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Meh. Here's a phone where Buying w/ a plan, then canceling service to keep the phone is Just Not Worth It.

If you do not wish to keep the wireless plan, it is your responsibility to contact the carrier to cancel your wireless plan account. You should contact the carrier directly regarding any activation fees, monthly usage costs, taxes, and/or early termination fees that may be owed.

You agree to pay Google an equipment subsidy recovery fee (the "Equipment Recovery Fee") equal to the difference between the full price of the Nexus handheld device without service plan and the price you paid for the Nexus handheld device if you cancel your wireless plan prior to 120 days of continuous wireless service. For example, if the full price of the Nexus handheld device without service plan was $529 USD and the price you paid for the Nexus handheld device was $179 USD with a service plan, the Equipment Recovery Fee you pay will be $350 USD in the event you cancel within the first 120 days of carrier service. The Equipment Recovery Fee is equal to the line item in your confirmation email setting forth the discount on the full priced Nexus handheld device related to your carrier service plan activiation. You authorize Google to charge the Equipment Recovery Fee directly to your credit card, or other payment method used to purchase the Nexus handheld device, upon cancellation of your wireless plan. You will not be charged the Equipment Recovery Fee if you return your Nexus handheld device to Google within the 14 day Return Policy period as set forth below.

-http://www.google.com/phone/static/en_US-terms_of_sale.html (Google Terms of Sale)
Bold mine

And T-mobile has a $200 ETF (https://www.google.com/phone/static/en_US-tmobile_terms_conditions.html).

So if you buy with a plan, you pay $175 + $80/mo. Canceling would result in an addition $350+$200.

Google's (sneakily? smartly?) pushing people towards just buying it unlocked. Or not getting a plan. It's definitely not competing with iPhone prices though?
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...front wheel is not as tight as it should be, so if I make sudden turns to the front wheel, there's a distant rattling sound. I need to take it off and tighten the nut a bit more, so the bearings are a tiny bit tighter. I wish I had a 13 (or 15?) mm box wrench...

And I can't use my lowest (or is that highest?) rear gear - doing so causes the chain to slip. Curious. Possibly the wrong number of links (two extra? Beats me.)

Also, Google Barcode! http://www.google.com/logos/barcode09.gif (What are we celebrating?)
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This makes me absurdly happy.

Side note: If you already have calendars on iCal and on Google Calendar, it won't merge them for you. But running the small app they made will add new accounts in iCal that'll synchronize magically with the respective google calendar.
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Jul. 1st, 2007 09:04 pm
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Google's maps lets you move routes around now! So I can design my own route, and plan alternate ones in case of traffic.

Home to Work, a much better one than the one I was using in order to avoid traveling on Wisconsin. (too many red lights, Wisconsin Ave.)

Shall try this out tomorrow. Here's the hoping 46th and Massachusetts isn't too bad. Now if I could only find an alternative to River Rd... (stupid one-lane potomac roads... I swear, as much as I love the trees, sometimes the traffic gets a bit more than irritating.)

Oh man, I hope this AT&T Nationals thing (some golf event in our area) won't cause truly massive delays on River Rd. and Falls Rd.

(Hmmm, I could map out the bike routes I take using this too, and figure out how far I travel...)
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Download here: http://desktop.google.com/mac/

I'll try it later... still not done with 10 page paper...
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Applications won't be accepted until March though.

[edit] I probably won't apply.
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"Please note that it is a violation of intergalactic law to use this parameter under false pretenses, so don't let us catch you at it."

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There's been changes. Now there's tabs to: Search the map, find businesses, or get directions.

Plus, it supports scroll wheels now to zoom! (yay, awesome moving red things) Might have always, but there's also double-click zooming!

There's also some other things, like continued flying or something, but I didn't see it / get it to activate. :: shrugs::
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CompUSA 6PM-Midnight sale this friday:
Of note: some of the free things, the 250GB for $50 isn't bad... the DVD-Rs... may be ok, if you want DVDs and don't want to wait for shipping.

There's now a Google Desktop Gadget contest:
Winner get's... a decent amount of money. And according to them, you don't even need to know how to code. So the hard part here, is, what's a spiffy idea to do?

(It's a pretty good way of getting people to use Google Desktop though, and expand the amount of plugins for it... offer prizes for a design contest)
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Kinda spiffy. Felix the Cat, Mr Magoo, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Roger Ramjet...

And.. Something is haunting me O.o

That spoon is the second thing to just randomly fall while I'm around. O.o First was a large pile of pans. Granted, I didn't see how they were placed, but they were there at least for an hour, if not more. And the spoon as well. But the spoon wasn't badly placed. And I wasn't anywhere near the pans.
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Our programming wizards tried their darndest to get Google Page Creator to work with as many browsers as possible. But alas, even the most expert practitioners of web sorcery must sleep now and again, lest their JavaScript magic run dry.

