. As well as a direct number to the technician. Hurrah, I guess...

I love the difference between the basic tier of support and the next step up.
First tier:
Smiling, happy voices who are very polite and careful and keep you informed of everything they're going to do - with nearly no cases of silence.
Second tier:
Pretty much follows the geek way of communicating - not much troubleshooting in this case, but much more direct and too the point.

He also said he'll request more be replaced this time. Meh. Time to back up data again, even though there's pretty much no reason why the hard drive would be replaced.
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I've only had it back for about a week!

Left it on overnight. When I work up, tried to wake it by tapping on the keyboard, it didn't wake up. Hit the power button, and I saw the display blink into view. Grabbed the USB keyboard, plugged that in, and that worked, as well as the mouse.

But builtin keyboard and mouse are dead. No responses whatsoever. Tried reseting the pram and smc or smu or whatever it was called. Nothing helped. Rebooted into the restore DVD to check and see if it was a software problem. That didn't work either.

Grr. Grrrrrrr. Calling Apple tomorrow.

Oh, yeah, relevant apple discussions detailing this problem:
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3 business days. Well, rather, shipped it off friday night at 6, they repaired it monday, and shipped it monday night with overnight shipping (the usual). Got it back this morning at 8 AM.

Yeah, even if Apple has hardware issues (or hardware that's incompatible with me), at least their support process is top notch.

Except my space bar squeaks now. And I want to say the keyboard response is slower. Or there's some sort of one-fourth of a second lag. Or something. It feels slightly slower than my desktop?
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Potential google search keywords:
MacBook Pro Keyboard unresponsive
Built-in keyboard trackpad not working
Dead keyboard trackpad macbook pro

I just experienced the thing described here:

System went to sleep while running BitRocket with some other stuff open, connected over Apple's VPN PPTP.

When I turned it back on, I found the keyboard and trackpad didn't respond anymore. I shrugged and force-rebooted the system (Ah! Side note, the power button causes the shutdown prompt to appear!). However, after restarting several times, my keyboard and trackpad still don't work. It's almost as if there's no power going to the keyboard - no response when I hit the caps lock or num lock button.

USB devices work though - I'm using a usb mouse and keyboard right now, courtesy of our school's computer lab. Must stalk older building for keyboards being thrown away. Have waterproof usb keyboard, but I hate the touch of that thing.

Going to try a System Management Controller (SMC) reset*. Here's to hoping that works for me. ::knocks on the table::

Problem noted here: http://www.mymac.com/showarticle.php?do=something&id=1780

Nope, didn't work. Damn. Next: Firmware restore cd found here: http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/firmwarerestorationcd13.html

[edit 08/23/2007 2pm]
No good. Firmware restore not for macbook pro with core 2 duo. No good. Poop. Have called Apple and arranged to ship it in. Again. Already. ::sighs::
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I'm surprised. And not all too happy. But apparently, my MacBook Pro will last about 4 hours max. Not at least 4 hours, but 4 hours max, while running on batteries. It looks like 2.5 to 3 hours with moderate usage. That is very sad. Apple's website says 4.5 hours for 15" MBPs and 6 hours for MacBooks. But I think I like my MacBook Pro more than the MacBooks - it's more powerful, and seeing how this will be my primary machine, I'd rather this be powerful enough to last me... more than 3 years? I hope?

Compared to my iBook G4's "at least 4 hours, if not 6 hours" (with a dim screen and low processor setting)... 3 hours is still pretty sad.

Am considering either picking up an extra battery for $100 + $10 s/h, adding another 3 hours or an external battery for $189 + $9 s/h, adding 5-6 hours.
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Harry Potter:
-Saw the movie. Was not impressed - it felt like a rough outline of a plot, zoomed in on certain events. Not worth going into theaters.
-The next book has been leaked, however, it's incomplete. There's 495 pages floating around online, taken with a camera - you can see the hand holding down the book. A... impressive attempt - the processes must have been quite tedious. But really, they could have held the camera closer to the book... I could fix it up so that reading it would easier on the eyes. But honestly - not that desperate right now.

...Or, you know, they're irrationally worried about sales, so they did this, releasing 70% of the book online, so people would want to buy the book when it comes out.

Friend is not going. Other friend is a very vague (she's got decent reasons) maybe. I suspect I'll be selling my badge.

MacBook Pro:
I can watch high quality 1080p trailers! Without lag! So happy. ::watches the The Golden Compass trailer::

And heat - not too bad. I've seen the CPU peak at 74ºC, but it hasn't gone higher than that. Enclosure temperature claims to be 39ºC, I believe, and it's painfully uncomfortable. But that only happens when I'm compiling stuff and using the processor really heavily. Otherwise, it cools down nicely to around 50-60ºC (CPU)

Why is my room consistently a mess?
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::puts it on his lap::


::puts it back on the table and decides not to burn off his leg hairs::

According to the Temperature Monitor application I snagged, system idle temperature is around 56ºC, read off the CPU A Temperature Diode. Mind you, that's with the fans running at 4000 RPM (low level of 2000 RPM), as I've installed Fan Control to try to alleviate things. The GPU Temperature Diode is at 61ºC as is, oddly, the "wireless module". However, the GPU Heatsink 1 is at 52ºC. Occasionally, it would randomly peak at 60ºC, at which point the fans would speed up again and it would drop back down.

I suspect bad application of thermal grease. Although I could be wrong. But 60ºC = very hot.

Hot becomes dangerous when you begin thinking about the potential of 140ºF. If you were to touch the hottest parts of your laptop, you could potentially obtain serious burns in seconds. In a mere 11 seconds, your body would obtain a second-degree burn if you constantly touched your laptop when it had a temperature of 131ºF. At 140ºF, you could receive a third-degree burn in 5 seconds or a second-degree burn in 2 seconds. This is when you need to be concerned that your laptop has become dangerously hot.


Of course, the outside of the case probably isn't up to that temperature, but... if you compare it to my iBook:
Idle CPU temp: 45ºC - as I'm typing this
Idle GPU temp: 47ºC


Erasing the hard drive and reinstalling. This time, I'm not going to copy files over. Maybe it'll make a difference? ::doubts it, but would rather do that then either bear the heat or talk to Apple people::

[edit 1]
Throughout the re-install process, the macbook pro has only been warm to the touch. Not burning, as it was before. And the keyboard is actually cool. So that's a good sign...

[edit 2]
Yep, definitely better than it was. Idle temperature's now 48 off the CPU A Temperature Diode. GPU is 57, GPU heatsink is 47.
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Ordered my MacBook Pro from MacConnection 10 days ago. They gave an estimated shipping in 3-7 days.

And I just e-mailed them and they told me (very apologetically) that the estimated arrival date (I'm presuming they mean the MacBook Pros arriving to their warehouse) had been pushed back to 7/17. =T.T= I've been looking forward to playing with the new machine all last week...

It's almost as if something out there doesn't want me to order the machine. It is a good deal of money that could... go elsewhere... but... I don't want to deal with my crippled iBook.

Going to go into the Apple store today, check to see if they have any in stock (maybe along with an iPod, since they've got that rebate running again) and pay the extra $50 from taxes. (MacConnection: -$150 rebate vs. Apple: -$200 edu discount + $100~ish tax.)

Please let the Apple store have MacBook Pros in stock... Please, please, please...

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