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ashita ga mienai mainichi ni
In all those days where a future was unsure

anata wo suki ni natte yokatta
I'm glad that I fell in love with you

zutto kawaranai kimochi de itai
I want to stay loving you forever

hibiki au ima wo tomete
by stopping the time echoing in my heart

futari ni naru no ga kowakatta
I used to be scared of being together with someone

hito to ga kowa kaerarenai keredo
Although I can't change others or the past

jibun no koto mirai no yume wa kaete ikeru
I can change myself and my dreams for the future

anata shika mienai
You're the only one I see

kureyuku machi setsunasa ga tsunoru
Sorrow piles up in the darkening city

yawara kana kaze no naka zutto
Forever in a warm and soft breeze

shinji ai nagara futari itsumade mo
We'll be together, believing in each other

june bride I'll be with you
ジューンブライド、I'll be with you
June Bride, I'll be with you.

Detective Conan, Ending song 21
TV Version here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EL9PonHGJss
Full version here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPvXO4wC1KI
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Man 1:
There's a kid inside,
And I have him with me always.
Women 2:
There's a kid inside,
Walking down old high school hallways.
Women 1&3, Men 2,3,4:
There's a kid inside,
Women 3:
At a desk
Woman 1, Man 2:
At a dance,
Woman 2, Man 3:
In the halls,
Man 4
In the showers.
All together
There's a kid inside,
Man 1:
To this very day.
Man 5:
And he make a try
For the high pop fly
That I fumbled one september.
Woman 4:
And she makes a fuss
Over some A+
That I shouldn't still remember.
All together:
And he goes along
5 voices:
Getting hurt,
4 voices:
Getting mad,
All together:
Fighting fights that are over.
And unless I'm strong,
All my senses are carried away.
Woman 3:
I can feel John's hand
Man 5:
My Trembling hand
.... )

The Kid Inside(From'Is There Life After High School')

Posting this, because I heard this on my shuffle, but had a harder time locating the original song (as in, it actually took several google queries to locate the original song. And there was only two sources, which is kinda sad.)

So here's another source for the lyrics of this song. Obviously, posted without permission - to the publisher/author/owner of the copyright, if you have problems with me advertising your content, please reply to this post or send me an e-mail. (To clarify, my goal in posting this here is so people can find it, if they hear it somewhere and want to identify it, they'll be able to).
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My iPod shuffle has picked a random song that's pretty, but I can't identify it by the lyrics, and Google fails me. ([edit] found.)

Just step back,
Look all around you,
Breathe in the landscape
reach for the air,
Just step back,
Out of the picture,
Don't create something
Reveal what is there,

All it takes,
is a new way of seeing
A new way of thinking,
without any fear.

All this makes,
For a new way of seeing
Open your eyes...
And it all 'comes clear.

With all your dreams
Your head is spinning
All that you're facing
You can't comprehend

Each new day brings
A new beginning
Don't be afraid
This isn't the end...

All it takes,
Is a new way of seeing,
A new of thinking,
describing the scene.

All this makes
a new way of seeing
Just close your eyes
You'll see what I mean!

[edit] Ah hah! Found it. It's by the Reduced Shakespeare Company, from their Complete Millennium Musical album, track titled, "New Way of Seeing"

Now.. context?? o.O

[edit 2] context was apparently: "about the michaelangelo's painting of the cistine (sp?) chapel", according to the reviewer from here.
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There's a fine, fine line between a lover and a friend; )

Yousendit file: http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?action=download&ufid=3D244FF523B689D4
(alt: http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?action=download&ufid=5C457AE31DBF6525)

(Looks like YouSendIt is back to free and 1 GB. I don't know for sure, but... it looks that way.)

I'm not walking away yet. No. I don't want to give up . . .
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Download: ( unverified - I don't know if it works or not, but it came up second on google.. o.O )

No one sits with him, he doesn’t fit in
But we feel like we do when we make fun of him
'Cause you want to belong do you go along
'Cause his pain is the price paid for you to belong
It’s not like you hate him or want him to die
But maybe he goes home and thinks suicide
Or he comes back to school with a gun at his side
And kindness from you might have saved his life

Heroes are made when you make a choice
You could be a hero
Heroes do what’s right
You could be a hero
You might save a life
You could be a hero
You could join the fight
For what’s right for what’s right for what’s right

No one talks to her, she feels so alone
She’s in too much pain to survive on her own
The hurt she can’t handle overflows to a knife
She writes on her arm, wants to give up her life
Each day she goes on is a day that she’s brave,
Fighting the lie that giving up is the way,
Each moment of courage her own life she saves
When she throws the pills out a hero is made

Heroes are made when you make a choice
You could be a hero
Heroes do what’s right
You could be a hero
You might save a life
You could be a hero
You could join the fight
For what’s right for what’s right for what’s right

No one talks to him about how he lives
He thinks that the choices he makes are just his
Doesn’t know he’s a leader with the way he behaves
And others will follow the choices he’s made
He lives on the edge; he’s old enough to decide
His brother who wants to be him is just nine
He can do what he wants because it’s his right
The choices he makes change a nine year-old’s life

Heroes are made when you make a choice
You could be a hero
Heroes do what’s right
You could be a hero
You might save a life
You could be a hero
You could join the fight
For what’s right for what’s right for what’s right

Little Mikey D was in the one class
Who everyday got brutally harassed
This went on for years
'till he decided that never again
Would he shed another tear
So he walked through the door
Grabbed the 4.4 out of his father's dresser drawer
And said I can't take life no more
And like that life can be lost
But this ain't even about that
All of us just sat back
And watch it happen
Thinkin' it's not my responsibility
To solve a problem that isn’t even about me
This is our problem
This is just one of the daily scenarios
Which we choose to close our eyes
Instead of doing the right thing
If we make a choice
And be the voice
For those who won't speak up for themselves
How many lives would be saved, changed, and rearranged
Now it's our time to pick a side
So don't keep walking by
Not wanna intervene
'Cause you just wanna exist and never be seen
So let's wake up
Change the world
Our time is now

You could be a hero
Heroes do what’s right (Our time is now)
You could be a hero
You might save a life (Our time is now)
If you could be a hero, you could join the fight (Our time is now)
For what's right, for what's right

Mrf. No, this isn't new, I have posted it before, but... posting again. :: shrugs::
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Mite minu furi no mainichi ni naresugita
Before I realized it, I was used to the everyday,

Boku wa miushinatta
I got lost.

Garanimonaku kyou kimi no yasashii kotobani
Even though it's not like me, to your kind words.

Jibun wo hidoku hajiita
I felt embarrassed by myself.

Suiheisen no mukougawaga marudenozokerukurai
Almost like I can look into the horizon...

Haresugita sora kagerihahitotsukaenai
Too bright the sky to do anything,

Dare kaga boku wo kegashita dakara boku mo
Someone hurt me, so I too,

hito wo uragittakita
hurt someone.

Ai no katachi wo baka-rashi tsukurimonodato
How stupid the shape of love is.

koso koso waratta
I laughed quietly.

Tookude hakouga yureteiru
Faraway waves of light move...

Mou kanashii kotomo subarashii kotomo
I don't want to purposely break [this isn't right, is it... subarashii is.. great, isn't it?)

Muriyari fumi tsubushi takunai
sad or even beautiful things anymore.

Episode 4 of honey and clover, near the end.
Translation credits go to C1, not a group I'm familiar with.

Some of the longer word were badly split - so I've added some spaces in obvious places, like between "Boku" and "wa" on line two. I'm surprised at the number of word/phrases I recognized... nice to know I haven't forgotten everything I learned. I should review stuff at some point.

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