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IPv6 via the Teredo automatic tunneling protocol: WORKS! I could see the bouncing google logo when I went to http://ivp6.google.com/

I used the MacOS X installer here: http://www.deepdarc.com/miredo-osx/

I've now uninstalled it* and am trying to use SixXS.net and AICCU (Automatic IPv6 Connectivity Client Utility) to get onto IPv6.
I've also gotten this to work:
1) Signed up for an account on SixXS.net.
2) Requested a Tunnel to a Point of Presence - That is a "a router/machine serving IPv6 in IPv4 tunnels.", essentially letting you push all of your IPv6 packets over IPv4 to that machine, which then transmits said IPv6 packets to the right places.
3) Waited a bit, until I got the confirmation email in my spam box that informed me that my tunnel was ready.
4) Download the tuntap virtual network interface for MacOS X here: http://tuntaposx.sourceforge.net/ (I grabbed, and am using tuntap_20080804).
5) Unzipped the tarball archive and ran the installer pkg inside.
6) Because this is for my laptop, and I float around, I opted to use the AICCU / heartbeat option (that is, as long as my machine sends a packet, they keep my tunnel up and running. It also lets me move from one IPv4 point to another without having to reconfigure things.) So I downloaded the AICCU source (http://www.sixxs.net/tools/aiccu/ - the MacOS X link pointed to an .exe file. WTF people?) and ran:
$ make
$ sudo make install
in the unzipped AICCU source folder. No issues installing
7) I opened up /etc/aiccu.conf and set my username (to my SixXS username), password, ipv6_interface gif0, and behindnat true (last one might not be necessary).

Then I ran
$ sudo aiccu test
to check to see if everything worked. There should be 8 total steps, which... should all work. I was getting stuck at step 5/8 for a while, until I realized that 1) I needed to be root, and 2) ipv6_interface should have been set to gif0

*It works perfectly. I just wanted to try my other option(s?).
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Came across this old gem:

In short, there's a small perl script that will talk to your HP printer and allow you to set a custom "Ready Message".

So examples include:
- Insert Coin
- Out of Cheese
- Your print request was deemed unworthy of my time
- Remove squirrel in tray

More here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/hpinsertcoin/
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I got a compliment today that consisted of this link. :) I feel all warm and fuzzy inside now~ bwee.

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Zomg, the sexy charts! The sexy charts!~

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A self-tuning portable RF (cellphone) jammer:

And they're opening up TV-B-Gone as "open source" and selling kits now. (presale)
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That's an interesting idea. Essentially, it's a ton of people getting together to link up their computers and compute stuff...


And in other tech/geeky news, an NBC muckraker (mudraker?) was identified and outed at Defcon*. Hehehe. I'm amused. Especially by the way she ran away. (They did offer to let her stay under the legal press terms.)

*Large hacker/infoSec convention, visited by hackers and FBI and other IT/IS pros.
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Danes 'prove' sudden iBook death syndrome* [ http://www.theregister.com/2007/05/03/danish_consumer_complaints_board_claim_ibook_defect/ ]
Kinda nice to see this confirmation. It's been slashdotted, and from there, there was a link to someone's experience repairing his iBook with fire.

Yes, fire. [ http://geektechnique.org/projectlab/726/diy-obsolete-ibook-logic-board-repair ]

Yes, there are pictures.

XD Here's to hoping I'll never have to try this.........

*Actually, this issue has been confirmed by fans everywhere. It just never really found its way into the news...
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Found this thing called Trac [ http://trac.edgewall.org/ ]. Looks spiffy. Got it installed after about 3 hours of mussing around on windows XP.

Note: I already had Apache 2.0 installed, along with svn 1.4.[something?].

Installed Python 2.4.4.
Discovered that it was conflicting with XAMPP's outdated python install that I had forced onto the system. Whoops.
Discovered that it didn't set my path for me. Bah. Path set (My Computer > Properties > Advanced > Environment Variables). Modified PATH to include C:\Python24. Added a PYTHONPATH=C:\Python24\. Probably not necessary.
Installed trac 0.10.3 using the binary installer/executable.
Installed pysqlite-2.3.2.win32-py2.4.exe.
Installed svn-python-1.4.2.win32-py24.exe.
Installed mod_pythong-3.3.1.win32-py24.exe.
Installed clearsilver-0.9.14.win32-py24.exe.

