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Watched the IUB (Illini Union Board)'s production of Urinetown.

I want their lights. And their lighting board. Controlling it involved a pen and a touch screen...

Props to the actors who did an amazing job singing and dancing. Having watched some of our own performances, I know the time involved in learning and synchronizing the dances.

Also, props to the sound guy for hanging in there when one of the lavs started flaking out like they always do. Little Sally had to be given a handheld for a tiny bit, until they either switched her off the bad one, or... I dunno. Although some of the sound cues were a bit late. Possibly because he was trying to figure out which one was throwing a hissy fit...

There was a lot of breaking-of-the-fourth-wall than I expected. Was very much amused at points. Also the lack of policemen was funny. Err. Not really lack - there were two: our narrator ("Lockstock"), and another lacky ("Barrel").
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I watched Avenue Q here at the Hippodrome in Baltimore with Ting, Simpson, my cousin and his fiance.

It was awesome. With much laughing. And it's also nice to know how the songs fit together now - I had guessed how the stories might have been, but I was wrong in a few places. Puppets were cool. Puppet sex... kinda odd. Stage design was not particularly awesome, at least not compared to, say, Wicked. Granted, I was also sitting in one of the $30 (actually $40) dollar seats, on the third floor. Which made seeing kinda hard-ish.

But it was still very, very awesome. Yay for last minute plans to see it.

Saw Sweeny Todd today, and amazingly, they kept with the plot, and included almost all of the songs* - mind, I haven't listened to the entire soundtrack for a while now, and I've only seen one stage production by WST, I think it was. The movie definitely had a lot of blood. And... I don't know, overall, it was much better than I expected. Despite knowing what was going to happen, I still cringed at the deaths. And the blood.

And, after randomly deciding that we should get a Wii, much thanks to my cousin and his fiance, I (very) randomly came across a Wii at Target. Yay for Wii in stock! Played the included Wii Sports, and borrowed two extra controllers from our neighbors, so the entire family could play.. kinda. But it too, is the awesome. I think it's going to stay at home though, seeing how I'll be a senior, and we have no TV in our apartment. Now we just need to get some good party games (although I think my parents will be fine with Wii Sports) and extra controllers. I kinda want to check online for the downloaded old games. That'd be kinda cool... although it would mean having to buy a handheld controller thingie.

2007 is almost over. Somehow, this is a bit sad.

*Unlike the Golden Compass, which was also pretty, but a painful disappointment in the movie industry.

Wii=4639 7741 6281 2770 (for myself: w[code]@wii.com)


Jan. 20th, 2007 08:37 pm
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Question for ya all (been playing around with the idea of posting zips of musicals - I've got about 20 GB or so, collected over the span of a year or so.

[Poll #910803]

They will be filtered, so only friends can see the links.

[edit] First pair of musical have been uploaded and links posted. I probably won't check back on the poll anymore...

Avenue Jew!

Dec. 6th, 2006 04:44 pm
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Avenue Q + Fiddler on the Roof

(along with the lyrics)

FLV: http://youtube-324.vo.llnwd.net/d1/03/BD/OXYKef7d3VI.flv (for downloading and watching at a later date)

[append] via [livejournal.com profile] porsupah
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They have made a total of 6 cast recordings, with each cast recordings having a specific color label. (Blue, Red, Light Blue, Green, Purple, and Orange)

Hehehe, something else to find and collect. Amazon has the red cast here but it's absurdly expensive. Blue, Green, Orange, Purple here, but also expensive. Seems there's also a number of other non-english versions too. I've have the french concept album, original broadway cast (1986), 1996, Original London Cast, and that's it... Granted, with about 22GB of broadway and off-broadway soundtracks... ^^;; I may be collecting too much, since I don't think I've listened to most of these...

I'm killing time here. Really must go back to studying for bio. Bad Neko, BAD!

