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I finished (more or less), the style.css that could be applied to a layout that uses voxish/expressive, converting that into a quasi-Notebook layout.

And I finished writing the link-checking part of the RSS/Atom aggregator. So it looks like I can take almost any LWP::UserAgent acceptable url and grab that, parse for feed type (RSS vs. Atom), or if it's an HTML file, parse for feed links and then re-grab. Now I just need to push things into the database, merge the currently-command-line script into a CGI shell, and then that part will be kinda done.

'cause after that, we'll need to figure out how to pull said information back out of the database, and then feed that to the user. *dryly* Yayfor.

Tomorrow's going to be homework-day though. There's at least two assignments due on top of the usual weekly things.
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Ouqi's thing:
Joining works. The page looks absurdly similar to livejournal... I need to change that later.
Logging in kinda works. Damn cookies are being stupid and not applying sometimes. I think the way I'm "installing" them is messed up.
print header(-cookie=>@cookies); (using CGI / perl)
Logging out... eh, also kinda works. Goddamn cookies. I think the problem is that I'm not... deleting cookies before making new ones? o.O So I have multiple cookies with the same value? I don't know. Safari has no nice cookies viewer, and it irritates the fuck out of me.

I need to toss in taint mode. I've been careful, but I'm slipping with the amount of code I'm spewing out. Eh. No, I'll pass on this for now. Not writing anything to file, only to database. Need to check everything from the user though, cookies, post, get, env...

Honestly, this is the project I'm most interested in at the moment, since I'm learning the most here, and there's less... reading of code, which is always harder than writing new code. But since this the the project where I don't get paid immediately, and I don't exactly have a _deadline_ set, dropping it until I have more time is an option. A bad option, but an option none-the-less, should time run out.

LiveJournal / Google SOC2006:
Honestly, it feels like it's not getting anywhere. Sure, I can upload zip files right now, but I might need to change the thing reading the uploading to use something else. And it's already July 18th. Precisely a month before school starts again.
I still need to save the data. Install it into the user's.. space/area. That's another challenge I'm not all too sure about.

August 21, 2006:
- All student projects due by 08:00 Pacific Daylight Time
- Final mentor evaluations of student progress commence
- Student evaluations of mentors commence

September 5, 2006:
- All mentor and student evaluations due by 08:00 Pacific Daylight Time
- Google begins issuing final student payments
- Google program administrators begin review of students' evaluations of their mentors

September 25, 2006:
Google begins issuing payments to mentoring organizations

I would like to get this done before Karen gets here from Canada though. That means getting everything done by Aug 4.

Plus, I had originally planned to study that class I dropped. >.> That's not happening much at all.

[edit] I also need to clean up my room and my e-mail and get my family-related life more organized. Mom's leaving tomorrow to go back to Taiwan until the 6th of august, I think, or some time around then... so I'll be in charge of cooking, cleaning, keeping the little sister in order, driving said sister, etc.
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We'll generate a new challege string. This will be composed of:
- a random lifespan
- a random character
- and probably the mysql key for the row we're temporarily storing our randomness in.
We'll encode this in MD5 and send it to the client as the challenge.
Client encodes (password+challenge) with MD5 and sends this back to us.
We compare MD5(password+challenge) with what client replies with.
If they match, they're authenticated.

Did I get that right? I've been reading various articles and also looking at livejournal code. I'm pretty sure it's right, as... even if the MD5 hash gets intercepted by someone in the middle, they can't guess the password, since it'll be quite different each time: changing one letter in the string used to generate MD5 will result in a vastly different MD5 hash, if my memory isn't lying. And our challenge string will be different each time.
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One database-setup code/browser-front-end thing complete.

As redundant as it might be, it includes the options to:
-show tables
-display table formats
-display table data
-drop tables
-drop all the tables
-initialize the database based on a modified .sql script.

Current issue: It doesn't support smart upgrading of table formats. Like, it can't read the current format off the database, compare that with what I need, then generate the ALTER commands. Or whatever it is. But that can wait until I have real data and need to change things.

