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Someone posted this secret to postsecret.

I'm trying to figure out what the japanese says. Anyone care to help?

I have:
ねなたの 【ひこ】 【まける?】を  【pinyin:wang2,wang4】 れたい
お  い

google translates that to:
"Don't you think? we would like to forget the 彦 negative number of the hatchet, it is,"

At which point, I've pretty much given up. I wish I had my japanese dictionary here with me. Grr. http://www.df.lth.se/cgi-bin/j-e/kanji just doesn't cut it, despite being awesome (mmm, I like the SKIP code system. Since I don't know the radical numbers, so I can't use that...)

...oh, hm, I might be able to look up the chinese characters using MacOS X's chinese radical lookup system (which rocks~ whee), read off the pinyin into the online lookup system...
::winces:: so many steps. Maybe I'll keep trying. Expect updates. - ok, stopping now. Can't find that last kanji in chinese, and.. yeah.


[edit, again]
Someone translated it on the postsecret syndicated feed community:
"I want to forget your face. Please"
Thread: http://syndicated.livejournal.com/postsecret/135965.html?thread=6617885#t6617885
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They have made a total of 6 cast recordings, with each cast recordings having a specific color label. (Blue, Red, Light Blue, Green, Purple, and Orange)

Hehehe, something else to find and collect. Amazon has the red cast here but it's absurdly expensive. Blue, Green, Orange, Purple here, but also expensive. Seems there's also a number of other non-english versions too. I've have the french concept album, original broadway cast (1986), 1996, Original London Cast, and that's it... Granted, with about 22GB of broadway and off-broadway soundtracks... ^^;; I may be collecting too much, since I don't think I've listened to most of these...

I'm killing time here. Really must go back to studying for bio. Bad Neko, BAD!

[edit] Step one: found the Japanese name. We think. レ・ミゼラブル
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Just something for myself to browse over at some point...

I should probably find and read up on English grammar too. (Hm, there was that book with Panda in the title...) I'm pretty sure I'm getting worse, from not having to write papers or essays for over two years now. T.T Oh, IB English, thy efforts were wasted upon me.

...need to find a mouse with a scrolling wheel for this PC. I keep trying to scroll, and finding nothing. Yargh, it's annoying.
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Mite minu furi no mainichi ni naresugita
Before I realized it, I was used to the everyday,

Boku wa miushinatta
I got lost.

Garanimonaku kyou kimi no yasashii kotobani
Even though it's not like me, to your kind words.

Jibun wo hidoku hajiita
I felt embarrassed by myself.

Suiheisen no mukougawaga marudenozokerukurai
Almost like I can look into the horizon...

Haresugita sora kagerihahitotsukaenai
Too bright the sky to do anything,

Dare kaga boku wo kegashita dakara boku mo
Someone hurt me, so I too,

hito wo uragittakita
hurt someone.

Ai no katachi wo baka-rashi tsukurimonodato
How stupid the shape of love is.

koso koso waratta
I laughed quietly.

Tookude hakouga yureteiru
Faraway waves of light move...

Mou kanashii kotomo subarashii kotomo
I don't want to purposely break [this isn't right, is it... subarashii is.. great, isn't it?)

Muriyari fumi tsubushi takunai
sad or even beautiful things anymore.

Episode 4 of honey and clover, near the end.
Translation credits go to C1, not a group I'm familiar with.

Some of the longer word were badly split - so I've added some spaces in obvious places, like between "Boku" and "wa" on line two. I'm surprised at the number of word/phrases I recognized... nice to know I haven't forgotten everything I learned. I should review stuff at some point.

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