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Apparently my MacBook Pro has a LG GSA-S10N running firmware AP09.

And there's no region free firmware patch for it yet.


I've got... 4 region changes left, according to DVD Info X.

Going to explore my other options first though*. And grrr, rpc1.org site is offline / down / otherwise unavailable.

-class computer lab has a few external DVD drives, 'cause we needed to install linux, and the distro came as a DVD, and the blade servers we got to play with only had CD drives.
-homebuilt desktop computer. Don't know if it's region free right now. :\ Disadvantage of that is that I'll need to find good DVD ripping software for windows. Anyone have any suggestions?

W00t, lab external usb DVD drive appears to work.

From what I'm reading, there's some sort of RPC2 Auto Reset patch. And maybe there's a RPC1 patch, but I'm not sure about that.
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I'm surprised. And not all too happy. But apparently, my MacBook Pro will last about 4 hours max. Not at least 4 hours, but 4 hours max, while running on batteries. It looks like 2.5 to 3 hours with moderate usage. That is very sad. Apple's website says 4.5 hours for 15" MBPs and 6 hours for MacBooks. But I think I like my MacBook Pro more than the MacBooks - it's more powerful, and seeing how this will be my primary machine, I'd rather this be powerful enough to last me... more than 3 years? I hope?

Compared to my iBook G4's "at least 4 hours, if not 6 hours" (with a dim screen and low processor setting)... 3 hours is still pretty sad.

Am considering either picking up an extra battery for $100 + $10 s/h, adding another 3 hours or an external battery for $189 + $9 s/h, adding 5-6 hours.
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Ok, I'm now pretty certain that my recent problems (entire screen freezes - mouse no longer reacts, random memory access errors to 0x000000, and kernel panics), have been due to my 1GB RAM chip flaking out.

Sometime at the start of the week, I ran memtest - first with the chip in - that caused a kernel panic halfway through. Then I removed the chip, ran memtest and got through three full tests. Put chip back in... memtest ran successfully.

But this morning, I've had two system freezes, one kernel panic, and half the time, the system wouldn't boot. Arrgh.

I've taken out the 1 GB and the system hasn't died. So that's good. But that leaves me with a measly 256 MB, which is nowhere close to enough.

I could sell the iBook on eBay for about $300-400. A MacBook Pro is $1800+$239 AppleCare. If I can do the shopfreepay deal, I might be able to get a MacBook, which would give me something else to sell for at least $1000. Revision D for the MacBook Pro line was released earlier this month, and... I'd expect most of the problems that plagued the first and second revisions have been taken care of.

That being said, I need to figure out what I can do with this 1 GB stick of RAM. I think it was a Kingston brand, although it says kti...? And I would have sworn I read that there was a lifetime warrantee. Now if that's true, and I can get this one replaced, I could sell it on eBay for $80-100...

Overall cost, if everything goes the way I expect... I should have to pay around $500? Not too bad for an system upgrade... And hopefully less stress from hardware-related problems.

La~ order of how to do things
1. Wince and cry as I spend the $2000. (Hmm, use a 0% balance transfer to pay it off for the time being? Sounds good to me. Stupid Citibank card offers keep coming - might as well use one, ne? 3% balance transfer fee though.... = $60)
2. Transfer data, securewipe iBook. List on eBay. Hope prices go up.
3. Start MacBook deals on shopfreepay.
4. Sell stick of RAM, if replaced? Hope for $100...

[append 1PM]
Oooooh, they've got that iPod rebate thing going. I could buy an iPod and either
a) keep it, paying $50 for a 30GB black'n'shiny iPod.
b) Selling the iPod or iPod nano on eBay... for... only $100? XP Damn, not worth it.

Total, after tax ($114.35!? Frigging hell...) comes to $2,401.35 - $199 iPod rebate = $2,202.35

Alternatively, without the iPod, it's $2,139.90. Tax was $101.90. Blah.

Hm, or if I get it from MacConnection, I could use their $150 rebate. +Free shipping +"No tax - online store" = Grand total of $1,844 + $240 AppleCare purchased separately. Total=$2,084.00. I save $55.

Selling the iBook G4 on eBay:
By itself - going price seems to be $300-475. Let's say $400.
I could also sell it in parts, but that seems to be much less...

If I get the MacBook, I should be able to get $800-1400. Let's say $1000.

$684... A little bit over a week's worth of work... XP

Pros: I'll be running Intel so I can try out some of the linux hacking tools I've wanted to try. The MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo was found to be a very reliable machine: http://www.macintouch.com/reliability/macbooks2.html. 3% requiring repair? 3 more years of not-having-to-worry-about a warrantee running out. 2 GB of ram. The ability to run other Windows programs as necessary, without using a desktop.
Cons: Money. Urrrgh.

...yeah, Pros wins. XP
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Danes 'prove' sudden iBook death syndrome* [ http://www.theregister.com/2007/05/03/danish_consumer_complaints_board_claim_ibook_defect/ ]
Kinda nice to see this confirmation. It's been slashdotted, and from there, there was a link to someone's experience repairing his iBook with fire.