Next on the todo list, make the login page. Well, maybe the login + create-an-account page. I'll also need to read up on cookies and security. Mmm, ssl. I don't think my apache's configured to do ssl... blast. Maybe I can do whatever livejournal does . . . . There's some javascript thing, isn't there?

Jeeze, it's 4 AM again?
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I am now pretty certain that http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/ will become the future host for yet-not-entirely-named-business.

Judging from their forums, support is active, and help is freely given. Complaints are there, as with most other hosts, but success stories seem quite often too. Googling for totalchoicehosting downtime brings up one of their forum post regarding a move in servers due to increased data-server failings.

They also seem pretty well regarded over at the http://www.webhostingtalk.com/ forums.

(Or, if anyone wants to recommend anything else, my requirements are as follows:
-MySQL required
-SSL is probably necessary
-Perl Modules will need to be installed, like LWP and Net::Blogger, etc.
-SSH access is nice, but utterly required - I'm not exactly familiar with this cpanel thing
-Subdomains are good.
-Support is nice, but not essential.)

Here's the other hosts that I looked at:
PHPWebHosting - http://www.phpwebhosting.com/ - awesome due to "unlimited" bandwidth and data space. Lost due to downtime complaints, as well as a post noting that their site was shutdown for being too much of a drain on resources. Assuming we'll grow, I expect that may become the case.

Hurricane Electric - http://he.net/ - spiffy, 'cause of SSH + promises of unix tools. Lost due to downtime and price.

...there's some others, but those were ones I had been more seriously considering.

It seems, of all the various places I wandered to, http://www.webhostingtalk.com/ was the best resource for checking quality and complaints. Alternatively, one could google for "[[name of company]] downtime", "[[name of company]] problems" and approximate the number of issues and "I've been with [[name of company]] and I've had no problems with them whatsoever" forum or blog posts.
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Say LiveJournal or Xanga started to search your blog's content for keywords, and added links to these keywords in order to get profit, what would your response be? Why? And how can they make the feature (or curse) better?

I'm arguing with someone who thinks we could profit out of parsing RSS feeds as we display them by adding links to various words that we find in the content. She thinks it's good. At least to make money from. I'm of the opinion that it's terribly unethical.

I've offered up the possibly options:
1) Instead of doing it for the RSS feeds, we'll do it for those who wish to post directly to our site, (a multi-blog poster, if you will) and from there, provide some sort of "preview" page, with optional links for the author to put in.

2) ...actually, that wasn't really an option.
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I'm looking for webhosts. Preferably one with shell access, although that's not that necessary. But PHP / Perl support is mandatory, as is a MySQL database. Good support is nice, although I may not need it that much. I'll need slightly more-than-normal bandwidth, as we'll be scrapping RSS feeds on top of normal day-to-day traffic.

If anyone has any suggestions / reviews, I could use them. Otherwise, the three webhosts I'm looking at are:

http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/web-hosting-plans.html - fast support. Most used from this MT forum: http://www.sixapart.com/movabletype/forums/index.php?showtopic=28301&hl=good,and,hosting&st=0

http://he.net/hosting_prices.html - Geeky, to-the-point, but expensive. Got gcc though, and are open to BitTorrent running there, which means they support other cool stuff. Probably includes most unix tools.

http://www.phpwebhosting.com/ - Expandable space, unmetered bandwidth. Perl modules installed on request. SSH included. Crontabs, firewalls, unix tools.
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so tired. Damn 5 hour bus rides. I don't want to do that again, in the near future.

Ouqi and Sophie's business idea isn't bad, I guess, but being the pessimistic one, I have doubts about them really being able to pull it off. I guess we would be able to earn a profit, just barely, if we get at least 1000 visitors who click on Google AdSense links or something though...... Well, that is, just counting the hosting costs. Either way, they're not paying me. But I get 30%. Or 10% of the company, depending on how I decide I want to do things. It'd be smarter to go with 30%, since profit is expected, eventually, and this way I get paid more, and faster, for the work I'll put in.

Ugh, gonna be one heck of a site to code though. It'll be the largest project I've taken on to date. I think I'll be able to do it, but there might be iffy bits here and there. Nothing impossible, from what I can tell... but... just... large.

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