Mar. 8th, 2009 01:54 am
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Just finished reading Watchmen.

I dunno. Plot-wise, it was pretty awesome. I skipped some of the large blocks of text and most of the alternate comic-in-a-comic... Mmm. Maybe I'll have more coherent thoughts after sleeping and / or watching the movie.


Also, got lots of chocolate, 'cause it was on Safeway's discontinued items rack and pretty effectively 50+% off. Four bars of Ghirardelli's 72% Dark Chocolate ("Twilight Delight"), three bags of Lindt Lindor Truffles (60% Extra Dark), one bag of Dove's "Silky smooth dark chocolate promises" with almonds, One random cadbury bar, and three packs of Andes chocolate mints (there were more, but I didn't know the prices of Andes offhand, so I wasn't too sure how good of a deal it was.

Skimming prices online, I'm getting them for $1.15, while they're around $1.50. So not significantly cheaper, but decently cheaper... mmm.
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:: points at the torrent links:: They scare me. The collector/packrat in me wants to download all of them. 10 GB of Spider Man comics, 12+ GB of Superman, 12 GB of Batman, 35 GB of X-men, and 6 GB of Fantastic Four.

Someone talk some sense into me. Quite honestly, I'll never read any of it (although, I'll be passing the Batman comics onto Lily, probably), so there's no reason for me to snag any of the other stuff other than to a) say I have it, and provide it to friends when they're looking for it, and b) provide yet one more (abet, 'hidden' - that is, hidden from public view) copy for global archival purposes.

Ok, b is pretty much just BS. Shhh.

You know what would be absolutely awesome? If Google has a very large set of storage systems somewhere in some mountain, downloading and storing all sorts of media, regardless of copyright. Eventually, when we all die out, the information will be found by some aliens, and they will understand and (hopefully) decide to resurrect us.
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Hee. Am amused.

Comments are good too. Notably the ones start down the path of:
"There's a weapon of mass destruction... in my pants."
...rofl, like it!
.......Well if the officer is good looking enough I'm sure we can come to a plan on how to disarm it.

I heart the internet. Mmm, need more pervy friends.
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