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Finally upgraded my iPhone to iOS 5, since the untethered jailbreak just came out.

If you own an iPhone 3GS or 4, now's the best time to do so, since Apple will sign iOS 5.0.1 installation requests and there's no need to try to spoof the APTicket system yet. (I think there's also no way to do so either. I kept trying to use Cydia and TinyUmbrella as the SHSH blob host, and it kept failing on me - error 1600. Ssooo, if you're hitting error 1600, chances are, you have gs.apple.com pointed to localhost or Cydia in your hosts file, and you should either a) remove that line in your hosts file, or b) run TinyUmbrella and uncheck that box that says to set hosts to Cydia upon quit. )

iOS 5 is surprisingly shiny. And wifi syncing? All these nifty features everyone else has been using and I haven't had! But now I can play with them too! Wheee~ ::small squeals of joy::

Now slowly reinstalling everything onto the phone. iTunes is handling a lot of it, but a good amount of the jailbroken stuff has to be installed by hand.
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So here's what I'm using:
iPhone OS 3.1.2
XCode 3.1.4
Instructions from http://gumballtech.com/2009/12/13/on-device-testing-wout-paying-99/
and AppSync 3.1 on the Jailbroken iPhone.
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...via http://www.blackra1n.com/.

That was the smoothest, easiest jailbreak ever.

Now to install Cydia, and (black-?) sn0w to unlock.

Oh. Hell, sn0w unlocked my iPhone before I could finish posting.

GeoHot, you are awesome.


Jan. 15th, 2009 03:33 pm
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The iPhone/iPod Touch game.

Here's my friend code: 100563572

If you want even more, hit up this page: http://hiphopo.posterous.com/imob-invite-codes
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Apparently AT&T has announced that they'll sell the iPhone 3G contractless for $599. Ugh.

Normal price (with a 2 year contract) is $199.

But with the rumors of a forced in-store activation, that $199 is going to suck anyways... unless people find a way around it...
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I wish I had more time, so I could take apart the iTunesDB file on my iPhone so I could write some small app to let me upload mp3s to my iPhone.

Here's what I know:
-Music is located in /private/var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control/Music/F00 - F13
-Each Fxx folder contains assorted media files with a capitalized four letter file name, followed by the file extension. There are 20-50 media files in each Fxx folder.
-There are a number of files in /private/var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control/iTunes/
--iTunesDB (This is what we'll want to change, I think?)

I can open iTunesDB in a text editor (BBEdit), then replace all "mhod"s and "mhia"s with newlines for easier reading.... there's invisible.. somethings between letters (perhaps for.. unicode support of some sort? Need to view in a hex editor later...)
From a quick glance at the iTunesDB, it contains:
-A list of artists/albums
-A list of songs, with song name, artist, album, genre, type, then song location similar to the following:

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I'm continuing to discover new things each day.

Nice things I've learned thus far:
-The mic on the earphones that's included doubles as a button:
--One single click, while listening to music will pause
--Double-click will skip to the next song.
(I believe it also lets you answer / hang up incoming calls?)

Also, clicking the home button twice while the iPhone is locked brings up the iPod controller - you can access the prev, pause, next buttons + sliding volume there.
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Mad props to Geohot [ http://iphonejtag.blogspot.com/ ] for figuring out the software unlock.

Now to figure out how to check my balance for T-mobile on the iPhone. #999 doesn't work anymore... nevermind, that was #999#, not #999. I'm an idiot.

I also need to load some games onto this thing. Anyone have any good GBA, SNES, or PSX recommendations? (I'm thinking Chrono Trigger right now...)
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Apparently it's possible to unlock them now, without soldering wires.



Looks like there's software that'll do it. But they'll charge you. Feh. Sucks, that.

$400. Refurb iPhone: http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebObjects/AppleStore.woa/6134001/wo/Gjyn6AwH8XQi2oHIFMDk4oDysKC/

Want. T.T Where am I going to get $400?
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I made this: http://www.recipezaar.com/8384 (Scampi Style Chicken Thighs) today. It was... mediocre. :\ Oh well, it means I'll have leftovers and stuff for lunch tomorrow. Yay!


I found was-green-vegetables today, as I visited the fridge. If I didn't know better, it waved and winked at me, before I reached in, and exiled it to the trashcan.


Oh, yeah, and I beat Kingdom Hearts I. Total hours: around 40. Meep. Am looking at FFXII now. Unless anyone has any suggestions?

And now for a few completely different things...

By way of [livejournal.com profile] porsupah, http://www.furaffinity.net/view/249835/ (Image here, broken URL to ensure people don't click by accident: http://data.furaffinity.net/art/touchmybadger/ 1160527511.touchmybadger_mothafuknsextoy.jpg). No, it's not safe for work - It contains the words, "...Sex Toy!!!" and a very crudely drawn sex toy. No nudity though, just... improper usage of a sex toy. "I'm the dildo unicorn!". I snerked.)

reCaptcha: Translating books in captchas! A good idea, although I don't have anything that requires me using it. The perl module is here: http://search.cpan.org/dist/Captcha-reCAPTCHA/lib/Captcha/reCAPTCHA.pm

A few iPhone bits:
http://anderson-technologies.com/archives/5 (Mac iPhone Activation tool)
http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,1895,2155149,00.asp?kc=EWKNLEDP070607A (Eweek article reviewing the iPhone)
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A windows-based Phone Activation Server:

A Wiki listing the current alternative activation methods:
http://iphone .fiveforty .net/wiki/index.php?title=Alternate_Activation_Methods (don't visit this: See edit)

The content of the link above. Snapshot 7/5/2007. )

Note though - This does not unlock your phone so you can use it on other networks. It only activates the phone so you can use it as a PDA-ish device. Surf the web using WiFi and such. Although I'm not entirely sure about the GoPhone system - I'm under the impression that it activates the phone, and you'll have a number with minutes? ::shrugs:: Not enough spare change to test it out, unfortunately.

[edit] Heh! They're afraid of being Dugg/Slashdotted.
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part 1
part 2

XP I can't say I'm too surprised, especially at the fact that he got bounced from person to person. And no one did much for him. Seems like typical AT&T service... ::makes a face::
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And the MacBook Pro has been ordered from MacConnection. iBook's operational again, with the 1GB RAM in place. Going to try to run Apple's hardware test for a good 10-20 loops to see if a problem pops up. If not, I'll be selling the iBook G4 on eBay with the 1GB stick of RAM.

Damnit, this means I can't spend money on other random, nonessential crap...

[append] Oh, bummer. Shopfreepay.com has changed/removed some of the offers - and I can't do one of the level C offers: It's a wine sample thing, but they don't ship to MD. Grrr. Slightly annoying. They do ship to Illinois though - I suppose I could wait until then... or wait until they add more offers...
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Overall, it seems people are agreeing that it's worth the price. Cheapest AT&T monthly bill = $60.


Also news, but completely unrelated: Mrs. Solomon is no longer the IB Coordinator at RM. She's being replaced by a Ms. Jennifer Hoover.

"I am pleased to announce that Ms. Jennifer Hoover, Assistant Principal, has been appointed as the new IB Coordinator, replacing Carol Solomon. Ms. Hoover has been a fantastic addition to our staff since arriving at Richard Montgomery from Magruder HS. She brings with her significant knowledge regarding IB, and a depth and understanding that will serve the IB students very well."
[edit] - via the PTSA e-mail newsletter

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