Added to httpd.conf: LoadModule python_module modules/mod_python.so
<Location /some/location>
   SetHandler mod_python
   PythonHandler trac.web-modpythong_frontend
   PythonOption TracEnv "C:\Pythong24\Scripts\trac\highbrow"
   PythonOption TracUriRoot /some/location

Discovered that I couldn't view sources. Was annoyed.
Installed enscript-1.6.3-9-bin.exe
Installed docutils.
Installed SilverCity-0.9.7win32-py24.exe.

Modified trac.ini (in C:\Python24\Scripts\trac\[project]\conf):
enscript_path = "C:\Program Files\GnuWin32\bin\enscript.exe"
php_path = "C:\Program Files\xampp\php\php.exe"
tab_width = 4

So I now have trac working. It's pretty. Yayness.

The alternative would have been ViewCV, which livejournal uses. Doesn't include the bug ticket support, extra wiki, milestones, etc, though. But I imagine it would have been easier to install. Although 3 hours isn't too bad...
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http://psiphon.civisec.org/ - the way to get through web blocking in other countries.

http://ibneko.livejournal.com/582793.html - original post on the thing.

Server is now up and running. Painless install, although router had to be configured, so it's still not exactly a user-friendly thing.

(Todo: Write a script that will attempt to set up routers. That would be spiffy. Good javascript project?)

Should be reachable at https://hikari.servehttp.com:440/hikari/ (Up and running. Certificate is selfgenerated, so uh, connection is secured in the idea that there's encryption. But there's no guarrentee that the server you're reaching is actually me.)

Username and Password creation upon request. Currently friends and friends-of-friends only. As in, if I know you on LJ, comment with a desired username, and I'll make an account for you and send you the password.

[edit] Ok, it works. There's no https support (aka, can't check gmail e-mail, can't visit sites that require secure http). But since I can't hide it so it only shows up in the system bar, I'm not going to be running it unless someone actually needs the thing.
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It arrived today. Free after a combined set of rebates between trendnet (dropping it to $8) and my credit card (dropping it down to -$2). That is, assuming I get the rebates from trendnet.

At first glance, the router looks rather cheap and.. plastic-y. Hell, it feels rather cheap and plastic-y. The rubber bottom legs are on a small, unevenly cut piece of adhesive backing thing. Clearly hand-cut. :-\

The legs don't fit nicely in the holes, but hey, why does it matter? No one's going to see them anyways, and if they fall off, well, they fall off.

One detachable antenna. I'll probably replace this with my external antenna expander thing once I get back on campus.

And one ugly, FAT transformer plug - outputs +5.0V/2.5A

http://admin:admin@ and I'm in~

Hmm, cgi files, and... restarting seems to be crappy. Like some other D-Link router I've run into in the past, this one provides an Admin account as well as an User account. God knows why?

Time seems to support only until 2012. That's pretty sad.... and you've got the option of setting your own daylight savings... settings. Hmm.

Sweet, it's got no-ip.com Dynamic DNS support. That rocks. =^^=v

(note to self: channel assignments: http://www.broadbandreports.com/forum/remark,6683522~root=wlan~mode=flat)

Mmm, what should I name the wireless... nightwing?

Hmm, it's got most of the normal features... even has MAC address allow-all-but next to the deny-all-but~ Hmm, it's got protocol (port) filtering from LAN-to-WAN. Pretty good.

Now to test the wireless stability. I've read reviews of the wireless being crappy, as well as IP grabbing being lousy. Eh, on second thought, I'll test them later. Maybe bed first. Or food.


Jul. 25th, 2006 12:02 am
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An OS that runs in your browser. Kinda spiffy. Lags a bit in Safari, although... :: shrugs:: Haven't had a chance to read more / etc.
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USB Missile Launcher - by way of The Register:

::snickers:: so silly. I want one.