Yes, fire. [ http://geektechnique.org/projectlab/726/diy-obsolete-ibook-logic-board-repair ]

Yes, there are pictures.

XD Here's to hoping I'll never have to try this.........

*Actually, this issue has been confirmed by fans everywhere. It just never really found its way into the news...
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They replaced my battery. On top of everything else.

=^^= now I feel bad about complaining about things taking so long.
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"Step 2 - Service
On hold - Part on order (24-Oct-2006)"

Damnit, Apple, damnit.

Need to call in and see how long "on order" might mean.

Well, I guess it's a nice change from "Repair in progress (19-Oct-2006)".
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Hah! So it's really not just me. I'm absurdly tempted to just take it apart and try some of the suggestions (tightening screws, finding the GPU and adding a shim of some sort..). 'cause if that fixes the problem...... Meh. I don't have a week to wait on Apple to repair the machine.

Most interesting was the post by "iantm",
As a service technician who oversees a 2000 unit deployment of 1ghz 12" iBook G4's, the video chipset failing is an unusual failure path (1 every two months). Another factor in logic board failure that I've come across has been heavy use. Units that see a lot of heavy use in settings other than on a desk have a higher failure path than units who only see desk use (while still being transported from place to place.

The primary point of failure I've observed with the iBook G4 logic boards has been where the unit fails POST, won't chime, spins the fan at full speed, and provides no backlight or video. Once at this point, nothing resolves the issue. Resetting the PMU doesn't resolve the matter, the suggestions with the video chip also don't help, which leads me to believe that the point of failure is somewhere else.

Which is almost exactly like my problem, with the exception that I do get backlight, but no video and the fans spin at full speed.

And the iBook does get put through heavy use.

Actually, I do have the Apple Service Manuals... so technically, I do have the instructions to take the damn thing apart, and they shouldn't be able to tell the difference.......... maybe? o.O
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Went on the J-net barcrawl tonight. It was amusing and I guess... I dunno, still not all that fond of bars, but eh, the right ones are ok. Got pictures, and was surprised that the camera battery held out for so long, even with flash enabled. 60-ish pictures, most aren't all that great, since.. bars tend to be dim/badly lit places.

Apparently I smell like smoke. ::sighs:: And I just washed that hoodie recently.


Mmm, there's a WootOff in effect. Which means, deals of varying wonderfulness on woot.com.

And my iBook's been experiencing failures to wake up properly after being put to sleep by closing the lid and transporting said iBook from location A to location B. And today it died as I was opening iTunes - the screen went blank. Backlight was still on, caps lock responded as expected. But no video. I should have tested volume to see if I could get beeps, but it didn't cross my mind then. Forced a shutdown, then tried to boot up, and the loud fans (the ones that kick in when the system overheats, or when it's checking hardware on boot) kicked in and remained running. Turned it off, pulled the battery, plugged it into the outlet, did a pram reset and tried booting again. It worked. Until I tried to hand off my iBook to someone else so they could look something up, at which point the screen blanked again, and I sighed.

Anyways. I guess I need to run another round of backups, then get ready to send it in, if the situation gets worse. But once backups are done, I'll be reinstalling MacOS X 10.4 as planned several months ago. It'll be a pain in the ass, but eh, I think something's messed up somewhere.

And now, shower and bed. Bed sounds very nice.
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It arrived today. Free after a combined set of rebates between trendnet (dropping it to $8) and my credit card (dropping it down to -$2). That is, assuming I get the rebates from trendnet.

At first glance, the router looks rather cheap and.. plastic-y. Hell, it feels rather cheap and plastic-y. The rubber bottom legs are on a small, unevenly cut piece of adhesive backing thing. Clearly hand-cut. :-\

The legs don't fit nicely in the holes, but hey, why does it matter? No one's going to see them anyways, and if they fall off, well, they fall off.

One detachable antenna. I'll probably replace this with my external antenna expander thing once I get back on campus.

And one ugly, FAT transformer plug - outputs +5.0V/2.5A

http://admin:admin@ and I'm in~

Hmm, cgi files, and... restarting seems to be crappy. Like some other D-Link router I've run into in the past, this one provides an Admin account as well as an User account. God knows why?

Time seems to support only until 2012. That's pretty sad.... and you've got the option of setting your own daylight savings... settings. Hmm.

Sweet, it's got no-ip.com Dynamic DNS support. That rocks. =^^=v

(note to self: channel assignments: http://www.broadbandreports.com/forum/remark,6683522~root=wlan~mode=flat)

Mmm, what should I name the wireless... nightwing?

Hmm, it's got most of the normal features... even has MAC address allow-all-but next to the deny-all-but~ Hmm, it's got protocol (port) filtering from LAN-to-WAN. Pretty good.