[edit] Step one: found the Japanese name. We think. レ・ミゼラブル
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RENT was very, VERY good. I only wish I had picked up tickets earlier, so I could have gotten a better seat. But I procrastinated, so I ended up relatively far away from the stage. Not too bad, but I couldn't see nice details (I think I might need new glasses...)

The lighting was nice. Sound... they had the orchestra/'pit' people onstage, under a platform-ish thing. A tad bit odd, since you reduce the available stage space that way... but eh, not too bad.

It was relatively amusing - when we hit the sadder songs (notably Life Support, I'll Cover You-Reprise, Your Eyes), there was a significant increase in shuffling and coughing. I will admit to shedding tears at points - especially at the I'll Cover You-Reprise. It wasn't done with as much emotion as I think could be possible, but it still had it's desired effect.

What I'd give to see it again, with a better seat. Was surprised they didn't actually set fire to the barrel (at the beginning).

There were some parts that aren't included in the soundtrack, annoyingly enough - I thought the soundtrack was complete. Not like it matters too much - the story's still mostly there, but still..

After RENT, I rushed back, got changed, and headed out to Denise's halloween party / her roommate's birthday. Saw Lily/Christine there and ended up not saying hello to them again. Was kinda afraid it'd stir up unnecessary drama. Or that they'd kill me or something. ::sighs:: Other J-net people were there too... mmm... pictures were taken, and eventually, I lent out the catears to other people to try on. Possibly a bad idea, one drunk girl (hmm, never caught her name..) kept taking them from me. And tried to take my tail, which is near impossible, as it's worn on a belt... anyhow, the clips for one of the ears have come loose - I need to fix it later. ::sighs:: That's going to be... interesting, I think, since I think they were sown on before the rest of the ear was sown together.

I wasn't unsocial the entire time. =^^=v I was tired though, so much of the time was spent watching people and leaning against the wall.

Alright, bed now, keep nodding off.

Remember that video about dragon training? And silly burning knights and a princess? I found the original video (we think it's original), so no more youtube link. Instead, here's a megaupload link. File is 50 MB, approx.
Ritterschlag video: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GZHDQ0IH
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Les Mis. to become a movie
News via [livejournal.com profile] jamapi in her post here.

You know, I have still yet to see Rent. Be it the movie or musical. XP Probably won't have time to rectify that.
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Always so much better, and so much more interesting than songs of love or love lost. I think that's the reason why I like them so much. And other songs that don't involve the overdone themes of love-stuff. Like Nightwish how is good. And Evanescence.

This is not to say that that all songs of love-stuff be bad~ it's just... there's other more more interesting things, ya know?

That aside, I have a random craving for Sondheim, at the moment, notably Assassins and Into The Woods. Bounce wasn't that interesting... Candide was ok, but it feels... older. I have Company, Follies, Pacific Overtures, Sunset Blvd., West Side Story, and a number of other things, but I haven't listened to those yet. Oh, Sweeny Todd was good, but I actually didn't get a feel of Sondheim from it.. not really. Not like how Bounce was quite similar (in musical themes) to Into The Woods. Or it might have been, I've just forgotten.

[ referencing this list = http://www.sondheim.com/shows/ ]
[ append ] Oh, yeah, that would make sense.. Sondheim was involved with all of those listed, but he didn't necessarily write the music. ie. he wrote the lyrics for West Side Story and the music was by someone else. No wonder it doesn't sound quite like Sondheim.....

[ append #2 ] Hey, Bounce isn't on that list. Ok, now I'm just confuzzled. What the hey?


Jul. 23rd, 2005 03:30 pm
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The national tour will begin March 7-April 15, 2006, at the Colonial Theatre in Boston before returning to Chicago (where it made its world premiere), this time at the Cadillac Palace Theatre April 18-June 4, 2006. Dates at Washington, D.C.'s National Theatre have also been announced for June 7-July 9, 2006. Further stops at major cities in the U.S. and Canada as well as casting are yet to be announced.

Haha, I know what I'll be seeing come next summer.

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