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Jun. 10th, 2009 10:27 am
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Safari 4 takes up a lot of Real Memory. Like, twice as much as I remember it used to eating up - around 500 MB?

This is unhappy. Although it might also be Saft. Hard to say.
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So, of the various plugins listed at, I now have:

Saft, full version. Gives me session saving support (w00tage. no more OMG, I just accidentally quit out of Safari and lost TWO whole windows of tabs that I was working on / reading.)

I don't know if it saves all the tabs in multiple windows though... need to test that.

PDF Browser Plugin and Word Browser Plugin. Yay, I can view PDF and Word now, la la~

Taboo which prompts me before I kill off Safari / close a window with multiple tabs.

DownloadComment so the internet location of a downloaded file gets placed into the comments of the file.

GrowlSafart - emits growl notifications when downloads finish, and when RSS feeds are updated.

Safari Extender tab saving abilities in the contextual menu... may not use this over time... ^^;;

SafariStand allows for editing source code and instant refreshing. I think. Although that might be something else that's giving me that ability.. ^^;;;

Safari Enhancer to enable the debug menu and disable the cache...

AcidSearch for uh... I don't know what it does anymore. I think it sits in the Google search bubble thing and annoys me a bit once in a while when I press down... ^^;;

Fiwt find as you type. Good stuff. Lacks a GUI config window, but hey, it works, so I'm not complaining.

Sogudi - not sure what it does....

SafariSource - enables syntax coloring... and possibly editing.. .hum.

WebDevAdditions enables options for web developers.... 'cept I don't know what it does yet. heheheh.....

Of all of the above, I think Saft and SafariStand will be the most useful. Possibly one of the source-editing-things too. Not much else though...

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