Jun. 19th, 2009 06:57 pm
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At a company party.

I sipped from a Kamekazi and Goldschlager. The former tasted quite pleasantly of citrus. The latter, quite strongly of cinnamon. Both were definitely acceptable drinks for consumption..
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10x + digital zoom:

Paris pictures with taggable humans have been posted to facebook. You have to be a friend to view, since they're taggable humans. ;D

All other pictures are slowly being posted to my livejournal scrapbook account.

I need a MacOS X client for Dreamwidth. :\


Despite it being absurdly hot outside (91ºF), I biked over to Mountain View and was surprised to find the last 15 minutes of a craft fair type thing. So I got sidetracked for a while until they closed, at which point I wandered off to find the closer 99 Ranch for groceries (baby Bak Choi, Enoki mushrooms, and non-fried instant noodles) and dinner ($6.99 self-serve stuff). Still have noodles and a large slab of pretty-good chicken left over. Probably dinner tomorrow.

I've been working this weekend, installing updated versions of PHP and MySQL on our new servers, until I realized that the database servers were 32-bit servers with 16 GB of RAM. WTF. While Linux can make use more than 4 GB of RAM by using Physical Address Extension (PAE), each process is, AFAIK, limited to accessing 4 GB max. And that really doesn't work for a MySQL server, since we only get one MySQL process. =.= So an email has been sent to my manager dude and hopefully we'll get 64-bit servers soon.

So far, no other impossibly annoying things involved in the installation of PHP and MySQL though. MySQL's still as easy as it was to install, and PHP is nicer on these Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) servers, since I can just yum install most of the missing *-devel packages~

What else... ah, saw Push this weekend. It was... meh. Not even worth buying the DVD for, I think. Getting caught up on Fringe and the few anime series I've been following...

Mosquitos in my apartment need to die. Rawr.
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Quick overview of what happened:

We sat in a charter bus for several hours and went to Lake Tahoe. Or the base of the mountains around said lake.

Decent accommodations for all. There were three multi-bedroom condos.

Attempted to go snow tubing, but it sucked (incline was not steep enough, "snow was too fresh," they said) and the lines were slow, so we got a (full?) refund on that. Then, on the way back to the housings, we passed by a snowmobile place and arbitrarily decided to go snow-mobiling. That made up for the failure in snow tubing. They were capped at about 20 mph though, and didn't turn all that well. (The course was also just a large loop, kinda like your ice skating loop.) Still, it was pretty nifty - they work by turning a foot-wide belt (technical term: Continuous track?).

After that, there was a pretty high class buffet, followed by exploring the casino downstairs - several coworkers managed to net $200-300. I had more fun downstairs in the arcade, finding flaws in the kiddie games. (notably the drop-tokens-to-make-more-tokens-fall sort. I discovered that while shaking it back and forth or up and down was rather difficult, since it was pretty heavy, some badly designed ones could be shaken left to right due to nice dividers acting as perfect handholds. The catch is to not shake too hard, otherwise you'll set off the motion sensor inside the system, which then disables ticket dispensing.)

Another long bus ride on sunday morning, arriving back in Palo Alto in the afternoon.

And now? I'm going to go and spend more money and try to find Halo 3 and Fable 2 and the Orange Box.
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The "Welcome to Maryland" sign on River Road says, "Please drive gently". How does one drive gently, pray tell? Especially when we're driving large chunks of metal at 30-60 MPH.

In DC, apparently it's Speed Humps, not Speed Bumps. ...."Speed humping". Teeheehee... ::immature and silly::

And it needs to rain. It's like 90º with 100% humidity = Feels like 100º+. I don't want to walk 20 minutes to my car in weather that feels like 100º+!

Life, work

Jun. 5th, 2007 01:18 am
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I'm tired. It's been 1 week since I signed papers for employment for the IT/Lackey job at Georgetown Univ.'s Radiology Department. It's an hour by metrobus, getting up around 7:20 to shower, change, pack, catching the T2 River Road bus around 7:49 or 8:13, getting to Friendship Heighs around 8:35 or 8:50 and then transferring onto one of the 30's that travel Wisconsin Ave, getting into work around 9 or 9:15.

Then I sit at my desk and do assorted things, from reading about IHE and SharePoint to poking around on M$ Office 2007 (On Vista. Vista shiny. More on this later.) and M$ SharePoint 2007. I've also gotten a chance to make use of my crappy SQL/HTML Injecting testing skills to trigger errors in a survey a coworker's writing up. Lunch is usually done at my desk as well, which means I'm practically sitting there for about 8 hours. Am trying to avoid this with periodic visits to the water cooler and occasionally, the bathroom.

