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Yay, life going... well, I guess. Almost my birthday again, ugh.

Finished exams. GEOG101 was... as good as could be expected, given that I pay very little attention to the lectures ('cause OMG, he doles out information at a snails pace...), CS461 felt like it went pretty well. ECE440.. could probably be from a 30-70, depending on whether I used the right formulas and remembered concepts correctly or not. Hate formulas. This is just like the physics exams here. Rawrgh.

Apple has sent me a new MacBook Pro. Am happy. Need to transfer files and ship back the one I'm currently using.

They also threw in Leopard. Sweet, no pirated copy for me! (so I'm getting 'paid' $100 for my troubles. Not... too bad, I suppose. Although I wish I knew why I kept running into problems).

MacBook Pro Problems recap )

Oh, and as a result of winning puzzlecrack challenges from several weeks ago, I now have a nice Microsoft usb keyboard, a Microsoft webcam, and The Principles of Beautiful Web Design.

So... question:
Should I register my own domain?
Have offer of free business cards - and I would like to have business cards - but I have no website to call my own, and I'm not going to link people to my personal blog. Cost for domain: $7.99 at nearlyfreespeech.net. Hosting is even cheaper, although I have no content either. XP
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[Poll #1011445]

My main reasons why? It's absurdly hot and humid in the Maryland/D.C. area right now, and I think the less layers of insulation I have, the cooler I might be.

Oh, anyone have any recommended home waxing products? I suppose I could use candles (huh, BDSM much? o.O), but the hair waxing stuff seems to contain other stuff. Like sugar. At least from whatever research I did on hair removal some time ago.

Hm, and I will probably need anti-ingrown hair stuff as well. ::makes a face::


Jan. 20th, 2007 08:37 pm
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Question for ya all (been playing around with the idea of posting zips of musicals - I've got about 20 GB or so, collected over the span of a year or so.

[Poll #910803]

They will be filtered, so only friends can see the links.

[edit] First pair of musical have been uploaded and links posted. I probably won't check back on the poll anymore...
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Just out of curiosity, is there anything people (My dear readers~ Mmwah~ :3. Haha, just kidding.) would want me to read/watch and then post? It can be stuff like, news, technical information, etc. Or even my own life, which, isn't all that interesting, really. Mind, it should be stuff that'll... happen continuously, not just one event or something.

(Disclaimer: No promises that I will read up on said stuff, but, you know, I'm already following a decent number of google news-watching e-mails and a number of news sources, I might as well follow a bit more, and post interesting things that I come across.)
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As Google put thousands of public domain books online Thursday, Amazon.com responded by announcing plans to allow people to read books on the Web.

Meanwhile, Random House, the world's largest publisher of trade books, said it had come up with a business model for allowing people to pay to view its books on the Internet.

Amazon's new "Amazon Pages" program will let people purchase online access to anywhere from a few pages of a book to an entire work. The e-commerce company also announced a program called "Amazon Upgrade" that will let customers pay extra to be able to access books electronically that they've had shipped to them in printed form.

...you know, now that I think about it, it might work. Apple's iTunes store has been highly successful. I think, some part because of the much lower cost, and the ability to chose select songs... and this would do the same for books. Although, the thing is, I wouldn't participate in it, like I don't buy songs off the iTunes music store, because I can get them elsewhere for even cheaper - similar to eBooks.

So, I bring to you, my first poll for a long while:
[Poll #604710]

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