MoBB - Month of Browser Bugs, as announced by MD Moore, "the co-founder of the Metasploit Framework", releasing one new browser hack every day for the entire month of July. News via this article: http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,1895,1985027,00.asp?kc=ewnws070606dtx1k0000599

Blog here: http://browserfun.blogspot.com/

This is interesting: Hamachi - a zero-config VPN networking enabler. As in, it makes use of a third party mediator to get past firewalls, and from there on, data goes directly between the two machines...? (according to it's website, anyhow)

"Once you have computers hooked up via Hamachi, they will be tricked into thinking that they are on the same local area network (LAN). This leads to a number of wonderful things, some of which are obvious and some are not. "

Thus far, there's windows, linux, and MacOS X versions out.

Voice Post

Jul. 4th, 2006 05:08 pm
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Okay, that was a test of the following:
- Voice Candy (http://www.potionfactory.com/voicecandy/), the rather nifty little thing that changes your voice.
- SoundFlower (http://www.cycling74.com/products/soundflower - site down, try http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/14067 ?), an extension that adds the functionality to reroute audio from one place to another. As in, instead of sending audio to your headphones, you can output it to the SoundFlower stream. And from there, any Core Audio app can pick the SoundFlower stream as an input.
- Gizmo (http://www.gizmoproject.com/), the VoIP (Voice over IP) app that, I'd say, rivals Skype in spiffy free offerings. More on this later.
- Gizmo based LiveJournal Voice Posting.

SoundFlower required a reboot to get it working. Still, I'm not going to complain, 'cause it's awesome. No preference panes or anything, just the devices in the Sound Preference Pane.

Voice Candy's spiffy, but... I don't know if I want to pay up yet. It's not something I'd use everyday. More like a toy to play with and toss out once I get bored.

Gizmo... 2.0.158. I had issues getting it to log in on my network. Then, when our cable connection died and I switched over to my neighbor's network, poof, it worked. WTF. It kept hanging at "Starting Agent..." -.- I don't get it. (needless to say, it's not... userfriendly in that respect. You need to be able to configure your local network. Or not. I don't know.)

Oh, yeah, another thing about Gizmo? Free area 775 numbers. Mine be: 775-599-2741. Probably not going to use it that often, but hey, it's nice to know it's there. There's also free conference rooms.. o.O Although... I don't know if it's permanent.
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So, of the various plugins listed at http://pimpmysafari.com/, I now have:

Saft, full version. Gives me session saving support (w00tage. no more OMG, I just accidentally quit out of Safari and lost TWO whole windows of tabs that I was working on / reading.)

I don't know if it saves all the tabs in multiple windows though... need to test that.

PDF Browser Plugin and Word Browser Plugin. Yay, I can view PDF and Word now, la la~

Taboo which prompts me before I kill off Safari / close a window with multiple tabs.

DownloadComment so the internet location of a downloaded file gets placed into the comments of the file.

GrowlSafart - emits growl notifications when downloads finish, and when RSS feeds are updated.

Safari Extender tab saving abilities in the contextual menu... may not use this over time... ^^;;

SafariStand allows for editing source code and instant refreshing. I think. Although that might be something else that's giving me that ability.. ^^;;;

Safari Enhancer to enable the debug menu and disable the cache...

AcidSearch for uh... I don't know what it does anymore. I think it sits in the Google search bubble thing and annoys me a bit once in a while when I press down... ^^;;

Fiwt find as you type. Good stuff. Lacks a GUI config window, but hey, it works, so I'm not complaining.

Sogudi - not sure what it does....

SafariSource - enables syntax coloring... and possibly editing.. .hum.

WebDevAdditions enables options for web developers.... 'cept I don't know what it does yet. heheheh.....

Of all of the above, I think Saft and SafariStand will be the most useful. Possibly one of the source-editing-things too. Not much else though...
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Quite amusing. Someone decided to write up a hack that would monitor the sudden motion sensor in the MacBook (which prevents damage to the hard drive if there's a sudden shift in movement), so swinging your laptop would invoke the lightsaber sound effects.

Called MacSaber, currently at 1.0 Beta.
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As noted in this post here:
archived )

I'm having the problem as well.

He noted Quicksilver. Which is one possibility, as quicksilver has recently crashed on my system. I have not run InDesign CS2, although I have run Photoshop CS2.