I'm pretty certain this isn't what I want to do in my future though. I mean, sitting and learning is good, but it's a bit on the passive side. I'd rather get challenges, coding stuff and whatnot, I think. If I can get into the mood, coding for several (4-7) hours is perfectly fine with me, provided it's an interesting problem or project. I suppose I'd be just as happy creating or inventing stuff, so.. working in a lab? ::shrugs:: Whatever.

But yeah. I don't really look forward to work, which is kinda sad. But I need the money, and I need to be around people. So that is good. Too bad there aren't any cute girls my age there. Heh. =.=;;

Another hour or hour and a half (T2 comes every 20-30 minutes, so if I miss one, my travel time increases by quite a bit :\ ) before I reach home, eat dinner alone (family's usually eaten by the time I get back: 1800-1900), and sit down to play with perl and RSS/Atom feeds. Occasionally, there's a bit of Kingdom Hearts or random anime thrown in around 11, if I can't get into the code, but otherwise... bed around midnight or one, and then... another day gone, and a similar day to follow.


In random other news, I've picked up Doukutsu, a 5-year old (?) freeware sidescrolling game that somehow picked up a decent fanbase. Enough to get it ported to Mac (and Linux, I believe) and translated from Japanese to English. Just google it, you can't miss it. Heck, it's even getting released to PSP and someone's porting it over to Nintendo DS or Advance (forget which).

It reminds me of Megaman, but with a better storyline and more exploring. I only wish there were more save points... especially at the end. I'll have to do another playthrough too, to get to the hard ending. Ugh, not really looking forward to doing some of those tricky jumps without the machine-gun flying bit...
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Hurrah, day 1 of 'trial week' to see if I want to do work as a Microsoft SharePoint admin/power user for Georgetown University's Radiology Section. I now know kinda how to get around in SharePoint 2007. The combination of IIS and ASP.NET still confuses me though. Haven't gotten an ASP.NET page to load yet?

Metro busses apparently work. Yay! $1.25 per trip, approx 1 hr time cost, excluding the walking-to-bus-stop part. Arrrgh, walking so slow compared to bike.


Mac Buyer's Guide: Knowing when to buy a mac
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Ouqi (a friend from high school) and some business partner of hers is asking me to build a website for them. I don't know much more, other than the fact that it'll involve a database (and server side code for said database).

She's offering $1000, more or less, for everything I'd expect a site of mine to have (what she said: "the basic website, but a database, a very user friendly and attractive GUI, etc"). Obviously, data security as well.

And if she gets revenue from ads (ew...), she'll pay me "upwards of $3000 to $5000".

So now, aside from the fact that I have no information whatsoever, (she refuses to tell me anything. ::annoyed:: at least until I sign the the non-disclosure form and confidentiality agreement.) I'm wondering if that's low, or high, for a website.

(Senpai said professionals ask $50/hr. I don't really count myself as a professional though, since I haven't been through any formal training, and while I probably have the knowledge, I may not be as refined as a professional might be. Still, some of the thedailywtf posts might suggest otherwise...)

My current estimates are, breaking a design down by parts:
10-20 hours for the layout, depending on how fancy they desire. Includes basic graphics/art manipulation.
3-8 hours per page, depending on debugging, and desired features. (averaged 5 hours x 20 pages = 100 hours max)
3-8 hours per additional javascript/client side spiffyness.
4-12 hours to design and set up a good database scheme.
Total of 80-140 hours? for $1000, more or less?

Maybe I should demand a minimum, so I'll know I'll have something, at the very least. Can I demand a down payment? >.> they're both students though, I think, so I'm not too sure where they're getting the money, truth be told. Granted, $1000, Ouqi should have. Maybe not $5000.....

To those of you who know how to code, or design websites, any thoughts?
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So my job as CITES OnSite Services takes me to various houses. Today's client had two kitties~ =T.T= I want a cat! Or two...

They were rather thin though o.O I thought... at least compared to KitKat... (Sis' kitty~). Either way.. so cute..

I miss close companionship.

Yes, discombobulated thoughts. Mostly 'cause I've got other stuff running through my mind, like the ECE391 midterm tomorrow. And the MATH415 midterm friday morning (during class, but still.. 9 AM. =.= )

Oh, and ECE329 tuesday. I'm not going to the J-Net bar crawl monday night 'cause of that.

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