Now to test the wireless stability. I've read reviews of the wireless being crappy, as well as IP grabbing being lousy. Eh, on second thought, I'll test them later. Maybe bed first. Or food.
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That 250GB Maxtor hard drive? I ended up getting it anyways. Yeah, yeah, I know Maxtor has problems, but I realized that:
a) the hard drives that failed on my dad were both Western Digital.
b) the external (firewire) Maxtor 80GB we got some time ago works perfectly thus far.

story thus far:
Dad wants the 250GB in his systems to use as backup. Plugged it in, Linux recognized it as 16907 cylinders, and this was the most it would recognize / limited us to that. Or rather, 137 GB max. We found that we could hack it to 30000 some cylinders = 250GB (fdisk, expert mode). But we were still getting drive out of space issues.

(Note to others:
If you're getting disk full issues while making things like directories, but you can make small files, this might be the problem.)

Eventually, we discovered that the problem was that the BIOS on that system was way too old. ^^;; And that in the BIOS, it only recognized up to 137.5 GB. ::facepalm:: an entire day wasted there...

Well, given that it's Linux, we decided not to try to hunt down a BIOS replacement. Maybe I'll have to go that route, who knows.

Anyhow, spotting the old 80GB Maxtor external firewire disk, I figured, hey, since the system's max is 137 GB, we can swap Maxtor drives! So I cracked open the external (it's old. There's no warrantee left on it, unless Maxtor offers 10 year/lifetime warrantees. I doubt it.) and swapped in the 250GB. It mounted, sure, but it shows up as 128GB. >.<

I'm pretty sure it's the firewire bridge/chip (for the curious: SYM13FW500, LMI Symbios, 2000 P/N 710-008, 1394-ATA Bridge, Rev A). There's a few jumpers on the board, but they don't seem to do anything. At least nothing immediately apparent.

Yep, it's the firewire bridge limit. My 200GB Seagate drive mounts as 128GB. Annoyingly enough, drives need to be in Master mode (not cable select or slave) in order for them to work. Poop. This means the 80 GB drive goes back in. And uh... I dunno... Looks like I need another enclosure. :: annoyed::

I was wrong. Completely and utterly wrong.

The problem, I believe now, is due to the Linux Kernel my dad's using. It's 2.4.2-2. For drive 137+GB support, he'll need to run at least 2.4.19/2.5--something.

Well, there goes another 2 hours. But eh, knowledge gained. Price's kinda steep, but eh, oh well.
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Only 'cause my iBook doesn't have audio in, so I can't plug in a nicer microphone to record lectures and other stuff with..

Behringer UCA202 USB Interface:
RCA in/out, optical out, monitors/headphone out, volume control for monitors.
for $35 shipped.


Griffin iMic2 USB Audio Interface:
in/out 3.5mm stereo mic/line, toggle switch for mic/line setting.
for $31 shipped

problem with the Behringer one, is that I'd have to carry an extra RCA->3.5mm adaptor, if I'm going to be carrying that around. But optical out would be awesome. And volume control for the monitor out? I guess.. it'd be more useful for at home, tape->CD conversion things...
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I can only watch the 480p one... T.T

Movie looks spiffy... almost, just almost, tempted to read the comics. I know I can probably find them somewhere, but... >.> it would take me forever, I think.

And it'd probably ruin the movie for me. XD
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What do you do when your computer has a bad disk block? Disk Utility.app returns the lovely:
Invalid sibling link

and promptly dies. Single user mode + fsck tells me that there's an I/O error on the disk, and then dies.

TechTool Pro tells me that I have a bad block.

Is the only way to fix this to back up stuff, format the disk with 0's, and assume that the system will write that bad block out of the safe-to-write-to-locations?
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Dear NEC ND-3550A (my nice DVD DL burner, installed on my desktop system),
I love you. Being able to burn at 8x is a nice change from my slower, less compatible burner I have at home.

Soon... someday.. I'll get you Dual Layer DVDs to toast. Just wait...


P.S. thank you for being cheap too. :D At $40, I think you were quite worth it.


That aside, I've chosen the worst time to back up my files to DVD. I have an MP due monday 11:59PM, a large checkpoint MP also due monday.. probably around 10 PM. Then there's midterms thursday and friday, and then another on tuesday.

I'm not ready for all this. Where is my time machine?!?
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My 'w' key is acting up... Unlike the other keys, just the lightest press causes a response; think hair-width press. So resting my finger lightly on the key causes it to react. Also, the more annoying problem is that now when I close windows, I occasionally close more than one.

Once I get back to the apartment, I'm going to have to pop it out and take a look. I think. I hope that'll fix it... And not just break it or make it worse.

Someone cosplayed Damekko Doubutsu: http://www.fansview.com/2005/animecentral/ac14c.html

Saw the person I stop talking with last year. -.-;; I still couldn't bring myself to apologize, and see if I can set things right. I'm too scared too, I think. At least, that's the feeling I can identify. Still, it doesn't do to keeping thinking about how she's doing every so often; I'd did care about her as a friend, I think, and probably still so. XP Maybe... someday, something will swing into place, and we'll speak again. Maybe she'll forgive me for being so stupid and immature about the whole thing.

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