I can't find anything else on Google. But this post is googlable, so if you come across this issue, and then find a solution, come tell me, and I'll spread the word. Please? :D

Oh, as a side note, killing Finder and starting it again doesn't fix the issue. I'm going to start killing other things...
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Downloading at a 680-800 KB/s. Over my home wireless. Mmm... I think I need to use wireless more often. Somehow, wired only gets me 300 KB/s. o.O Granted, it's going through my dad's switches for his home-brew computing cluster, which... shouldn't be that much slower, but, eh, it is traveling the entire length of the house.

Yum, indeed. Shall have Alan Moore's comics, and some 4 GB of String Quartet Tributes to such-and-such, most of which I don't already know. But collectable~

^^;; I collect too much, sometimes. Oh well. "Archived information, for future generations!"
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Apparently it _is_ possible to share the internet over the same ethernet cable. So my iBook is currently functioning as both the gateway to the modem (providing internet to a pc), and as a computer itself, retaining internet abilities~

Come to think of it, of course it would work. There'd be no need to have two separate physical interfaces.

Why? Insight went and did a network upgrade of some sort. Which caused all netgear routers to fail when grabbing an IP from the network. So my netgear router is currently useless.

Now, the question is, can I share internet with my PC as well? Over one physical wire, mind. And turn that into a router?

The setup goes as follows:
Modem => normal hub port => normal hub ports to { iBook, PC }
I kept the PC disconnected while I grabbed an IP address on my iBook, then enabled sharing, and plugged the PC back in. And it all worked~ =^.^=
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Only 'cause my iBook doesn't have audio in, so I can't plug in a nicer microphone to record lectures and other stuff with..

Behringer UCA202 USB Interface:
RCA in/out, optical out, monitors/headphone out, volume control for monitors.
for $35 shipped.


Griffin iMic2 USB Audio Interface:
in/out 3.5mm stereo mic/line, toggle switch for mic/line setting.
for $31 shipped

problem with the Behringer one, is that I'd have to carry an extra RCA->3.5mm adaptor, if I'm going to be carrying that around. But optical out would be awesome. And volume control for the monitor out? I guess.. it'd be more useful for at home, tape->CD conversion things...
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citymgr@cityoftuttle.org [edit | whoops, wrong person, eh heh heh... ]

Yeah, there's his e-mail. Mostly because my journal is searchable by google, and I'd dearly love to poke this city manager person and see just how bad his reading comprehension skills are.


Archived )

Link via [livejournal.com profile] tytso.

Reading the story may require some technical knowledge:
Often, when you first install Apache, the server "program" that serves up webpages, there's a default test page to let you know that everything is working properly. It's usually a page that tells you that "Congrats, you have successfully installed Apache." In this case, it also included the operating system name and banner, notably, "CentOS", a free OS.

In this case, the city manager got something like this:
when he tried to access "his" website. It's the default page for the CentOS Apache installation, more or less. But the city manager didn't understand this.... go read the story, you should be able to follow it now.

My comments on the stupidity:
a) Not "your" website. It's your city's website, I believe.
b) "...before I report it to government officials". I thought you're the city manager.. aren't you a government official?
c) The more "!" and "?" marks indicate increased stupidity on the side of the user. It's a law somewhere, look it up. XD
d) The fact that the city manager just isn't thinking or reading what's being written to him disgusts me. Granted, we all do that once in a while, but you'd think, that after three or four times, you'd re-read the words?

...so maybe it is true that them in the higher up positions like bullets and points. They can't handle sentences anymore.

"...If you will not let me help you, find someone you know who is computer
literate and has heard of Linux to look at your problem. I am trying
very, very hard to save you from great embarrassment.

You may certainly call the FBI if you want. I may call some law
enforcement agency or attorney myself if you don't stop throwing around
accusations and stop threatening me without just cause.

Please, for the love of God, either let me help you or talk to a
computer administrator who can help you with your problem..."
And he's even really, really nice. I need to try out CentOS.

And now, the beautiful line spoken only by those who really are morons, "I am computer literate! I have 22 years in computer systems engineering and operation."

Kinda like proclaiming, "I'm smart. I know everything."

:: sighs:: I would really have loved to see a report filed to the FBI. Then again, they probably won't do much anyhow...

Hm, been picked up by theregister as well.

[append | 3/25/06 11:35 AM]
And it's on wikipedia too, forgot to mention that.

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