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So I went to UIUC this weekend to watch the J-net fashion show and hang out with friends there. Friends == quite good fun, although people are wandering off, sadly. Show was good - pretty much what was expected, although the skit could have flowed a tad bit better. But the Union ABC rooms have proper lighting rows now! So they can adjust the lights and position them to be more awesome and actually properly cover the stage. Probably with more lights too. *glee* Alas, I won't be back much more often to help out and make it look awesome.

Also, the freshmen are getting smaller. Or I'm getting older and bigger. Gawds, I hope it's not the latter.

Used United Premier status (I've somehow managed to fly over 25K miles this year. Probably due to the trip to Taiwan) to board planes as zone 1. Unsuccessfully tried to standby for an earlier flight. Got to and from Chicago with the help of Denise and her boyfriend, John.

And due to my own incompetence, I completely forgot about my return time and ended up getting a flight that landed 15 minutes after the last caltrain left. So, having done a test run from Palo Alto to Millbrae (the sourthern-most point for the BART (subway) on this side of the bay), taking about 18 miles, 2-3 hours, I decided it was quite doable. With this in mind, I brought my bike via caltrain to Millbrae and left it at the caltrain station.

Unfortunately, I completely failed to factor in the possibility of weather. 'cause, you know, we don't usually get weather here. It's just sun. Nice sun. Sometimes a confused cloud or two. And in the rare occasions, it rains. Very rare.

So I landed. And cursed at the drippy skies. Deciding I still didn't want to pay the stupid cab fare, nor did I want to bother friends up in SF, or call up my senpai down in Mountain View, I decided to tough it out, be a guy, etc. Swinging by the local Walgreens, I picked up a poncho and got started.

Am home now. Everything below the knees was wet. And my face and glasses. But otherwise, not too bad. Just uncomfortable.

And this time it only took me 2 hours and 15 minutes. 18 miles in the rain. Whee.

(Hmmm, looks like my downstairs neighbor has moved out. Don't see their wifi access point anymore. Poo. Borrowing one named "Metaverse", but I guess this means I really need to complete my move to the new apartment which has internet, but doesn't have a bed or other slightly less important stuff...)
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It's short notice, but we wanted to inform everybody who participated in the last PuzzleCrack that we will be holding PuzzleCrunch this Saturday, April 26. Unlike PuzzleCrack, this event will be a one day, all-online competition. Anyone is free to participate and win prizes, so please forward this to whoever else might be interested! The more, the better.

Like our last event, PuzzleCrunch is sponsored by Amazon.com and Microsoft. Prizes include copies of Halo 3, Microsoft hardware, hats, shirts, and a Kindle! Good luck!

- The PuzzleCrack Crew

P.S. We're still working on getting the website up, but the competition is expected to be run from puzzlecrunch.com. Feel free to email back with questions or comments.
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It was pretty awesome, although we lost money, since we only got half of our target audience- 180-something, instead of 400.

That was relative fun though. There was a 7 page cue sheet involved, with 70+ cues. The Foellinger staff was very good - Joseph and the girl who ran sound were both quite professional. Can't say the same for Paul / whatever our spotlight operator was named.

A recording was made at some point - I do want to watch that...
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Foellinger Auditorium.

Sunday, April 13, 2008
Festival section runs from 1-3 (outdoors, with food, games, etc)
Show section runs from 3-4:30 (All sorts of performances, including the St. Louis Taiko group)
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Yay... :-\ Not looking forward to me last year of schooling, really.

Maybe it's just the weather....
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That makes a total of 13 accounts that I have in Adium, 7 of which are connected on a typical basis....
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Classes start tomorrow morning.

Here's comes another semester.
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My physics professor was quoted in theregister. O.o




"It seems absolutely bizarre that counterfactual computation – using information that is counter to what must have actually happened – could find an answer without running the entire quantum computer," said Paul Kwiat, a John Bardeen Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Physics at Illinois. "But the nature of quantum interrogation makes this amazing feat possible."

I'm going to go back to being surprised now. I knew he was famous, but actually seeing him being quoted just randomly somewhere is.. interesting.
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For those of us living off campus, or will be living off campus, a list of the change machines I've found are as follows:

-Main Library, north end of the Circulation Desk on the Second floor ($1 change machine?)
-Tunnels between the Main Library and Undergrad ($5 change machine?)
-Reference Desk in the Undergrad ($1 change machine?)
-ECS (err, Engineering Career Services?) office (don't know, unconfirmed)
-Ice skating rink has a change machine to the right side, against the glass/wall/doors-to-rink.
-Illini Union Bookstore has a change machine next to the lockers, right inside the main doors.
-Laundromat on green street, across from the Basil Thai Cafe
-All dorms, I believe, wherever there are laundry machines; take note, however, to pick a laundry area that is co-ed, or of your gender. Girls stared at me once, when I wandered into the female ISR laundry area to get quarters ^^;;;;. Dorms are also harder to get into, as all laundry areas are restricted to those who have an iCard of a person who lives there...
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Back to UIUC I go.

I'll be back online 6PM-ish, central time, if all goes well.

Neko, signing off.

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