JavaScript magic. Hehe, Google, I love you guys. (I'm a Safari, MacOS X 10.4.* user.)

Oddly enough, I found my way there via this post at ZDNet.com. [http://blogs.zdnet.com/Ou/?p=248] which reported that Websense reported that "Google pages has been hacked and is hosting malicious Trojan code for people to download". Being slightly disturbed and curious, I went to check out Google Pages (didn't know there was a google pages... eh? When did this come out?).

Apparently http://googlepages.com/ doesn't work. You'll have to travel there by http://www.googlepages.com/. I haven't checked the code for suspicious ickies though, so don't wander there unprotected. (I don't know how the code is hosted, as websense doesn't give any indication of the attack vector: "Google website hosting service 'Google Pages' is hosting malicious code. To date have not had reports of a lure for the sites within email or Instant Messaging linking to this site or exploit code downloading it, however it may either be in the setup phase or not be widely distributed yet. The site is hosted on the same IP address as the main http://googlepages.com site. The file is packed with ASPack and is a banking Trojan Horse which is designed to steel ["steal"? sheesh...] banking credentials upon visiting pre-defined financial institutions sites." is all they say.)

Here's the websense report: http://www.websense.com/securitylabs/alerts/alert.php?AlertID=522

I think they've made a mistake somewhere. Will post more if more sources clarify~
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So now you can explore all the works of shakespeare on google. Yay~!



And by way of the washington post:
There is now a U.S. Government search page: http://usgov.google.com/
Alternatives noted to include http://govspot.com/ , http://searchgov.com/ and http://govengine.com/ .


Jun. 12th, 2006 12:42 pm
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Yay, my surprise present came today! Only slightly disappointed, 'cause I was kinda hoping for some awesome geeky toy or other. And I'm not too sure how I'll use this.

It was a padded brown notebook, with Google on the front cover. There's "CASTELLI" and 67625, "MADE IN ITALY" written on the back.

It is really pretty though. Thank you, Google!

[edit] whoops, "made in italy", not "made int italy"
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Apparently Google's releasing a pre-beta version (alpha?) of Google spreadsheets. (not spreadsheeps, as first typoed... ^^;; )

Like all other Google beta things, you'll have to be invited first. And all that loveliness.

Oh well. More on it here: (mostly just some person's thoughts, as it gets released at 9 AM today, and no one else knows more. Unless you're in google.)
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Yep, there's now...


...Google Notebook.

As far as I can tell, it's just a scrapbook to dump things. Kinda like Apple's Stickies...

There's also a developer's AJAX tool kit out, for Windows and Linux (GTK+) only.
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So I attended an asian LGBT Ally training session today. Twas.. interesting. There was, as we concluded, a really small number of Asians who'd identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. (eh? did I not spell that right? ..."transgender" is a misspelled word.. it suggests "transponder" -.-;; )

The ice breaker activity was the most memorable. We were given a piece of paper, told to split it up into 8 pieces. For two pieces of paper, we were told to write down two objects that were important to us. The next two were to be two people that were important to us. Then two activities that were important to us. And finally, two roles that were important to us.

Then we were asked to crumple up two and throw them away.

And then we had the person to our right randomly pick one. That too, was thrown away.

And finally, the group 'leader' walked around and randomly took pieces and threw them out.

This was equated to the losses that one might experience coming out.. and I thought it did a really good job of that.

Other thoughts/ideas/points of note included:
-the major lack of asian LGBT. This was attributed to community factors, as well as the fact that, as asians, sex really isn't talked about much. I never got the bird-bees talk, and I definitely self-educated myself. (Hah, "What are you talking about?!? This is research! Not pr0n!")
-the fact that there is a.. sense of "normality" on campus. And desire to avoid change. And that "normality" fell towards christian, white, middle-class. And for asians, them Christian small groups. Those things are massive, yo, despite being called "small groups". (rather, when they band together...yeah.)

Randomness for today.

"I hereby knight you... Sir Girls-Run-Alot."

I don't know. It just struck me that.. girls seem to run a lot on campus. Lots of female joggers, anyhow. And somehow, I added Sir in front of that, and was highly amused for a good 5 minutes while biking to lunch. Yeah, don't think anyone noticed the silly asian boy grinning his face off while biking down Green street.

The reason why you shouldn't post random news pranks online.

I'm amused.

Oh, and in other google news (this is has been out for a while. Just waited a day+ to see more articles confirm it), it appears google _has_ been ordered by the federal judge to release their data. Poo. The article's in a number of places, including washingtonpost.com.

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